Beaconsfield Circular walk

Gentle hills, Chalfont St Giles, and Jordans, a hamlet with Quaker links


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  • Beaconsfield Circular. 28/3/11.
    amib, Mar-11

    A great 12 miles of typical Chilterns' walking; woods, gently rolling hills and meadows. The morning section concludes with lunch at any of a number of pubs in Milton's former home village, Chalfont St Giles, or, as this walker chose to do, by the village duck pond.

    The afternoon starts with a relatively flat section through meadows before gently climbing upto the Quaker hamlet of Jordans ( a slight detour, not taken by this walker, can be taken to see their Meeting House and the burial ground of William Penn). Then, it's through the village of Seer Green, and its golf course, back to Beaconsfield.