Naturist / Nudist Beaches in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland


This is a directory of every naturist / nudist / clothes-free beach in the UK. There is a list of the beaches, or you can choose from the map.

Each beach entry has a description, travel information, feedback, and photos.

These beaches tend to be remote and rather beautiful. Even if you're not a naturist, this is a great selection of interesting, wild, beautiful and/or remote beaches to visit.


2022 State of UK Naturist Beaches Address

Still not good I'm afraid to say.

Many beaches are falling out of use due to a) deliberate design (a beach path being routed next to the former naturist area), b) development (the beach no longer being secluded), c) local authority / owner / police hostility due to "misuse" and d) simple abandonment as UK naturism seems to be in decline.

If you're a regular user of a local beach, set up a Facebook group to promote it and put it's users in contact with one another. Then let me know so I can link to it.

Trip Reports

Please send in trip reports - we use them to keep the site up to date. Contact me at the email address below.

You can also tag photos, and add them to our Flickr Group to help me illustrate the site - each beach page explains how.

Offensive Behaviour - What to do about it.

Please, please, don't let this put you off visiting clothes free beaches. While I have never seen any of this type of behaviour, it does unfortunately happen.

Naturist beaches tend to be rather remote, and hard to get to, which makes them a great place for naturists to use them without upsetting too many local people.

However, other groups of people have piggy backed on to this list of remote beaches, and the anti-social "adult behaviour" of a minority of them has greatly upset the locals. This has unfairly lead to a significant backlash against naturism, and prevented it at several places which had previously been naturist friendly for many years.

For example:

[We] ... decided to close the naturist area on the western section of Holkham beach [on the north Norfolk coast]. This decision follows discussions with local police after complaints had been received about ... offences committed in the area ... The western section of the beach at Holkham has been a designated destination for naturists for a number of years.

As such, to protect the continued use of the remaining naturist beaches, for others as well as yourself, you are strongly recommended to adopt a zero tolerance towards to public anti-social behaviour that offends you. Do not silently put up with anti-social behaviour. Please, report any inappropriate behaviour to the police

Northern Ireland

There are no nudist beaches in Northern Ireland. It seems the Loyalists and Nationalists (and so the Police) are wholly united in taking a dim view of such things.

we are treating this kind of behaviour extremely seriously and will be continuing to take action against anyone who decides to do the same

Alternatives in the UK


Use of naturist beaches seems on the wane in the UK at present, but in Greece, Span, France, the Netherlands and Germany there are many well used naturist beaches, campsites, and even holiday villages.

In Winter, Masopalomas in Gran Canaria has year round sun, and has a very large and popular naturist beach.


The beach information and trip reports originally came from the (now closed) NUFF website.

There were many comments either complaining about or advocating anti-social behaviour. These were redacted/removed as this is very strictly a family friendly website.

Comments now have to be made via Facebook - while this has stopped the 'bad' comments, its also reduced the number of 'good' ones as well.