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Met Office Forecast

South East England

Fine, dry and feeling warm on Thursday.


Showers clearing parts of Kent during the morning to leave a fine and dry day through Thursday, with light winds and plenty of sunshine. Feeling pleasantly warm into the afternoon and sunny spells extending into the evening. Maximum Temperature 24C.


Remaining dry and largely clear overnight with light winds. Cloud increasing into the early hours however, giving a grey start in places with the odd spot of light rain possible. Minimum Temperature 9C.


Cloudy through the morning on Friday with outbreaks of rain, heavy in places. Turning brighter into the afternoon, but isolated shower likely into the evening, perhaps heavy at times. Maximum Temperature 19C.

Saturday to Monday:

Dry and bright Saturday, turning cloudier later. Remaining generally cloudy through Sunday, with showers at times. Monday unsettled with continued showers.

UK: day 6-7 and week 2:

Into the start of next week, southern parts of the UK are likely staying mostly fine and dry with sunny intervals. Further north it is likely to be cloudier and breezier, particularly around coasts, with showers that could merge into some longer spells of rain. Cloud breaks will allow some sunshine at times. Winds mostly light with temperatures close to average, perhaps rather warm in the south. Into the later part of the period, rain or showers are possible, most likely in the north by this stage, where it will be breezy. Drier further south with lighter winds. Most areas becoming mainly dry into the start of June. Temperatures are likely to be above average across the south, and closer to normal further north.

UK: week 3 and 4:

Early June mainly dry conditions are likely for most. Temperatures are likely to be close to or above average across the UK, with the warmer side in the south and perhaps closer to average further north. Into mid-June, the north of the UK may turn less settled, and temperatures trending closer to average. While conditions in the south may remain largely fine, and temperatures are likely to stay above average.

Met Office : South East England : 2022-05-19T01:59:32