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There are over 150 videos of the various walks on this website. Here are a few of them.

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SWC Freewalk 66, Eastbourne to Hastings.10/7/11.

A flat coastal walk of around 15 miles between two well-known seaside towns. The walk may be on the level but there's a bit of shingle walking to tax the limbs; it's important to check the tide times in order to avoid a lengthy shingle slog twixt Pevensy and Cooden, which is the quietest section of the walk. A mixed walk involving esplanades, piers, modern harbour developments, seawalls and plenty of shingle. This walker terminated at St Leonards (West St. Leonards is on the railway line needed, contrary to what the text says) as Hastings features on other videos. A distance of 18 miles having been recorded by then. Not a bad walk for a sunny day but not the prettiest.

swcwalks swcwalk 233, Arlesey to Letchworth Garden City, 26/8/17.

This long walk of almost 15 miles on the Bedfordshire/Hertfordshire borders has resulted in a rather lengthy video. And it doesn't even end in Letchworth! No, the walker decided to finish at Ickleford Lavender as the walk beyond Wilbury Hill Fort into the Garden City isn't the most picturesque, though others might disagree; the walker's local knowledge might have influenced the decision. Otherwise, a very pleasant walk straight from the station into meadows bordering the River Hiz. Then, on along field boundaries, past an RAF base, and into Meppershall, with a motte-and-bailey, for lunch. The second half passes the 'Cathedral of the Chilterns', at Shillington, and then onto Pirton, with its motte-and-bailey. The walker then joins the ancient Icknield Way to arrive in Ickleford and the finale at the lavender farm.

Time Out Walks, Book 1, Walk 10, Beaconsfield Circular. 28/3/11.

A great 12 miles of typical Chilterns' walking; woods, gently rolling hills and meadows. The morning section concludes with lunch at any of a number of pubs in Milton's former home village, Chalfont St Giles, or, as this walker chose to do, by the village duck pond. The afternoon starts with a relatively flat section through meadows before gently climbing upto the Quaker hamlet of Jordans ( a slight detour, not taken by this walker, can be taken to see their Meeting House and the burial ground of William Penn). Then, it's through the village of Seer Green, and its golf course, back to Beaconsfield.

Time Out Walks, Book 2, Walk 10, Alton Circular. 9/8/10.

Around 13 miles of walking through this quiet corner of Hampshire; firstly, crossing wide upland fields to East Worldham, then on through woods, 'hangers' and hidden pastures to Selbourne for lunch. Afterwards, it's on across wooded Selbourne Common and gentle downland ridges to Chawton and Jane Austen's home. From there, Alton it's just a few more miles to Alton.

Time Out Walks,Book 1, Walk 24, Cookham to Maidenhead. 15/1/12.

A lovely walk of around 10.6 miles (I recorded 11.9) in a pocket of Berkshire that incorporates a fair amount of National Trust land and a delightful stretch of The Thames. Heading out from Cookham, the walker passes the former residence of the artist Sir Stanley Spencer, and then on through undulating meadows into Bisham Woods; these soon afford some fine views over Marlow and its environs. Shortly after, the walker arrives at today's high point, the appropriately named Winter Hill (87m), for further fine views. From there, it's a quick detour to Kenneth Grahame's former home before descending into Cookham again for lunch. Thereafter, there's the opportunity for a visit to the Stanley Spencer Gallery before continuing on to reach a very attractive walk alongside The Thames (though muddy in places!). The Cliveden Estate is on the higher banks opposite and these provide particularly fine views. A very pleasant walk! It's no wonder Ratty and his pals had such great adventures here...I don't recall seeing any willows though?? (Swans were 'Mutes' and the birds high in the distant tree 'mere' Woodpigeons...slipping up!). (Issues with watching this upload in HD - Youtube advised).

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