Saturday Walkers Club

Saturday Walkers Club

Copyright and License Information

© All Rights Reserved. No Commercial Use. No Derivatives. Attribution Required.

Our walks and GPS data are free for one-time non-commercial use only. This means that:

  • Private individuals can use them for free,
  • Non-commercial groups can use them for free. Examples:
    • Scouts, Guides, school and university groups.
    • The Rambler's groups, and other non-commecial walking groups which do not have a 'per walk' charge.
    • A bunch of friends
    • groups that do not charge, or charge only £1 or so to cover the meetup platform costs
    • Charities. Note: a charity can use them for leisure, but can't use them for fundraising (i.e. commercial use) without contacting us first
  • Commercial groups, publishers, event holders, and websites cannot use them without contacting us first and paying a fee. These include
    • Groups that charge a per walk fee of greater than £1
    • Groups that have a large joining fee

The standard charge for commercial use of one of our walks for a group or event of up to 1,000 people is £1,200 ( £1,000 + VAT at 20%).

  • Smaller fees (or an annual passport fee to all our walks) for small groups or good causes may be negotiated in advance. For example, one Meetup Group uses our walks for free in return for submitting videos of them to our site
  • The fees for using GPS data (i.e. the GPX files) is substantially greater

If your non-commercial group uses one of our walks, then you must follow these rules

  • Attributions Required : you must let the walkers know that it is our walk, or on a website, name and link to the walk
  • No Derivatives : you cannot copy or change our content (you may quote the walk description, length, toughness etc)
  • No Commercial Use : contact us first - we charge for commercial use of our content

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