Greensand Way 3 : Gomshall to Dorking walk

Greensand Way Stage 3 : The Surrey Hills : Holmbury Hill and Leith Hill


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Gomshall to Dorking. 15/6/13

This was yet another fantastic day's walking; 15 miles through the Surrey Hills, mainly following the Greensand Way. Due to the nearest station being several miles away, there's some map reading required for the journey south to meet the Greensand Way near the 261m Holmbury Hill. This ties in nicely with lunch, providing a quieter alternative to Leith Hill, and some superb views south. A pub alternative can be found in Pitland Street nearby. Thereafter, it's on to the second highest hill in the south-east, the 294m Leith Hill, with its folly tower and National Trust kiosk. Then, there's a lovely section of woodland walking, including an amazingly located cricket pitch and a mock waterfall, before some final views over Dorking from Bury Hill. An excellent walk through some lovely scenery.

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