Hillside path near Burrs Wood

31-Oct-14 • Sean O'Neill

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Through Burrs Wood

31-Oct-14 • Sean O'Neill

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Wealden house on Bullingstone Lane

09-Dec-15 • Sean O'Neill

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The new start

Ashurst to Eridge walk

03-Apr-16 • Saturdaywalker on Flickr

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Hillside path near Burrs Wood

27-Oct-14 • Sean O'Neill

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Burrs Wood

27-Oct-14 • Sean O'Neill

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View from the Wealdway near Stone Cross

27-Oct-14 • Sean O'Neill

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Ashurst to Eridge walk

Gently undulating High Weald walk in the low hills and valleys around Tunbridge Wells

Hiking Weather

10 Day Forecast for Ashurst

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Heavy, locally thundery rain in north at first, soon clearing


Cloudy with heavy, persistent and occasionally thundery rain for the north of the region at first. This soon easing, leaving a mainly dry, bright and warm day, although isolated heavy showers could develop later. Cooler towards the east coast. Maximum Temperature 23C.


Any showers dying out through the evening to leave a dry night. It will become increasingly cloudy in the east with mist patches pushing inland on cool easterly winds. Minimum Temperature 13C.


Cloud breaking to leave a dry, bright and warm day, with long sunny spells, although cloudier in the west with showers for a time. Maximum Temperature 26C.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:

Dry and bright for most through the outlook period, with warm sunny spells but thunderstorms possible in the afternoon periods. Cooler on the coast in easterly winds.

Day 6 to 15

Through the early part of next week, there will be a good deal of dry, fine and sunny weather across the UK. Mist and low cloud may continue to affect eastern coastal districts. There is also a risk of scattered thunderstorms across the south and southwest, especially through Wednesday. It will stay very warm for most, locally hot in the south, although temperatures may fall closer to average by Wednesday. For the rest of the period, there will be more fine and dry weather to come, with the best of the sunshine in the north. There is a continued threat of thundery showers across central and southern areas, and the far west could see rain at times. After a very warm start, temperatures are likely to fall closer to average.

Day 16 to 30

Confidence remains low through June, however there are signs that it may become more widely changeable across the UK. This will bring more frequent spells of rain or showers. However there are likely to be drier and more settled periods for most areas too, especially at the start of the period. Temperatures are likely to be near or slightly above average on the whole, with the potential for some warmer spells, especially at first.

Met Office : SE : 2018-05-25T01:43:52