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Borough Green to Sevenoaks

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Borough Green to Sevenoaks walk

A Country House, Igtham Mote (NT), Knole Palace and deer park (NT), as well as pretty countryside, and close to London.


This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

Updated: Tue, 29-Jan-19

Date # Post
Sat, 17-Nov-18 10

Saturday Walk: Borough Green to Sevenoaks

9.3 miles/15 km
Toughness: 4 out of 10

The village of Plaxtol, Fairlawne House parklands, Ightham Mote, Knole Park.

Trains: 9:55 London Victoria (10:12 Bromley South), arriving at Borough Green at 10:40. Return trains from Sevenoaks are frequent. The stations are on different lines, but a day return to Borough Green is valid for Sevenoaks.

Lunch: The walk route passes the National Trust café at Ightham Mote. A diversion will take you to the Chaser Inn at Shipbourne (Tel 01732 810360).

Click here for full details and directions

"Take the train nearest to 10am from Victoria Station to Borough Green & Wrotham"

This would be the 09.55, arriving 10.40, alternatively the 10.25, arriving 11.06.

Any votes? Should be a nice walk, weather permitting!
The Alpina Patisserie is permanently closed, and there is nothing beyond the High Street on the way to the station. Anyone needing a pitstop before their train will need to fill up at the top of the town.
10 met at Borough Green in brilliant sunshine and walked to Plaxtol through woodland and across fields, then to Fairlawne where a unanimous decision took us to Ightham Mote for lunch picnickers joining those using the cafe at outside tables. 6 then set off ahead, 2 taking an alternative route round Knole Park leaving 4 to enjoy tea and cake at the Malabar cafe in Sevenoaks before catching trains just before 16:00
Sat, 08-Apr-17 30

Saturday walk - An old favourite among apple orchards

Borough Green to Sevenoaks (Book 1, walk 36)
Length: 15km (9.3 miles)
Toughness: 4 out of 10

9.52 train from Victoria (10.09 Bromley South) to Borough Green, arriving 10.37.

Buy a day return to Borough Green (which for reasons that escape me does work for return from Sevenoaks, even though the latter is on a totally different line).

For walk directions click here.

Apologies if my choice seems a bit unoriginal this week, but RMT strike action on Southern puts many springlike walks out of reach today.

Not to worry, though, because there are some old favourites one never tires of and this is one of them. It is a lovely walk at any time of the year but achingly pretty in April, when nature lovers will not be disappointed. There may be apple blossom or it may be too early. There may be some bluebells, since they seem to be coming out early this year. Blackthorn blossom should be turning the hedgerows white. But even if none of these happen, you will still have a walk full of flowers, fresh green leaves and (probably) bleating lambs.

There is also historic Ightham Mote, a moated house now run by the National Trust, and with long days you have ample time to visit it and still finish the walk. Its tea room is a possible lunch stop.

Two recommended variations to the walk are:

- Detour to lunch at the Chaser Inn in Shipbourne. This way also includes a small bluebell wood. Details of how to do this are in the main walk directions.

- After Ightham Mote stay on the Greensand Way to Knole House, a gorgeous walk along an escarment edge with fine views: see paragraph 77 onwards on page 7 of this document for walk directions. Near the end this option has some bluebell woods which may be starting to flower.

If planning to eat at the Padwell Arms, it might be a good idea to ring them and see if they are in a receptive mood. Sometimes they are scratchy about walking groups turning up unnannounced.

Tea is at Knole House's newly refurbished tea room.

Trains back from Sevenoaks are very frequent - every ten to fifteen minutes or so.
Like many pubs, The Padwell, which lost its 'Arms' a few years ago, does like advance warning if a crowd of walkers plans to descend on them for lunch. The idiosyncratic chef prefers customers to pre order if possible, so take a look at their online menu before ringing them: http://www.thepadwell.com/menu 2/. The food is excellent and comes in generously sized portions.
Not sure if anyone counted but there was a large group. I'd estimate 30. Nice walk as always. Lovely weather, and plenty of spring blossom, with bluebells starting to appear.
30 nice and sunny
Sat, 21-Jan-17 12

Saturday Walk - Borough Green to Sevenoaks

Borough Green to Sevenoaks T=1.36

Length: 9.3 miles (15km) approx 4 hours walking

This walk passes Igtham Mote and Knole Palace (both National Trust). The walk start in Borough Green, and goes south through woods and along streams to the old village of Plaxtol with its Cromwellian church. Then through the park of Fairlawne House to Ightham Mote, a beautiful moated medieval manor. You could probably manage a quick visit, aiming to leave by 14:30.

The route onwards is up a potentially muddy bridleway (hopefully the cold weather will help), through orchards and along shaded woodland paths leading to the 1,000-acre Knole Park, then up by footpaths to tea in Sevenoaks, with the station some way downhill from the centre.

Trains: Get the 0952 Southeast train to Ashford from Victoria, arriving 1037. Return to Borough Green & Wrotham. Sevenoaks has frequent trains to London Bridge & Charing Cross, some much faster than others.

Lunch: National Trust at Ightham Mote (open 10:00 to 15:30). You do not need to pay the entrance fee to use the restaurant. You could also divert to the Chaser Inn, Shipbourne (tel 01732 811 168) for a 'gastro' pub lunch.

Tea: There are various options, but there doesn't seem to be a recommended pub, Two possibilities are The Anchor in London Road, on the most direct route to the station, or at the end of the High Street is The Sennockian (Wetherspoons) just before you turn down pembrooke Road.

The refurbished NT cafe at Knole is on route but it closes at 4pm in winter...
12 I think, including 1 on a later train. The weather was very calm and sunny. The group split for lunch, with 4 going to Shipbourne and the rest to Ightam Mote. Ground and foliage had a light dusting of frost and would be muddy patches were also frozen making for easy walking. Nice day out as always in this neck of the woods.
This was a beautiful walk could be muddy but better on a day of deep frost. I was glad I was part of a breakaway group (led by Maggie) who had lunch at the Chasers pub at Shipbourne, quite pricey but delicious and in front of an open fire. Good varied walking across open fields and through woodland.
Wed, 15-Jun-16 3

Midweek day walk - Borough Green to Sevenoaks

Borough Green to Sevenoaks

A Country House, Ightham Mote (NT), Knole Palace and deer park (NT), as well as pretty countryside, and close to London.

Book 1 Walk 36

Length : 15 km or 9½ miles
Toughness : 4 out of 10
Getting there : Catch the 10:22 am Canterbury West train from London Victoria to Borough Green. ( 10:39 from Bromley South )
Meeting point : Borough Green Station at 11:04
Tickets : Buy a cheap day return to Borough Green

Brief Description

With rain forecast, here's a walk that's not too exposed with some firmish footpaths.
The afternoon section has a couple of options. For those of you who might want to view the new lavender fields (recommended) on the Shipbourne detour (and perhaps a swift half in the Padwell Arms) you'll need to take a look at point 22. This route returns via Sevenoaks Preparatory School into Knole park.

You may find full details of this walk here

Suggested Lunch stops

Suggested Tea stops

Malabar Coffee shop (posters favourite and open till five and just behind Llloyds Bank) 81 High Street, Sevenoaks TN13 1LE t:01732 74305
Alpina Patisserie, on the parade of shops set back on the left and just before the station. Tubs Hill Parade TN13 1DH t: 01732 454669
If you're in a hurry, you can also grab a take-away cuppa in the convenience shop on the station concourse.


OS Explorer : 147

Return train times

Trains return frequently from Sevenoaks to London Blackfriars, Cannon Street or Charing Cross

I am increasingly frustrated with Southern trains, having been delayed for 1 2 hours quite regularly mainly due to late adjustments to schedules.
This is because of a covert industrial dispute see Forum for an explanation

Just 3 on this walk with Max the K9, quite sunny with a couple of brief showers
Lots of late spring growth giving the walk a verdant feel especially through the Fairlawne Estate.
The Antiques Road Show had set up at Ightham Mote for a shoot on Thursday 16th June. Antique buffs may like to repeat this walk tomorrow! (Quite interesting to have Fiona Bruce behind me in the queue for food and then on the table next to us).
The lavender fields in the afternoon section set out by Mitchell and Peach were not quite in bloom, but I'd say certainly worth a visit in a couple of weeks or so.
At Knole house, work appears to have restarted with new contractors for the new café there.
Back at Sevenoaks, two had tea at the Malabar Coffee shop and one went off to check out the local Waitrose.
Plenty of trains back to London despite Southern staffing issues!

Sevenoaks is Southeastern and so not affected by the Southern "staff shortage"
Sat, 26-Sep-15 35

Sat 26 Sept Book 1 Walk - Borough Green to Sevenoaks

Borough Green to Sevenoaks Book 1 walk 36
9.3 miles/15.0 km. Toughness 4/10

Outward Train: London Victoria 9:52, arriving Borough Green & Wrotham 10:37. (Stops at Bromley South 10:08) A return to Borough Green should be fine for the return from Sevenoaks.

A walk through Kent taking in the medieval moated manor at Ightham Mote (National Trust) and the parkland around Knole House (also National Trust). There's a bumper crop of apples this year, and the Ordnance Survey map shows many orchards on the way, but not sure how many of these remain.

For a pub lunch, a diversion to The Chaser Inn at Shipbourne is recommended. This is a popular place so worth giving them a call first on 01732 810360. They currently have a British Food Fortnight on and are threatening to serve school dinners. The route to the pub is described in the online walk directions, but not in older copies of Book 1.
Ightham Mote has a cafe and picnic area.
Knole Park has a tea kiosk til about 5pm, and Sevenoaks has further options.

Return Trains: Frequent services from Sevenoaks to London Cannon Street, but make sure it is a fast service not the stopping service, unless you would like a leisurely tour of South East London. There's also a slow train up to London Blackfriars.
35 plus two dogs on this walk. Lovely to walk in warm sunshine through this pretty corner of Kent. It may be an oldie, this walk, but it bears repeating. Fallen apples were scrumped (translation for non native speakers: stolen) by some. Some diverted to The Chaser pub, which was curiously deserted, its lovely garden having a fine view of the church. At least one stuck to the Greensand Way, the rest of us stuck to the book route. The contractors rebuilding Knole Park's tea room have gone bust, so who knows when their tea room will ever reopen?. We avoided the temporary kiosk and went in search of a promised "garden tea room" which was in a poky indoor room: why not the spacious Orangery next door?

In Sevenoaks some of us went to the pub, and some of those went on to a nice curry by the station. And after all that it was still only 8pm.

Sign of the season: on all this gorgeous long sunny day I only saw two butterflies. Even a week ago I saw two dozen.
Of the Ightham contingent, most opted for the Greensand route. As far as I know, only one (yours truly) opted for the proper book route. I got to Knole kiosk exactly the same time as the Greensanders. Ighthams catering facilities are getting tedious. The kiosk (handy if you just want a drink) seems permanently shut. In the cafe a longer slower queue. At Knole House, we managed to get tables inside but yes pokey and chaotic.
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