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Romney Marsh's Medieval Churches

There are 14 medieval churches scattered around Romney Marsh, a remote area of south east Kent. They make a great day's drive or cycle. Of the 14 churches, 10 are in villages with nearby pubs, meaning the other 4 are really remote!

You don't have to be religous, or interested in history - they are beautiful historic buildings in picturesque settings. The churches are welcoming, many of them have (for a donation) tea, coffee and biscuits for visitors.

Take the latest opening times with you! Most of these churches are usually open, but some are summer only, or close eary (3pm), and for a few, the keys are left with neighbours (church wardens) or at the local pub. Even if closed, the outsides are still pretty impressive.

For more information, see the Romney Marsh Historic Churches Trust

The Tour

1 hr 41 mins of driving - 34.5 miles. Save about 10 miles by skipping East Guleford (the bottom left church).

The churches are in order, assuming you're coming from London along the M20. Leave at Junction 10 for the A2070. You'll need a satnav (or OS map).

Cyclists - its totally flat! Appledore and Rye are nearby Stations (change at Ashford International). You may wish to tweak the route for to make it more cycle friendly.

Snave, TN26 2QJ ( St Augustine )

St Augustine, Snave, Romney Marsh

Just off the A2017, down an easily missed lane that looks like a private drive between 2 houses.

A "redundant" 13th church. Formerly a Catholic Church, its converted to Protestant at the time fo the reformation in the 15th Century. Surrounded by daffodils inspring. Closed when we were there.

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4 min (1.8 miles) to...

Ivychurch, TN29 0AL ( St George )

Ivychurch: St George

Big, you wont miss it, next to the village pub

Generally open (or keys at the pub)

Large church, with a history of smuggling. Part of it is now a museum

The next door pub is recommended : The Bell Inn, CAMRA (real ale), being only 16C is a newbie.

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5 min (2.8 miles) to...

Brenzett, TN29 0BJ ( St Eanswith )

St Eanswith, Brenzett, Kent

An easily missed signpost down a short but narrow 1 car wide track. Parking for a few cars. Key with Church Warden (see link above)

Origins are late 12C

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4 min (1.6 miles) to...

Snargate, TN29 0EW ( St Dunstan )

St Dunstan. Snargate. Romney Marsh. Kent. England 12cty.

Big, and in the open. By the Red Lion, a small tradional CAMRA, pub, which has been in the same family for over 100 years. Church usually open, or key at pub.

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11 min (3.0 miles), and a 5 min walk, to...

Fairfield, TN29 9RZ ( St Thomas Becket )


The postcode is of a nearby farm. The actual church is in fields, about 200m along a public footpath from the road. You'll see the church across the fields. Look for a public footpath to it. There's parking for maybe 2 cars on the other side of the 1 track road. Church locked, but key available nearby - check link above

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8 min (3.0 miles) to...

Brookland, TN29 9QR ( St Augustine )

St. Augustine Church, Brookland, Kent

Easy to find, next to the Royal Oak pub. Church usually open, or wardens nearby.

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9 min (5.3 miles) to... (this church is the furthest from the others, so if you're going to miss out 1, but it would be a shame as its quite cool)

East Guldeford, TN31 7PA ( St Mary )

St.Mary Guldeford

Easy to miss. Down a small track off the main road, only marked by a small wooden sign. Church usually open.

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17 min (8.9 miles) to...

Lydd, TN29 9DX ( All Saints )

All Saints Lydd

Big, in Lydd town centre. Easy parking. Pub near by.

Generally open to 3:30 (winter) or 5:30 (summer).

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7 min (3.9 miles) to...

Old Romney, TN29 0HP ( St Clement )

St. Clement Church, Old Romney, Kent

Big, you'll see it from the A259 main road

Usually open. On the other side of the main road, in the village itself, is the Rose and Crown

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6 min (2.5 miles) to...

New Romney, TN28 8EU ( St Nicholas )

St Nicholas Church, New Romney

In a built up area, just behind the A259 / High Street.

Usually open, or wardens nearby, but closed when we visited

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8 min (2.7 miles) to...

St Mary in the Marsh, TN29 0BX ( St Mary the Virgin )

St Mary The Virgin, St Mary in the Marsh, Kent

Easy to find. By the Star Inn pub. Church usually open.

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The suggested route has you finishing towards Ashford, in a town without a pub, but if you want a pub to finish, or to finish towards Folkestone, do: Newchurch, Burmarsh, Dymchurch

8 min (3.0 miles) to...

Dymchurch, TN29 0LD ( St Peter and St Paul )

St Mary The Virgin, St Mary in the Marsh, Kent

Easy, on the main coast road opposite The Ship Inn. Church open in the summer.

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4 min (1.5 miles) to...

Burmarsh, TN29 OJJ ( All Saints )

Photos taken from a wander around Romney Marsh Kent

Easy, Big, by the Shepherd and Crook pub. Church usually open or local wardens. Use 'Town Centre: Burmarsh' if your satnav has a problem with this postcode.

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11 min (4.5 miles) to...

Newchurch, TN29 0DP ( St Peter and St Paul )

St Peter & St Paul Newchurch

You can see it for miles, but it disappears amongst the tree when you get to the village. Entrance on 'The St' road. Open summer - key with warden.

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Snave TN26 2QJ St Augustine Remote, not visible from the road, down a lane
Ivychurch TN29 0AL St George In village, pub
Brenzett TN29 0BJ St Eanswith Remote, not visible from the road, down a lane
Snargate TN29 0EW St Dunstan In village, pub
Fairfield TN29 9RZ St Thomas Becket Remote, visible, but in a field, 200m along a path
Brookland TN29 9QR St Augustine In village, pub
East Guldeford TN31 7PA St Mary Not visible from the road, down a lane
Lydd TN29 9DX All Saints Town centre, pub nearby
Old Romney TN29 0HP St Clement In village, pub on other side of main road
New Romney TN28 8EU St Nicholas In town centre, pub nearby
St Mary in the Marsh TN29 0BX St Mary the Virgin In village, pub
Dymchurch TN29 0LD St Peter and St Paul In village, pub
Burmarsh TN29 OJJ All Saints In village, pub
Newchurch TN29 0DP St Peter and St Paul In village, not visible up close, on The St road