Mile End and Victoria Parks walk

Mile End Park, a green bridge, Regents Canal and a Victorian city park


This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

Date Option Post # Weather
Thu, 01-Sep-22 Evening Walk: Meandering around Mile End (Mile End and Victoria Parks) 4 mild cloudy
Thu, 27-Aug-20 Evening Walk - Mile End, Regent's Canal, Victoria Park 12 very wet
Thu, 20-Sep-18 Evening Walk - Mile End and Victoria Parks 3 windy but dry
Wed, 15-Jun-16 Midweek Evening Walk 8 dry but humid

Short 5: Meandering around Mile End

Distance: Approximately 4 miles or 6 km for those more metrically minded

Difficulty: 1 out of 10

Meet: Outside Mile End Tube station (Central/District/Ham & City Line) at 18:45

Return: Mile End Tube Station (Central/District/Ham & City Line)

This short walk explores Mile End and Victoria Parks. It also wanders along a section of the Grand Union Canal.

Post walk refreshments can be had at either the Morgan Arms, a gastropub or the CAMRA recognized Coborn Arms.

More information about the route and the instructions can be found here.

Enjoy the walk!


  • 27-Aug-22

    Hi Karen, I'm messaging about Scotland 2023, not this walk.. Sorry. Just to say that I couldn't send an email to the address given, to find out a bit more information. Do you have the correct email address? With thanks, eliz Parker

  • 02-Sep-22

    With many away in Buxton, just a select 4 met at Mile End Station for this short exploration around East London parkland on a mild cloudy evening. We enjoyed the sunset from a little hillock in Mile End Park; then headed along the canal to Victoria Park. Our route through Victoria Park was somewhat curtailed as some barriers were still up from the All Points East Festival -- though none seemed disappointed to head directly to the pub....where we enjoyed a drink outside before moving inside for a tasty meal.

Thomas G
Length: 6.8 km(4.2 mi)
Net Walking Time: 1 1/2 hrs

Meet: Mile End Station at 18.45 hours. Mile End is on the Central, District and Hammersmith & City Lines and in Zone 2.

Largely map-led walk through Mile End park, along Regent’s Canal and through Victoria Park back to Mile End tube.

Eat/Drink: Morgan Arms, The Coborn.

For walk directions, map and gpx/kml files click here. T=short.5
  • Matthew Justin

    This one goes ahead rain or shine?

  • 27-Aug-20

    Hi Matthew. Sure. These days, walk posters are supposed to be on the walks they post (and on time, note to self). Come rain or shine...

  • 27-Aug-20

    Great, thanks.

  • 27-Aug-20

    Rain or shine, indeed...

    Steady rain was coming down when we assembled outside Mile End station, which soon after starting to walk turned to heavy rain, which - on the postive side - meant there was little competition for pathspace in the park. We had to (?) take a slightly longer route around the far end of Mile End Park, as the usual route through the sports facilities seemed to have locked gates, other than that we stuck to the suggested route.

    After about 30 minutes the heavy rain became a bit lighter and some blue sky appeared (but some way away), meaning we saw the odd rainbow or two. Only towards the very end did the rain stop, so quite probably this has been the wettest evening walk I have been on.

    1 locally living walker bailed out halfway along, one other (living in the opposite direction and with her bike) about 3/4 through the route. The rest got to the Morgan Arms at 21.15, and we took the two free tables they had.

    A nice group, and all in good spirit despite the circumstances: 12 in total, in very wet weather.

Thomas G
Thomas G
Length: 6.0 km
Net Walking Time: 1 ¼ hrs
Meet: Mile End Station at 18.30 hours. Mile End is on the Central Line in Zone 2.
Largely map-led walk through Mile End park, along Regent’s Canal and through Victoria Park back to Mile End tube.

Eat/Drink: Morgan Arms, The Coborn.
For walk directions, map and gpx/kml files click here. T=short.5
  • 20-Sep-18

    3 in windy but dry weather.

    Having walked this for the second time now, I am again surprised how nice Mile End Park is. Obviously lots of investment went into it to create a varied parkscape. We explored the far corners of the park and then migrated along the canal into Victoria Park, then followed the route through very pleasant residential streets to the Morgan Arms. Left there once a musician started up (playing what sounded like a Fleetwood Mac song, of all things...). Had another drink at The Coborn, which has had a complete makeover since last time around. Young's-owned and sympathetically refurbed. Nice.

Wed, 15-Jun-16 : Midweek Evening Walk 8
Mile End and Victoria Parks

Meet 19:15 at the entrance to Mile End underground station. This is a self-led walk.

Destination pub: The Morgan Arms or The Corborn.

  • 16-Jun-16

    copy of the original post but w/o n= and w=, so that the full number of walkers from the following post gets captured...

    Anonymous said...

    1 having missed the (perhaps non-existent) group by 15 minutes I started the walk alone to try out the Hikesmith iPhone app in glorious-sun-fading-to-pleasantly-cloudy. Park-lovers should note that most of the Victoria Park section is closed off, apparently due to the wrong sort of rain at the Field Day festival last weekend. Nevertheless a very pleasant urban walk and easy to navigate. The canal side section is well used by commuting cyclists - I recommend walking in a straight line and keeping your ears peeled if you don't want to get knocked into the canal. I didn't bother with the on-road return route to Mile End

  • 16-Jun-16

    8 walkers then in dry but humid conditions.

    7 were on time and waited a while for potential laties, as Central and H&C line were troubled, but - admittedly - not 15 mins. After an extended tour through Mile End Park South we were then probably behind Anonymous Walker 8. Another extension became necessary as the Field Day-Festival high wooden fencing was still in place and blocking the exit path.

    Very pleasant walk, immaculate parks with plenty of features to look at. 5 walkers then descended onto the Morgan Arms gastropub and had a rather nice meal (3) or just a few drinks (2).