Higham to Gravesend walk

Birdwatching and nature walk - the Thames Estuary, Hooe Peninsular and Cliffe Pools RSPB Nature reserve.


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  • Higham to Gravesend. 11.8.18
    amib, Aug-18

    Around 11.5 miles of walking through unusual terrain for this walker. The first third, up to the lovely village of Cliffe, is through some typical Kentish countryside; orchards, fruit farms and cereals. The mid-third, through a nature reserve and marsh lands, and the final third through industrial and urban areas.

    Lunch is had next to the charnel house, in the churchyard of St Helen's.

    Thereafter, the walk continues through the nature reserve at Cliffe Ponds, before arriving at the gravel workings next to Cliffe Fort, built to protect London from invasion in the 1850s. The walker then passes over the Brennan torpedo tracks and by the remains of the 'Hans Egede', a wooden ship.

    After this, the walker passes wild horses on Shorne Marshes, then a rifle range, before encountering a drab section into Gravesend.

    A varied walk, for sure, and, thus, one of interest for those who like industrial heritage.

  • Saxon Shore Way Day 1. Gravesend to Strood.
    Javier Vagabond, May-15