Online Font Awesome 5 Minimiser ("treeshaker")

Font Awesome 5 is great, but its also quite big, especially for mobile users. The SVG (javascript) free version is now over 1 MB, and the PRO version over 3 MB.

The javascript is made up of 30K of code, and the rest is SVG definitions of the 1,500 (4,500 - PRO) icons. This utility strips out all the icons you don't use, just leaving the 20 or so you actually need. This reduces the SVG/javascript file to 40K or so.

It works with both free and PRO versions. Its a temporary fix until the official minimiser solution.

1 : Load the SVG Javascript file



SVG/JS loaded : 0 K

2 : Make a list of the icons you use

3 : Minimise

4 : Save

Tips: Check your browser's download area. Use "right hand click | show in folder" on the saved file, rather than "open" which will try and execute it. If you have problems, click inside the <textarea> below, CTRL A to select all, then copy and paste.

Minimised Javascript