Online Convert MS Word to HTML

  1. Write a document using MS Word
    • Try not to do any text formatting other than BOLD or ITALIC.
    • You can insert hyperlinks (select text, right-hand-click)
    • TABLES are OK too.
  2. If its an SWC walk
    • It should have a table (the walk details) at the top
    • If it has directions, then it should have a 'Walk Directions' heading in the middle, and a numbered list of directions at the bottom.
  3. Important! You now have to change a MS Word 'save option', but you only ever need to do it once.
    • In MS Word, select File | Save As.
    • In the pop-up box, select Tools | Web Options.
    • In the pop up box, select Fonts | Multilingual/Unicode then click OK
  4. OK, you're ready to save your document
    • In MS Word, File | Save As | Save as type | Web Page (filtered)


Choose a MS Word (web page filtered) document from your PC/Mac

NB: You can copy-and-paste the document text into the box below instead.


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