Clarendon Way

A Pilgrimage from Salisbury to Winchester

Hiking Weather

Now would be a good time for a cup of tea.

Met Office Forecast

South East England

Generally fine and dry through this period, feeling pleasantly warm.

This Evening and Tonight:

  • A dry and largely clear evening.
  • Becoming increasingly cloudy from the north after midnight, with the odd outbreak of light rain around dawn.
  • Breezy for a time.
  • Minimum Temperature 13C.


  • Fairly cloudy with the odd spot of rain in Kent at first but improving through the day, with plenty of sunshine later.
  • Feeling warm in light winds, cooler in Kent.
  • Maximum Temperature 25C.

Friday to Sunday:

  • Variable cloud through the outlook period though most parts dry and fine with lengthy clear or sunny spells.
  • Temperatures above average, breezy at times near the Kent coast.

UK Day 6-7 and week 2

  • Fine and dry across the bulk of the UK next week with plenty of sunshine.
  • Feeling warm or very warm, potentially hot at times for central, southern and eastern parts of the UK, particularly at the start of next week.
  • Often cloudy in northwestern areas with fresh winds and periods of rain, mostly light, although some drier, brighter and warmer spells of weather are likely here too.
  • Temperatures near normal here but feeling cool in the rain and cloud.
  • Progressing further into July, northern parts of the UK are likely to remain rather unsettled, these conditions perhaps becoming more widespread towards the end of the period and bringing cooler air further south.
  • Dry weather likely continuing for the far south and southwest, though some showers still possible at times.

UK Week 3 and 4

  • This period sees a weak signal for more settled conditions to extend more widely across the whole country again, though periods of cloud and rain still likely to be most prevalent in the northwest.
  • Temperatures widely above average initially, especially across the south, and potentially very warm or hot at times, most likely for England and Wales.
  • Temperatures perhaps returning closer to normal later in the period, but still likely to be warm to very warm at times in the south.

Met Office : South East England : 2022-07-06T13:32:56