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North Cotes - Northcoates Point - near Grimsby Lincolnshire


Access along the sea wall path from Horseshoe Point car park now fine

This 'traditional' naturist beach is situated on the Lincolnshire coast, south of Cleethorpes. Confusingly, the nearby village is called "North Cotes" while the beach is "Northcoates Point" and access is via "Horseshoe Point". Access reported as good!

Getting There

Satnav: DN36 5UF

Travelling south from Cleethorpes on the A1031 a lane on the left leads out towards the coast. The turning is just beyond the outskirts of North Cotes, before you reach Marshchapel and immediately after a sharp right-hand bend in the road. The road to the car-park has a tourist sign (white lettering on brown background) "Horseshoe Point" Follow the lane eastward as far as it goes - at least 1 1/2 miles of well-surfaced single track road, passing the former airfield on the left. The car park at "Horseshoe Point" can accommodate about 10 cars and is located at the end of the lane - go slow as you cross the bridge at the entrance to the car-park, oncoming cars are invisible until you hit them!

From the car park walk northwards along the sea wall - a grassy bank at the left hand side / rear of the car-park but almost invisible from the car-park itself. Concrete blocks mark the start of the bank. The bank runs parallel to a large fen drain which passes along the end of the airfield. There are numerous paths down to the beach from the bank - the section of the beach said to be used by naturists is about half a mile from the car park.

This web page from Lincolnshire Council lists a number of 'coastal access points' from which quieter parts of the Lincolnshire coast can be reached - including Horseshoe Point. All of them include car parking.  Many of these remote beaches are probably suitable for discreet naturist use.


A sandy beach and "virtually deserted". At low tide the sea may well be a (very) long way off! Further to the north the beach is a nature reserve and therefore off-limits. The usual reminders about east-coast beaches being subject to on-shore winds apply here too.

User feedback indicates that some people have found it difficult to locate the exact section of the beach 'traditionally' used by naturists. Experience elswhere suggests that going far enough from the nearest car park / access point is all that is required and remember that, while "strength in numbers" is reassuring, at really remote spots you may well be the only person there!

"It is worth noting that the tides on this beach can be quite dangerous. It is wise to check tide times and do not approach the sea when the tide is rising as you can very easily get cut off."

[Jul 2017] Access OK

[2016] There was some coastal work and realignment - not yet reflected in OS maps. The previous path along the sea wall from the access point, north to Northcoates Point was blocked by a Wildfowlers Club who own the land. There is another public footpath, east from Tetney Lock, but that may also be blocked.



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