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Walney Island - near Barrow-in-Furness Cumbria


This is a secluded beach, backed by sand dunes, and is used by local naturists. It is located north of Earnsie Point on the north west coast of Walney Island near Barrow in Furness, in south west Cumbria.

Getting There

Satnav: LA14 3XZ

From junction 36 on the M6 follow the A590 through Barrow In Furness and over the bridge to Walney Isaland. Turn right at the traffic lights and head north along the promenade past the Ferry Hotel . Take the 4th turning left into Mill Lane, then the 1ST right into West Shore Road. This leads directly to the seafront at Earnsie Bay. Turn right and follow the track heading north parallel to the beach until it terminates at the sand dunes.

From here it is a 20 -€“ 30 min hike through the dunes (or along the beach if the tide'€™s out) to the North Shore. The area between the N.W. point and the tip of the island is generally accepted as "clothing optional".


This secluded beach is regarded as "the best beach on the island" .The long walk deters most people from venturing this far and the steeply sloping, soft sand means that the sea is never more than 50yds or so from the dunes which reach up to 60ft high and provide natural sun traps. The whole of the north end is a nature reserve and a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) . For this reason overnight camping and fires are not allowed. "My wife and I spend a lot of time here during the summer and rarely meet more than half a dozen people all day. Naked bodies tend to outnumber the clothed - the latter being the occasional dog walker or jogger - and the beach is great (soft white sand)"


The nearest amenities are a shop and toilets at the caravan site at Earnsie Bay, so bring your own refreshments as the temperature in the shelter of the dunes can be surprisingly high.

Roanhead / Scandscale Haws

Satnav: LA14 4QJ (NT car park on tarmac road)

Naturists also frequent the nearby beach at Roanhead:

"We find Roanhead beach to be better and there is a small community of friendly naturists who use a part of this beach regularly."

"Leave the A590 (Dalton to Grizebeck) on the road marked 'Sandscale Business Park'. Just past the railway line, turn right down the track and follow it until you get to the huts, carry on turning right at each junction, until you get to the edge of the beach. Then walk along the beach until you pass a derelict boat there is a dune just past here where there is always at least one naturist, weather permitting."

The comments suggest using the car park at NT Sandscale Haws Nature Reserve. From here turn left (west), and walk along the beach towards the dunes of the nature reserve until Walney Island comes into view.




Legacy Comments


+2 #4 peter 2012-06-09 16:46
Roanhead is great, miles of soft sand,quiet, the further you walk the more people you find, weather permitting. On a hot,still day i have been suprised just how many people are tucked into the dunes, i have met some very nise people over the years. Another good spot but you have to be very discreet is on the end of Holme Island, Grange-Over-Sands,when the tide is out. There are some great flat rocks on the point, hidden from prying eyes. Beware. the tides + mud on the sands. Cheers, happy naturism.


+3 #3 Optiskeptic 2011-08-22 09:43
Just to add to comments about Roanhead - I went once last year and once again this year. Avoid the southern access for the reasons given by William. I drove half way but chickened out and was glad to get back to tarmac. I'd strongly advise accessing the beach from the National Trust car-park at the North end of the beach. Both times I went it was early (about 10am) on a lovely day and, even though still term time, the car park was busy and fills up quickly. Most people seem to stay near the car park.If you follow Williams clear instructions you will round the point and can see Walney island way off to the South. On both occasions i was able to wander nude from that point south almost as far as the Black huts. On neither occasion did I see another person (nude or otherwise) on this bit of beach. Pity, because it is a beautiful stretch of clean sand backed by high dunes, which are part of the national Trust nature reserve.

+6 #2 william wells 2011-06-07 14:46
With regards to the bit about Roanhead Beach.....
Unless you have a 4X4, or a high clearance SUV DO NOT use this route to access the beach unless you have a very comprehensive breakdown and recovery package and a heavy wallet. The road is almost unnavigable in a standard road car due to the unevenness and the pothole (more like craters).
If you are feeling fit, drive just a bit further up the A590 to the dual carriageway section and turn left where it says Roanhead. Follow the road to the junction and turn left down to the car park. Follow the boardwalk to the beach and turn left. Keep on walking past the stony section of the beach and it opens out into a lovely sandy beach that is mainly empty of people. Walk on until you are unable to see the beach where you entered and enjoy. It is fairly windy here but if you go just onto the dunes, still in sight of the beach, you will be sheltered from the wind.

0 #1 Gav 2011-05-21 10:40
Wild Swim in Sea asked about public transport - there are regular buses to Walney Island. I can't remember the number, but they're clearly marked and go from near the rail station. So it is one nude beach that is accessible by public transport. Haverrig (sp?) is also accessible, but the buses aren't so frequent (and it's not an 'official' nude beach either!).
I've been to both by public transport, and they're both nice beaches, but can be a bit windy


delalune 2010-07-18
I've been doing the naturis thing at Roanhead for a few years now and only ever seen one other person. It's hardly a community!

julz 2010-08-01
i live on walney island , and didnt even know we had such a beach! its a bit too cold and windy , i would say only the very brave would be there!

Filipo 2010-09-04
Had a warm,sunny naked day on Walney but noone else there about a week ago. So had to guess where to stop in the dunes ! Very sheltered spot facing the sun in the dunes.

Richard k 2010-09-04
Had some nice days in the sun just recently, back to the beach again in the morning on monday 6th, sept, fingers crossed for more sun !

Wild Swim in Sea 2010-09-06
Been there for the first time. This is really a large piece of sand. The sea goes off miles away when low tide... bad news for swimmers. Had to make it all the way to the northern tip of island to feel safe to be nude, not to upset the families or be disturbed by dog walkers. Fortunately at the northern end there was a narrow channel there giving an opportunity to swim, although access could be a bit tricky with large stones at some points. With the strong breeze, no surprise I was nude alone. Swam a short while and saw the rain clouds gathering. Eventually gave up to the wind and cloud and headed back. Overall it is a fair place, only a bit too far with the walk. A bit of surprise is there is a Stagecoach local bus service running to the West Shore. Rarely seen any public transport to the proximity of any nude beach, you know.

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