New bridge at South Stoke

19-Jul-10 • Sean O'Neill

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Arundel from the river

19-Jul-10 • Sean O'Neill

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Looking north from Warningcamp Hill

08-Jun-13 • Sean O'Neill

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Arundel Castle from Black Rabbit pub

Arundel via Amberley Circular walk

05-Apr-15 • Saturdaywalker on Flickr

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Houghton Bridge

27-Jun-15 • Sean O'Neill

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Thatched cottage, Burpham

27-Jun-15 • Sean O'Neill

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The Bridge Inn, Houghton Bridge

19-Jul-10 • Sean O'Neill

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Arundel and Amberley walk

A contrast between peaceful villages in the Arun Valley and an attractive old town with a castle and cathedral.


This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

Updated: Tue, 29-Jan-19

Date # Post
Sat, 03-Nov-18 15

Saturday Walk – Arundel to Amberley via Arundel

Length: 22.1 km (13.7 mi) [shorter walk possible]
Ascent/Descent: 312/305m; Net Walking Time: ca. 5 ¼ hours
Toughness: 6 out of 10
Take the 09.16 Bognor Regis train from Victoria [CJ 09.23, EC 09.33], arriving Arundel at 10.39.
Return trains: xx.14.
This walk essentially consists of three distinct legs between Amberley and Arundel which the walk author has combined to make four different versions: there is a gently undulating leg from Arundel to Amberley, a relatively strenuous stretch from Amberley to Arundel and a meandering leg along the Arun Valley from Amberley to Arundel.
The posted variation is not one of those four versions: it has the advantages of a more frequent train out in the morning (enabling a start after 9); of lunch at the riverside Black Rabbit in Offham or in Arundel (which has more choice than Amberley) and of a finish in Amberley where the tea place is minutes from the station as compared to Arundel (where the station is kilometres from any amenities), and yet you can follow written directions all the way (not that many SWC-folk do that these days, of course…). And compared to the long Amberley to Arundel via Amberley walk, you can save a good half kilometre by turning right on your way into Arundel just after the large roundabout and picking up the riverside path asap (and turn right along it).
Features: a climb over the South Downs through Arundel Park; Arundel Castle, the principal seat of the Dukes of Norfolk; the ornate Roman Catholic Arundel Cathedral, in a French Gothic style; the interesting parish church of St Nicholas; the River Arun; the low hills on the edge of the large Angmering Park Estate; the Arundel Wetland Centre, managed by the Wildlife and Wetland Trust.
The written directions: start with para 4.b., follow this walk’s text all the way to lunch in Arundel, then pick up the text of Book 1 Walk 32 Arundel to Amberley from paras 5/6 to para 23, and turn left along the river’s west bank instead of right. In 2 km you reach Houghton Bridge and turn right across it to The Bridge Inn and the station. For a shorter walk: finish after leg 2 in Arundel (more frequent trains).

Lunch: The Black Rabbit in Offham (ca. 13 km, food all day) and plenty of choice in Arundel (ca. 15 km), amongst which are the Ristorante Osteria Pappardelle, a Pizza Express, The Red Lion, the Norfolk Arms Hotel and the Swan Hotel.
For walk directions, map, height profile, photos and gpx/kml files click here and here. T=swc.100.c
1 SWC Old Timer for reasons unknown started from Amberley, i.e. from the 'wrong'station, and half an hour after the group, and intriguingly we never saw him on the route (some though did see him on the return train). 14 others started as posted, from Arundel. The route worked quite well as posted, we thought: a fair mixture of reed lined riverside seawall, meadows, pastures, woods, rolling hills with far views and Arundel Park. Some impressive stands of autumnal woods. Some impressive buildings and churches.
We got to The Black Rabbit in Offham after 3 hours of walking. It is a big pub and was heaving when we arrived, but it is also a very well run place, so tables emptied all the time and we quickly found a corner to sit every one of us together. The food was very good, the service quick and attentive. Recommended. [Then again, it's a Hall & Woodhouse pub, so there is no surprise there.]
The front group walked the diversion to North Stoke Church, the longer route around the Wetlands and had a good look at all the churches on route, and got to the Bridge Inn at Amberley Station just before 5 o'clock. 17.14 train for some, another drink and a chat and then the 18.14 for the rest. 15 sunny and warm for the season
Addendum: 2 of the 15 (incl. a first timer) finished after 2/3 at Arundel.
2 took lunch at the Amberley tea room opposite the pub and by the river, which we reached at 1230, and thereby hoped to beat the crowds. This place had tables talking to each other as a result of the gimmick of selling Flora, a variety of tea in which a compressed flower lurks in the glass, and opens spectacularly over two or three minutes in the hot water.

"The route worked quite well as posted, we thought" is an understatement in my view; an exceptional day out. Thanks to Thomas for thinking of it.
Wed, 07-Feb-18 9

Wednesday Walk: Arundel Circular - the Arun Valley and South Stoke

SWC 100 - Arundel and Amberley

Length: 16 km (10 miles) Longer options between 12 and 14 miles available
Toughness: 4 out of 10; 7 out of 10 if climbing up onto the South Downs

London Victoria: 10-06 hrs Portsmouth Harbour / Bognor train. C.J 10-12 hrs; E.C 10-23 hrs
Arrive Arundel: 11-26 hrs

Return: Arundel: 12 and 46 mins past the hour
Return: Amberley to Victoria: 17 mins past the hour

Rail ticket: buy a day return to Arundel

We have the chance to mix and match a number of TO Book and SWC walks today, but I am going to suggest the following:

Starting with SWC 100 - Arundel and Amberley - we will head out along the River Arun's riverside path (could be muddy) for about 1 km before we divert away from the river to Warningcamp Hill, then the village of Wepham and on to Burpham for lunch at the popular George Inn. A number of places will be booked for us.
After lunch we will reverse the Book 1- Arundel to Amberley Walk 32, which takes us back along the river Arun to the village of South Stoke, with its quaint little church, then a route above the river into Arundel Park, then down through the Park to the centre of Arundel, passing Arundel Castle and the Roman Catholic Cathedral on the way, for tea in Arundel, before the short walk to the railway station for your twice hourly journey back to London.
Today's proposed route does not take us up onto the South Downs, but if you would like a more strenuous walk over the Downs, after Burpham you could switch to Book 1 Walk 32's afternoon leg, or alternatively reverse the Book 2 Walk 22 opening leg up onto the Downs, before your descent to Amberley. Or you could divert to North Stoke.......anything and everything goes today ! Just hope the weather is kinder to us today than when we did a version of this walk exactly one year ago - when it rained heavily for most of the day.
Walk Directions here: L=swc.100

Dear Marcus I wonder if it would be possible for you to list a Jazz concert in which I am singing on the 23rd mardh. It will take place at St Peters Church covent Garden at 7 30 pm. Tickets will be £23 per head .


Hello Jane

I will pass this on to Lucilla, our Social Secretary, to see if she would like to put your concert up on our website.

Kind regards
Hi Jane, I googled St Peter's Covent Garden, It did not show up. (only St Paul's showed up). At St Paul's, there is a performance on Feb 23 by Angelic Voices If I am not mistaken, it is by The Godolphin Vocal Ensemble (which is an all girls school Choir for three to upper six years). Is it the performance you meant? Are you a walker in SWC club?(sorry for my ignorance). Lucilla
Sorry Jane, I got the date wrong, it is Mar 23 Jazz Choir by Addison Singers at St Paul's Covent Garden, but my question remains
Jane, if you are going to this walk, please give your concert details to Marcus, he can then pass on to Lucilla.
Hello everyone . Yes the concert is Addisons Jazz Choir of which I am a member . It will take place on 23rd March near to Covent Garden.
Time is 7 30

i had hoped to walk today but changed my mind. Is difficult for me on a wednesday now because I have book club and then dancing


Thank you Marcus,


Hi, Jane, I am happy to post your Jazz concert. But before I do, we need to identify your full name as the host of the event so other walkers know who is organising it and who to look out for. We have several Jane in the walking group, which one are you if you do not mind me asking? In addition, are you planning to host a pre concert or/and post concert meet up with those who attend your concert? if so where and when? Thanks. Lucilla
9 on this walk on a day of lovely crisp sunshine. Blue sky! Colour! Beauty! Such a change for a walker whose last three outings have been on wet Saturdays.

Early on the ground was also fairly frozen, which made the start along the banks of the River Arun very much less muddy than it ought to have been. Later in the day the ground got a bit softer and we all had plenty of gunk to clean off our boots at the end, but in general paths were firm underfoot.

What a nice winter walk this combination of two walks made. The SWC 100 route as far as Burpham was full of scenic contrast Arundel Castle soaring in the sunshine above the reedy river plain, then downland valleys and a panoramic view followed by a gentle walk across fields into Burpham. Six of us were booked for 1pm at the George and Dragon, but it turned out to be a good thing we arrived 20 minutes early. That meant we got our order in before a big rush of other arrivals. Since the food did not come out of the kitchen with stellar speed, we might otherwise have had a long wait. As it is we had finished lunch within the hour.

Afterwards a very nice walk along the river and then up over the hills of the Norfolk estate to Arundel, reversing the book one morning. With the late afternoon sun slanting across the hills, this was a nice finish to the walk. We had tea in the Mote and Something tea room and got a train home at dusk. All in all a very jolly day, and sorry to all of you that had to spend the day working....
Sat, 15-Jul-17 8

Amberley and Arundel


Length: Depends: Circular walk between 16km and 19km, full there, back and there again 23km
Toughness: Depends (see above)
Transport: Take the 9:36 from London Victoria to Amberley, arriving at 10:55. Return trains from Amberley at 17:17, 18:17, 18:59, 19:29, 19:52 and some more; return trains from Arundel at 17:12, 17:46, 18:12, 18:54, 19:24 and some more. I do not know what the impact of the "no overtime" directive on Southern trains will be. So if the 9:36 does not run try the next on at 10:06 to Arundel and start the walk from there.

This is a walk with many variants and I see it more like an invitation to have fun in the beautiful area between Amberley and Arundel. The full instructions lead you from Amberley to Arundel, back to Amberley and out again to Arundel which is about 23km. However, you can finish the walk after any number of legs > 0 between Amberley and Arundel. I recommend to bring a map and agree within the group which side paths you would like to explore. For example the churches in North and South Stokes are worth a visit (part of leg 3). I also recommend to pass by Swanbourne Lake where light snacks, tea and ice cream should be available (end of leg 3).

3 of us are planning to do Amberley circular, more manageable 10 miles, you are welcome to join us.
8, cloudy in the morning sunshine in the afternoon. The walk was as lovely as ever, 6 did Amberley circular, 1 left at Arundel, joined by another to explore the area separately and was not seen again. Lunch at Red Lion and tea at The George at Burpham both nice pubs. One had tea and cake at Riverside Cafe. We took 5:17 train back to London. It was a nice day out in good company. Pity some walkers were deterred by the fear of Southern Rail strike. The train was running on time in both directions
Sun, 11-Jun-17 7

Amberley and Arundel

An Amberley Circular

Length: 16km, Toughness: 4/10, SWC Walk 100 (Arundel and Amberley) option a

Catch the 10:02 from London Victoria to Amberley (if you miss it, the 10:06 overtakes it, change at Gatwick). Return trains at xx:20. There's a station pub, riverside tea room (recommended), and bistro.

A lovely walk on the South Downs, through Arundel Park to Arundel castle (and cathedral).

Then loop back to Amberley for tea.

7 (+ 1 dog) sunny light breeze 5 off the train met 2 who drove (free parking at Amberley station). A really nice walk, a mix of woods, castle, cathedral, folly, downland and viewpoints, and at a gentle pace to enjoy the view. Arundel impressed. We split at lunch. A long riverside lunch for 5 at the Waterside Cafe (left from the bridge). Some discussion of politics. The nettles are now tall enough to consider long trousers. Thanks to the walk's author!
Sat, 16-Jul-16 3

Amberley and Arundel

T=SWC.100 Length: 23 km / 14 m
Toughness: 6 / 10
Transport: Take the 9:36 train from London Victoria, arriving at Amberley at 10:55
Return from Amberley at 17:17, 18:17, 18:59, 19:20 and later trains

This is a lovely walk along the Arun and up onto the nearby downs visiting Arundel at the half-way point. I suggest the walk via North and South Stokes with their picturesque churches.

You have not told us how to find the directions for this walk, or indeed which walk number it is
It's the downloadable walk book 3, walk 100. This is the link to the walk page http://www.walkingclub.org.uk/book 3/walk 100/index.shtml
Keen to do this walk anyone else?
When the Sunday walkers did this walk three weeks ago some of the footpaths in §7 were very overgrown. The directions have been updated to point out alternative routes which you could take.

The walk's unusual design is Amberley >Arundel >Amberley >Arundel, with different routes for each leg. So if you stop for lunch in Arundel, that's only one third of the way through the full 23km version. If you want to visit the churches Dirk recommends you'll need to do the third leg, whereas the return train times assume you'll call it a day and return from Amberley (as we all did in June). Of course, you can always vary the walk and do some or all of the sections in a different order, or even in reverse. Your choice!

PS. Buy a return to Amberley and a supplement on the way back if you return from Arundel. See the Transport section.
Is this walk different from the one of two or three weeks ago?
David's question was not answered. Anyone turn up on walk?
3 people did a variation of an Amberley circular walk on this sunny and hot day. We followed the instructions from Amberley in the morning until after the descent from Arundel Park where we decided to walk passed the lovely Swanbourne Lake and via the "grand Arun loop" into Arundel. After a picnic and a drink we resumed the instructions of the leg back to Amberley with a slight detour via South and North Stokes in order to have a look at the churches. Parts of the detour proved to be almost a jungle adventure with the path overgrown way above our heads and brambles and nettles cannily stretching themselves towards us making it impossible to escape unscratched. A great day out in superb countryside.
Sun, 26-Jun-16 11

Sunday Walk 1 – the Arun valley

Extra Walk 100a – Amberley Circular via Arundel
Length: 16 km (9.9 miles). Toughness: 4/10.

Or Longer walk, with extra leg back to Arundel: 22¾ km (14.1 miles), 6/10.

10:02 Bognor Regis train from Victoria (Clapham Jct 10:08, East Croydon 10:18), arriving Amberley at 11:25. If you just miss this, the 10:06 Brighton train is scheduled to overtake it, giving you a sporting chance of catching it at Gatwick Airport. Buy a return to Amberley.

Return trains from Amberley are hourly at 20 minutes past, up to 21:20 (or 15 minutes past from Arundel, if you return from there).

This walk in the Arun valley includes a fairly stiff climb onto the South Downs near the start, but gets progressively easier throughout the day. There's a choice of lunch places in the interesting town of Arundel, with its imposing castle and large churches. The second leg takes a gently undulating route through the low hills on the other bank of the Arun, ending with the choice of a riverside tearoom or pub near Amberley station.

If the afternoon cuppa has revived you and it's a nice evening, you might be tempted to extend the walk to Arundel (again) with an undemanding route down the centre of the valley, the full walk's third leg. If you stay on for dinner in one of the town's restaurants, however, note that the last train back (9.15pm) is earlier than usual this Sunday. [You'll also need to buy a single from Arundel to Amberley to supplement your Amberley ticket, but this combination is actually cheaper than buying a return to Arundel in the first place].

You'll need to print the directions from the Extra Walk 100 page. T=swc.100.a
11 walkers had seen plenty of threatening grey clouds on the train but the day turned into perfect walking weather: dry and partly sunny with a light breeze. The riverside path near the start had a nice gloopy consistency but stacks of wooden planks lying around hinted that future mudlarks might not get the same enjoyment out of this stretch. At Arundel Castle a steady stream of arrivals for a T 20 cricket match suggested that the town might be overcrowded, but the pubs were no busier than usual and the Red Lion served the three pub lunchers its usual excellent fare.

The afternoon stretch takes in some little used footpaths and one in particular might make good training for anyone contemplating an expedition to the Amazon rainforest; none of us had brought machetes but I think we all made it through. There was plenty of time for tea and cake at the Riverside Café before the 17:20 train, with (as far as I know) no one opting for the third leg back down the valley. No problems with Southern's ongoing dispute with its drivers, thankfully.
Sun, 05-Apr-15 10 Arundel Circular, via Houghton Bridge
Sat, 13-Sep-14 8 Amberley Circular, via Arundel
Sat, 08-Jun-13 23 Amberley Circular, via Arundel
Sat, 24-Nov-12 Amberley Circular, via Arundel
Sun, 03-Jun-12 Amberley to Arundel (long walk)
Sat, 12-Mar-11 Arundel Circular, via Houghton Bridge
Sun, 29-Aug-10 Amberley Circular, via Arundel