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SWC Walk 242 Cholsey to Goring via Wallingford

22-Aug-15 • Saturdaywalker on Flickr

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Approaching South Soke

SWC walk 242 Cholsey to Goring via Wallingford

22-Aug-15 • Saturdaywalker on Flickr

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Didcot power station (telephoto shot)

SWC walk 242 Cholsey to Goring via Wallingford

22-Aug-15 • Saturdaywalker on Flickr

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Crossing the Cornfield

SWC walk 242 Cholsey to Goring via Wallingford

22-Aug-15 • Saturdaywalker on Flickr

swcwalks swcwalk242

Crossing the cornfield

SWC walk 242 Cholsey to Goring via Wallingford

22-Aug-15 • Saturdaywalker on Flickr

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Thames swans

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Hut on stilts


22-Aug-15 • magyardave2002 on Flickr

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Cholsey to Goring via Wallingford walk

The Thames Path to Wallingford, rolling hills and South Stoke, finishing along the Thames path


This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

Date # Post
Sun, 21-May-17 7

I wanna go to Cholsey (sorry Elvis Costello!)

Download walk 242 Cholsey to Goring via Wallingford and South Stoke

Distance 20.5km (12.7m) toughness 4/10.

Trains; 09.48 London Paddington (Ealing Broadway 09.56) to Cholsey 11.04.
If you miss this train catch the 10.00 fast train to Reading and pick up the above slow train there at 10.46.

Return trains from Goring to London Paddington on the hour or 1 min past the hour. Buy a day return to Cholsey.

This is a companion walk to the Cholsey to Goring walk SWC 49 but takes a completely different route. It starts with a 2km stretch through the village of Cholsey to reach the riverside Thames path where you turn left and continue all the way to the bustling market town of Wallingford and your riverside lunch-time pub the Boat House.
After lunch you leave the river Thames and take paths around and across fields in the gently rolling Oxfordshire countryside with some fine and expansive views before visiting the attractive village of South Stoke and some refreshments at the Perch and Pike pub.(Note: this pub is open during the afternoon on Sundays but probably will not be serving meals after 2.30pm so you are advised to eat at Wallingford and have some snacks for the long afternoon leg of the walk.)
From South Stoke the short, last leg of the walk is along the Ridgeway and Thames Path to Goring where if you arrive before 5pm tea and cakes at the village cafe. (Pierreponts is closed on a Sunday.) Otherwise there are some excellent pubs in the village or you can rest by the river and enjoy the views before a short walk to the station.
You can lengthen the walk by 4.5 miles by taking the delightful Thames path from Goring to Pangbourne.t=swc.242
The pdf with further walk details and full instructions can be found here
Cholsey to Goring via Wallingford and South Stoke,
Sun 21 May

7 on this walk, with one shooting off at the start never to be seen again. Sunny all day.

As we entered Wallingford, there were four individuals on Vespa scooters disturbing the Sunday calm of the attractive town centre merely by driving along. Most motor mowers have sweeter sounding engines. It turned out that the quartet were heading towards The Boat House, our appointed lunch stop. When we arrived there may well have been a hundred Italian scooters, mainly Vespas but some Piaggios and other brands, neatly parked in rows. Many had fancy custom paint work. We were momentarily fearful that the place would be too packed out by rooters for scooters to house us, but got a table by the river and were served quickly enough with typical chain pub food.

Refreshment at at the Perch and Pike pub in South Stoke consisted of tea and beer. No cake. 3 got the 1701 train back with others lingering in various watering holes within Goring.

This walk is striking for its variety. It has flat bits besides the river; hills not beside any river; small towns; villages; fields with shoulder high rape and some poppies; other large fields with prodigious quantities of broad beans; woods; hedged in tracks; more kites than I have seen on any other walk; and not a single stile.
Sun, 29-May-16 7

Sunday Walk 1 – the Thames in south Oxfordshire

Extra Walk 242 – Cholsey to Goring via Wallingford
Length: 20.5 km (12.7 miles). Toughness: 4/10

10:00 Weston-super-Mare train from Paddington, changing at Reading for the Oxford train (arr 10:34, dep 10:45), arriving Cholsey at 11:04. If you get to Paddington early you can take the same Oxford train at 09:45 (Ealing Broadway 09:53) and not need to change. Buy a day return to Cholsey.

Trains back from Goring & Streatley are hourly at 24 minutes past. You can save up to half an hour by changing at Reading for a non-stop train to Paddington.

This new walk had a well-attended début on a hot Saturday in August last year, with the feedback suggesting its wildflower meadows beside the Thames would be particularly attractive in late spring. A relatively short stretch along the Thames Path brings you to the pretty town of Wallingford and a choice of pubs for lunch. The (longer) afternoon is across gently rolling fields in the south Oxfordshire countryside and you'll probably appreciate the chance to break for refreshment in South Stoke, 3.5 km before the finish.

There are some good pubs in Goring if you have time to kill before your train, or you could even take up the walk author's suggestion of a 7 km extension along the Thames Path to Whitchurch and Pangbourne (closer to London, so a Cholsey ticket is valid). There are no written directions but the route is well-waymarked and some of it will be familiar from other club walks in the area.

For more information about the walk and a link to the Directions, OS Map, etc, go to the Extra Walk 242 page. T=swc.242
Lovely cafe on the way to the station past the pub on the opposite side. Open til five. Good cakes!
I was told by someone who did this walk and also the Sandy walk check on Bank Holiday Monday that there were 7 on this walk. Some good displays of poppies on the Thames Path stretch to Wallingford.
A word of warning: don't be tempted to miss out lunch in Wallingford. This group did and continued on to the Perch and Pike pub in South Stoke which they reached at 2.35pm, 5 mins after they had stopped serving lunch. The pub however did rustle up some chips for them.
A strong group decided to continue walking in the lovely weather all the way to Pangbourne.
Sat, 22-Aug-15 30

Saturday Second Walk - a new Thames walk

SWC walk 242 - Cholsey to Goring via Wallingford
Length: 20.5km (12.8 miles)
Toughness: 4 out of 10: "This walk is stile-free"

9.27 train from Paddington (9.35 Ealing Broadway) to Cholsey, arriving 10.39


9.45 Swansea train from Paddington to Reading, arriving 10.10, to connect to the above train at 10.21 - But be aware that a First Great Western strike is due to start tomorrow which will affect long distance trains and the Swansea train could be very busy with people trying to travel before it starts. This should not affect the direct local train above: see ** below

For walk directions click here.

This is an entirely new walk - and so is not not not any previous Cholsey or Goring walk that you might have gone on. It has been sat on the website all summer without having an outing, as far as I know, so I hope its author will forgive me for giving it an airing now.

The route goes from Cholsey down to the Thames Path and follows it (a very pretty stretch) to the very attractive town of Wallingford which has lots of options for your lunch stop, relatively early in the walk. In the afternoon you cross rolling countryside with extensive views, passing through the village of South Stoke which has a pub as a refreshment stop.

The walk finishes along the Thames Path to Goring, though only faster walkers are likely to get to Pierrepoints, the tea room there, before it closes at 5pm. However, I have put up a slightly earlier train thant the author suggests to give you a fighting chance of making it in time.

Trains back from Goring are at 12 and 42 past till 21.12, and then at 22.16. Changing at Reading may save you 20 minutes off a 1hr 12 minute journey, but you may find the fast trains from Reading into London very very crowded due to the imminent strike, so personally I would not bother.

** Looking at the details of this strike, it does not look as if local services into London from the Thames Valley will be much affected in any case: The First Great Western website says that London Thames Valley trains will operate as normal with minor alternations to Gatwick services: so I conclude that it is safe to post a walk there today, which is the day before the strike starts anyway.

Thanks for posting this Walker. As the author I'll be going along to check the directions and take on any comments from fellow walkers. The Perch and Pike Pub in South Stoke about 3.5km from Goring station and which we pass en route is open all day Saturday and offers " real ales, craft lagers and some delicious new wines". Hopefully it might do some sweets as part of its pub food menu so slower walkers do not have to bust a gut to reach Pierreponts.

Pete B

30 on this new walk, very hot sun but with some cloud and a cooling breeze later which was very welcome as a relief from the heat.

The highlight for me was definitely the lovely four mile stretch along the Thames into Walingford in the morning. (I wish I had taken the opportunity to have a swim then!). This section would be lovely in late spring when its meadows would be full of flowers. Walingford is a very pretty town and the specified pub had a fine terrace overlooking the river, which it rather spoiled by playing loud music. Half of us ate inside as a result (which was also a bit cooler), though the other half did eventually prevail on the friendly pub stuff to turn the noise down.

The core of this walk is a six mile walk across undulating arable fields and hills with minimal shade, which in the blazing heat caused some to flag. (At one point we took refuge on shady grass by the road like hobos). But the reward, particularly in the bit before South Stoke, was very panoramic views. What these vast fields would be like in winter is another story….

The South Stoke pub provided much needed refreshments to all. One or two took a bus from here to Goring and think the walk directions should point out this amenity. But the rest of the walk was in fact a short and pleasant stroll, with glimpses down to the river, though disappointedly always separated from it by rich people's houses. By this time it was cloudy and sultry but a few of us sat beside the river for a bit before training home.
Great new walk Peter, and yes the Perch and Pike is a welcome stop in the afternoon section nice garden to sit out in too.
Interesting aircraft activities at the private airfield beforehand.
We briefly intermingled with some charity walkers who apparently had set off from Chinnor I do hope they raised lots of money,
I met two SWC stalwarts on the journey home who had continued to Pangbourne (bravo!)
All in all a great day out.
3 of us continued on to Pangbourne (may have been others?). Much needed refreshments were taken at The Pike and Perch in Stoke. This section of the Thames Path was very pleasant with lots of shade as you are mostly walking between rows of trees a nice contrast to the open fields earlier in the day, especially on such a warm one. You walk right by the river for a while after leaving Goring, but for the most part there are properties between the path and the river.

We arrived in Pangbourne at about 17:30, where one of our party took the next available train and the remaining two enjoyed a couple of beverages at The Swan by the river. Changing trains later in Reading, we were treated to the sight of the Mayflower 61306 passing through the station on its journey between Southend and Stratford Upon Avon.
Thanks for the comments everyone. Amended pdf walk file now on walk's page. If anyone took any photos it would be good to have them uploaded to the pages too.