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Sandgate - Folkestone



The promenade has been extended, so this area is now part of the main seafront. No longer used by naturists

No longer used by naturists

Sandgate beach is an area of shingle beach on the Folkestone Leas end of Sandgate.

[2010]"No longer suitable for a naturist beach, as coucil have extended the promanade"

Getting There


Parking is possible in a number of nearby roads or the small sea-front car park in Castle Road, behind the shops at Sandgate.


This is an area of shingle beach on the Folkestone Leas end of Sandgate. Well used by locals who tend to sit close to the retaining walls for the gardens of the flats and properties in Lower Sandgate Road. Some discretion is needed as there can be passers-by and not all of the residents like the idea of naturists "at the bottom of the garden"! Sea bathing is possible - but a swimming costume is required.

In 2005 it was reported that enforcement action has recently been taken by the local council's "Crime Reduction Officer" in response to a complaint from a local resident. The officer concerned visited the beach on 28 July and told people to dress, otherwise they risked arrest under by-laws relating to 'Bathing' and 'Nuisances Contrary To Public Decency'.

The byelaw cited was granted in 1935 to the 'Borough of Folkestone' (which no longer exists) "For the good rule and government of the Borough and for the prevention of nuisances". It provides that:

13. (a) No person above 10 years of age shall between the hours of 9am and 8pm undress or dress on any part of the sea beach within the borough west of Folkestone Harbour except in a cabin, hut, tent or the free bathing screen: Provided that this Byelaw shall not apply between the hours of 6.30 pm and 8 pm to that portion of the beach between the Victoria Pier and a point 160 yards west thereof (indicated by a notice erected on the beach).
(b) All persons above 10 years of age who shall bathe on or from any part of the sea beach within the Borough west of Folkestone Harbour shall whilst bathing an whilst passing to and from the sea wear a dress or covering suitable and sufficient effectually to prevent indecent exposure of the person.
(c) No female person shall bathe from the free bathing screen provided or to be provided.

Although it may seem laughable, antiquated rules such as this may, sometimes, be wheeled out to attack naturists. It should be noted that such byelaws apply only to council controlled land and are usually limited to specific geographical areas - a specific beach, rather than all beaches in the area.

The by-law applies to the 'Borough of Folkestone' (which no longer exists) and would presumably apply at  other beaches in the area.

One naturist commented:

"This is far too public a place for anything more than topless sunbathing. There are persistent complaints throughout each summer.... My advice is not to go there.



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