Dagenham Parks, Rivers and Ponds walk

Exploration of several linked green areas in an otherwise densely populated suburb: a large variety of landscapes in Country Parks and Nature Reserves

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10 Day Forecast for Dagenham East

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Windy, very cold with spells of snow, becoming locally heavy.


Cold and cloudy, with a bitterly cold wind. Spells of mostly light snow this morning. This afternoon as most areas north of London become drier, so the snow further south will become locally heavier. Some significant accumulations are possible. Maximum Temperature 3C.


Overcast with spells of snow, this locally heavy, especially across southern counties where significant accumulations could occur. However, along the coast the snow may turn to sleet or rain later. Minimum Temperature -3C.


Windy, especially along the coast, and feeling bitterly cold. Spells of snow initially, these gradually becoming lighter and mainly confined to western areas. Maximum Temperature 1C.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:

Monday and Wednesday mostly dry with bright or sunny spells, but scattered wintry showers for Tuesday. Bitterly cold and strong winds for Monday, but then lighter winds thereafter. Overnight frosts.

Day 6 to 15

After a clear frosty start across southern areas on Thursday, a band of cloud and rain will spread across all parts, followed by blustery showers, these heaviest in the northwest. Showers will die out on Friday as thicker cloud and rain spreads in from the west, becoming windy. While daytime temperatures will recover to around normal, for a time we may still see overnight frosts. By the weekend it will turn unsettled and rather cold across most parts with some prolonged outbreaks of rain, particularly in western areas. Low pressure is expected to be close to the UK by the start of Easter week, with a mixture of showers, more prolonged spells of rain and some snow likely in the north.

Day 16 to 30

There is significant uncertainty in the forecast throughout this period, but a blocked or slowly changing weather pattern is probable. There will most likely be a balance between Atlantic frontal systems affecting the south and west at times with colder air associated with high pressure out to the northeast. Mixed conditions are likely with wetter than average weather expected across the south, while staying drier and perhaps colder to the north. Further snow is possible, especially in the north. Windy conditions likely at times. Temperatures will likely be below average with further night frosts, and any milder interludes will probably be only brief.

Met Office : SE : 2018-03-17T02:39:32