Gomshall to Guildford walk

Historic Shere, then a walk through a broad wooded valley, then along a canal to historic Guildford


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  • Gomshall to Guildford. 14/7/22
    amib, Jul-22

    Another update of a walk done 12 years ago, in very different weather conditions!

    This one is around 10 miles, starting out from Gomshall station, in the Surrey Hills. It was a very pleasant day, with a cooling northerly breeze.

    An expensive footbridge has replaced the former rail crossing at Gomshall; for the massive cost involved, and the infrequent train service, was this really good value?

    After crossing some fields, the walker soon has the church at the village of Shere in view. This is an attractive village on the Tilling Bourne, with some interesting 15th and 16th century buildings. Then, it's on through Albury Park and a lovely section of Pine and Birch woodland on Blackheath Common.

    Lunch is had at the viewpoint on Chinthurst Hill, with its 1930's folly.

    Descending after lunch, the walker joins the towpath of the River Wey for a pleasant contrast, utilising the Downs Link path and a cycle path on an old rail line.

    An excellent walk at any time of the year, though dry, sunny conditions are preferable to the snowy ones of the last traverse.

  • Gomshall to Guildford. 8/2/10.
    amib, Feb-11

    This Surrey walk is around 9.2 miles long. Starting in Gomshall, after crossing a few fields, the walker is in the village of Shere, with its old timber-framed buildings; then, it's through Albury Park and over Blackheath Common, where lunch can be had at the pub in the woods. The afternoon section follows the Downs Link path and the River Wey into Guildford.

    (Mobile phone quality).