Spring in Banstead Wood

31-May-13 • Sean O'Neill

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White horse, Mugswell

26-May-13 • Sean O'Neill

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Shabden Park

27-May-13 • Sean O'Neill

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Copper beech, Banstead Wood

31-May-13 • Sean O'Neill

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Autumn colours, Banstead Wood

01-Nov-15 • Sean O'Neill

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The Well House Inn, Mugswell

26-May-13 • Sean O'Neill

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St Margaret's Well, the Well House Inn

26-May-13 • Sean O'Neill

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Chipstead to Kingswood walk

Ancient woodland, open downs and farmland in London's Green Belt

Hiking Weather

10 Day Forecast for Chipstead

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Mostly dry on Wednesday, cloud in the northwest slowly increasing.

This Evening and Tonight:

Dry and mainly clear for many and feeling relatively mild. Some cloud will develop in the northwest, perhaps the odd spot of rain here before dawn. Under clear skies further east mist and rural fog patches are likely to form. Minimum Temperature 7C.


Cloudy with patchy light rain in the northwest. Elsewhere, dry with brighter spells after mist or fog clears. Cloud only moving slowly south-eastwards. Maximum Temperature 18C.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:

Thursday will be dry and fine but perhaps a little breezy towards the coast. Dry and bright on Friday and Saturday but with fog patches developing overnight.

Day 6 to 15

On Sunday, southern and central areas should start dry with bright spells. Northern parts of the UK will be cloudier with outbreaks of rain, heavy in places. This rain will slowly move southeast, probably reach central areas in the afternoon, although southern Britain should stay dry. On Monday, rain will gradually spread across the south, followed by brighter conditions with blustery showers, and it will feel cooler. Thereafter, it is likely to stay changeable with periods of wet and windy weather interspersed with brighter and showery spells. The heaviest rain is likely in the north, where there's a risk of gales. Generally drier and brighter in the south, particularly in central and southwestern areas. Temperatures varying around average, but becoming rather cold later with an increasing risk of frosts.

Day 16 to 30

For the end of October, unsettled conditions are likely. Bands of rain could move across the country, separated by brighter and more showery conditions, especially in more northern and eastern areas. However, the southwest will probably stay more settled. Into early November, the weather pattern is likely to become slower moving. Longer spells of wet weather are likely at the start of the month, but prolonged drier spells are possible towards mid-month. During the more settled weather, fog and frost with become more likely, particularly in the north. On the whole temperatures are likely to be rather cold, but some brief milder spells are also possible.

Met Office : SE : 2018-10-16T13:17:17