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I've done one of your walks...

Give walk feedback?

If you have recently done a walk, we would really appreciate your feedback - did you like it, pub reviews, route updates, suggestions for alternative routes, etc. Each walk has a feedback page.

Select your short walk, day walk, long walk, or ride from the list above, and go to the walk's feedback page. Each walk's author checks their walks on a regular basis, and will incorporate your feedback into their next update.

Upload photos?

See upload your photos for details on how to submit your photos to our Flickr group.

Upload videos?

Upload your video to Youtube and tag it. Then we can link to it

Club walks...

Join a club walk?

See This Weeks Walks and read the guide to joining our walks

Post a club walk?

Ask one of the 'bloggers' if you wish to include items on the "This Week's Walks page", e.g. a club walk or social event.

I've written a new walk...

Great, we'd love to hear from you.

First, have a look at our create a new walk page.

Then, get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

About the website...


To advertise on this site, use Google Adwords, or contact the webmaster, and make us an lucrative offer.

Use a photo?

For most of the photos, which are on Flickr, or Picasa, you can contact the owner directly. For older photos on this website, contact the webmaster, and I'll put you in touch.

Natural Death Centre

The Natural Death Centre (was the Nicholas Albery Foundation / Institute for Social Inventions) is no longer involved with running the club, although we keep in touch, and they still receive royalties from the Time Out Country Walks books.

Who you gonna email?

Is there a person I can email?

Maybe :)

We love walk feedback, and the webmaster especially likes hearing from people who would like to contribute new walks, or any other new content, and being told when "something is broken"... but, please keep in mind that this club and this website are run by unpaid volunteers when writing, and when awaiting a reply

Naturist / Nudist / Clothes-free beaches

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