Slapton Sands,Naturist beach Devon

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Slapton sands ,naturist beach

Set on a beautiful part of the South Devon coast, this long-established and famous naturist beach is located on Slapton Sands, near Strete, south of Dartmouth. Access to the original nude section at Pilchards Cove was made difficult by a landslip and most naturists now use the nearer, north section of Slapton Sands.

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Slapton Sands, Devon, England

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Naturist / Nudist Beaches in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland

Slapton Sands Devon (south coast)


Near Dartmouth. Access via 1/3 mile walk along fine grit beach backed by cliffs. Signs say used by naturists.

Set on a beautiful part of the South Devon coast, this long-established and famous naturist beach is located on Slapton Sands, near Strete, south of Dartmouth. Access to the original nude section at Pilchards Cove was made difficult by a landslip and most naturists now use the nearer, north section of Slapton Sands.

Getting There

Satnav: TQ6 0RR

From Dartmouth take the A379 south. Beyond Stoke Fleming the road offers fantastic views across Start Bay as it skirts the coast. About 1 mile after passing Strete, the road descends steeply to sea level at Strete Gate. Here there are a few feree places, and a car park on the left (2021: £0.80-1.10/hour, £6.50 all day) with toilets and access to the beach. Once on the beach walk northeast (left) for about a third of a mile to reach the nude section. NB: There is no parking on the long sea front road ... otherwise you might not use the council's car park :).

"If going to the nude beach by foot from Strete you need to walk out of Strete towards Slapton on the main road until you reach a footpath going down to the beach. About half a mile. The path is at the end of a small layby on the left hand side of the road which can take, maybe, four cars. Walk down the footpath until you get to the Strete Gate car park/toilets, then down the steps to a path running along the back of the beach. Walk back (North) along this path until you reach some winding gear used for dragging boats up the beach. From this point onwards the beach is CO, although there is coexistence at this point."


The name Slapton 'Sands' is a little misleading, since the beach is a mix of shingle and tiny red pebbles, backed by red sandstone cliffs - beware falling rocks! Excellent views to the south-east over Start Bay. Depending upon the tide, the beach shelves steeply below the water's edge with a strong undertow when sea conditions are rough - swim with caution. The further end of the beach is said to be where gay men choose to congregate.

During World War Two, Slapton and the surrounding area was emptied of its population and the beach used by American troops rehearsing for the D-Day landings. Hundreds of G.I.'s died during these exercises and at Torcross (at the south end of the beach) a Sherman tank, recovered a few years ago from just offshore, stands as a memorial. This episode in local history was written about by author Leslie Thomas in his book 'The Magic Army"


None on the beach itself. WC's located at the Strete car park. "One thing to watch is that there's only one cash machine in a nearby pub in Slapton, so make sure you have enough once in Strete."


Naturist-friendly camping is available at Manor Farm, Strete. Tents and tourers welcome.
For details see the Manor Farm website

"...a really good site, with what must be unique co-existence in this country. Large field with views to the sea - top two thirds of site textile, bottom third naturist, with just an open post and rail fence to mark an informal division. No gates, and the fence is open to drive / walk round at both ends. Very easygoing and relaxed. All facilities, apart from a fresh water tap, are on the textile side, so need to dress to access them."






Visited Slapton this morning for a couple of hours. The beach was surprisingly busy for a midweek - lots of couples and the occasional single, both male and female. Lovely relaxing day had. I've been visiting this beach for many years and have never come across any trouble at all - though admittedly I never venture towards the back of the beach or the very eastern end. Everyone keeps themselves to themselves and the location is beautiful and tranquil.
Nice beach; but the downside - the parking charges. I would recommend sandals/flipflops, as this beach can get very hot sand and very sore soles of the bare feet! - Who said that naturism is dangerous? Some protection is required (feet). Would visit again soon, [redacted]
Had my first ever experience on a CO beach at Slapton/Strete Gate on 14.07.11 - 6 whole hours of lazing in stifling sunshine with just the sound of the waves and the birds, bliss! I was surprised at how many people were down there but hey, it was the only hot day of my week's holiday and it's a beautiful spot to be. Found it nice and easily - that winding gear is good and distinctive - and settled myself amongst mostly couples as I thought I'd be less conspicuous there and was wary of getting any hassle, being there as a single female. Happy to report nothing of the kind, had a wonderful day and felt entirely safe, though the boat trip coming right into the bay and stopping there to gawp was a bit unsettling, and there seemed to be a lot of male 'flaneurs' going up and down, but maybe that's normal and nobody bothered me so I didn't mind! A beautiful day, fondly remembered.



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