Ash Vale Circular via North Downs Way walk

A circular walk starting and ending in the rarely visited Ash Ranges and including a section of the North Downs Way through the attractive village of Puttenham.


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SWC Freewalk 96, Ash Vale Circular. 5/6/11.

Around 15 miles of walking through the Surrey countryside. Initially passing the M.O.D rifle ranges at Ash, the walk then follows a section of the Basingstoke Canal to Ash Wharf. From there, it's on to Ash Green, crossing the busy A323, before a walk along a section of the old railway line to Tongham.The walker then climbs up to the North Downs for lunch in the village of Puttenham. After lunch, there's a further section along the North Downs way before a descent down to Broadstreet Common; the walker soon crosses Normandy Common before returning back to Ash Ranges. It should be safe to cross these after 4.30 pm (when the red flags are down) but this walker was forced to take the alternative route back to Ash due to heavy rain. Another very pleasant walk that is generally level, except for the climb up to the Downs. Potential to be muddy.

Last updated : Feb-18