Guildford to Gomshall walk

Historic Guildford, The North Downs Way and St Martha-on-the-Hill Church, picturesque Shere. Option to continue along the NDW to Dorking


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  • Guildford to Gomshall. 10/8/23
    amib, Aug-23

    An update of another top quality 11.5 miler (12 officially) in the Surrey Hills Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It was an overcast start, with a south easterly breeze (occasionally heard on commentary), but the clouds gave way to sunnier intervals as the afternoon progressed.

    Leaving suburban Guildford, the walker ascends to Pewley Down to join North Downs Way, which leads on past the hill-top church of St Martha-on-the-Hill. Descending via wooded, sandy paths, the walker joins the Pilgrims' Way, at the foot of the Downs, for lunch in the village of Shere. With the sole cemetery seat being occupied, today's lunch was had in the adjoining, noisier recreation ground. A pub option is close by.

    Thereafter, it's back up to the Downs, and another decent wooded section, followed by more glorious views. The descent into Gomshall, via more open land, allows for a tea-stop, or a speedier return to the station, depending on time constraints.

    The paths were good today, as was the weather, and the combination of tree cover and south easterly breeze kept the humidity at bay. Another highly recommended walk in the Surrey Hills.

  • , The North Downs, St Martha on the Hill - Day Saturday | 🇬🇧 Hiking UK | England
    Hiking In London, Mar-22

    "Saturday. An early morning where the earth still holds onto the cold remnants of the night, and the sun lazily stretches its golden fingers across the sky. Today is the day I embark on a journey through Guildford Castle, onto the North Downs, and finally culminating at St Martha on the Hill. With each step I take, I feel a mixture of excitement and curiosity."

    "As I approach the trailhead, there's a distinct, inviting aroma of the earth, an unmistakable blend of dew-kissed grass and mossy woods. The sign up ahead declares the trail to be of 'Intermediate to Challenging' level, graded at a 5 out of 10 rating. BMC Affiliated Club has done an impeccable job with the trail markings and guidelines."

    "I've prepared myself for a good 17.1 kilometers today, approximately 10.7 miles. As I lace up my hiking boots, a slight apprehension nudges at the back of my mind. With an ascent of 480 meters, this isn't just a leisurely stroll. It promises to be a day filled with rewarding challenges."

    "Nearby, a dog barks joyfully, tugging at its leash. I'm reminded of the trail's policy — dogs are indeed welcome companions on this journey, but they must be leashed. The owner offers a nod and a smile, our mutual love for nature and hiking bridging any gap of unfamiliarity."

    "The first segment of the hike introduces me to the historical beauty of Guildford Castle. Standing tall amidst the verdant greens, its old walls whisper tales of times long gone. I imagine the knights and nobles, the festivities and fairs, the battles and betrayals. The castle, though a silent structure, speaks volumes."

    "As the trail continues, I find myself amidst the captivating vistas of the North Downs. The landscape is a palette of green meadows and woodlands, interspersed with wildflowers that dance with the breeze. The path undulates, challenging my endurance and testing my spirit, but every climb reveals a view more breathtaking than the last."

    "Hours seem like minutes, and soon the signpost points toward St Martha on the Hill. This charming, hilltop church is like the cherry on top of today's adventurous sundae. Its serenity is palpable, an oasis of calm, offering panoramic views of the surrounding countryside."

    "The sun now hangs lower in the sky, casting long, playful shadows on the ground. As I calculate, I've hiked for about six hours now. A sense of achievement courses through my veins. This trail, with its tapestry of history, nature, and spirituality, has offered an experience worth cherishing."

    "Feeling both exhausted and exhilarated, I take a moment to sit down, breathe deeply, and absorb the beauty around. As I reflect upon the day, I'm reminded of the importance of journeying, of challenging oneself, and of appreciating the simple, profound beauty of our world."

    "And as the day draws to an end, I already find myself eager for the next adventure that awaits..."

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  • Guildford to Gomshall, Part 1. 27/9/10.
    amib, May-11

    A picturesque walk out of Guildford over the Downs to Gomshall (believed to be around 9 miles). Part 1 takes the walker over Pewley Down, with some great views, to join The North Downs Way. Passing by the hilltop church of St Martha-on-the-Hill, the walker then passes via undulating farmland onto lunch in the village of Shere.

  • Guildford to Gomshall, Part 2. 27/9/10.
    amib, May-11

    Part 2 continues after lunch with a climb up onto The Downs, walking along The North Downs Way, before descending into Gomshall.