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Banbury Circular Walk

A peaceful circular walk with a variety of lunch stops.


17.2km (10.7 miles)

OS Maps

OS Landranger 151; Explorer 191


2 out of 10.

Walk Notes

A peaceful (clockwise) circular walk with a variety of lunch stops.

This walk is recommended only for those who are (or are accompanied by someone) reasonably proficient at map reading.

Walk Options

Longer via Deddington option

Extend the walk by 15.5km from (5) West Adderbury via Deddington, Barford St. Michael and Milcombe to (7) Bloxham


Trains go from London Marylebone to Banbury, journey time just under an hour.

Suggested Train: For the standard walk for lunch in Milton take the train nearest to 10.00am. Lunch at Bodcote: 11.00am, Bloxham: 9:30am.

Lunch and Tea

Early lunchtime stops. Horse & Jockey Malthouse Ln, Bodicote, OX15 4BU T:01295 269549 The Plough 9 High St, Bodicote, Banbury OX15 4BZ T:01295 258909 Located 4.4km from the start of the walk.

The Black Boy Inn, Milton Rd, OX15 4HH 01295 722111. Located just under half way from the start of the walk.

Later lunchtime stops. Joiners Arms Old Bridge Rd, Bloxham OX15 4LY 01295 720223 or The Red Lion, High St, Bloxham, OX15 4LX 01295 722067

Many tea / supper options in Banbury.

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By Car

Start: OX16 5AB Directions


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National Rail: 03457 48 49 50 • Travelline SE (bus times): 0871 200 2233 (12p/min) • TFL (London) : 0343 222 1234



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Walk Directions  

The directions for this walk are also in a PDF (link above) which you can download on to a Kindle, tablet, or smartphone.

Map 1
  1. [2] After 1.2km from the canal cross the A4260, to continue along Broad Gap (road), 260°.
  2. [3] After 450m at a T-junction, turn left. In 120m pass by the Horse & Jockey on the RHS, followed by The Plough, further on passing by a Church on your RHS. Having passed by a green on your RHS, (and where the dead end lane starts to descend), turn right over a stile. Veer left down the field, 210°, aiming for the LH corner of a small wood. In 180m go through a metal KG to continue down the LHS of the wood.
Map 2
  1. [4] Immediately past Bloxham Grove Farm (with a windmill ahead), turn left, 100°. In 80m by the corner of a brick wall on your LHS, turn right 190°.
  2. [5] FP comes out to a lane. (Longer walk route, turn left here for Adderbury.) turn right along a car wide track to soon join the RHS of a field, W, towards Milton.
  1. [6] 40m past a farm track on the left, [!]turn right to go under an easily missed bridge (SP45348 35294) for a dismantled railway, to then come out to Manor Farm and turn right through the farm buildings to then reach a lane and turn left into Milton, SW, to arrive at the Blackboy Inn.
    From the Blackboy Inn, turn right to pass by Milton Church on your RHS, to then turn right along a lane, N. In 120m where the lane curves to the right, fork left following a FP sign, NW, and further on go through a wooden KG into a field to follow the FP, W.
  2. After 2.2km you reach the A361 (42975 35660). [7] (Longer walk route joins from the left.)
  3. Turn right to go past St Marys Church on your RHS. At a war memorial fork right down Old Bridge Road. At a T-junc, turn left and in 7m turn right up a steep narrow lane, which then levels and curves to the right to come out to a road (Brickle Lane), turn left, 20°.
  4. In 250m turn at a road junction, turn right along Strawberry Hill. At a T-junction with Schofields Way, turn left and in 15m, turn right along Greens Garth to go through a metal KG to continue E.
  5. In 1.8km at Bloxham Grove Road (45226 36798) [8], turn right and in 20m turn left along a car-wide (bridleway) track towards Upper Grove Mill, 10°.
  6. At SP 4527 3832 [9] immediately before a twin barrell roofed house.
  7. Either Fork left, through a FG, to go up across a small field, 320°. In 70m go through a wooden gate in corner and turn right through a wooden FG (waymark arrow on other side of post), to continue along RHS of a field, 10°. In 80m go through a metal FG in the field corner into the next field, to go along the RHS of the field.(Or the FP to the right in the wooded boundary.) At the field corner go through a lightly wooded area to come out onto a path. turn right and in 15m you reach a cross-paths [10] turn left along a tarmac FP, 30°.
  8. Or Alternatively fork right to go through a gate and turn left along a car-wide bridleway; where the cw track curves to the left, turn right through a wooden gate to continue in your prior direction along a path through a wooded boundary to then reach cross-paths[10] continue along a tarmac FP, 30°.

Maps 3 and 4: Longer walk option via Deddington.

Map 3
Map 4