Eynsford Circular via Otford walk

A contrast between hidden valleys in the North Downs and the Darent Valley Path through three interesting villages.


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  • Eynsford Circular
    Javier Vagabond, Oct-18

  • Eynsford Circular. 3/6/13
    amib, Jun-13

    Yet another wonderful 12 miles of walking in the North Downs and along The Darent Valley Path.

    Straight after leaving the station, the walker is strolling along a quiet country lane and enjoying some delightful June scenery; then, it's across the first of two golf courses traversed today, prior to an ascent into woodland and fields providing some impressive views back towards central London. This is followed by a descent into the lovely Magpie Bottom valley and another wood.

    Hereafter, this walker diverged from the written text briefly to get a taste of the route into Otford via the North Downs Way; it's probably not as scenic as the original route, but the aim was to avoid some busy 'A' road walking.

    Lunch was taken on a bench on the 'alternative' route prior to the stroll down into Otford, with its tiny duck house and famous miniature 'solar system'.

    Thereafter, the route back to Eynsford follows the Darent Valley Path past another golf course and the attractive village of Shoreham. Then, it's on across more fields into Lullingstone Park, with its 'Castle' and Roman Villa.

    The finale is an ascent up to Eagle Heights, a bird of prey centre, and some fine views of the listed railway viaduct.

    Another great day's walking, aided and abetted by some beautiful June weather.