Hitchin Circular walk

Across the most north easterly Chilterns ridge to Pegsdon Hills and Knocking Hoe NNR. A motte-and-double bailey and an abandoned medieval village and the Oughton chalk river


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  • Hitchin Circular. 4/5/18.
    amib, May-18

    This was a 14.5 mile walk (the shortened version!) around this walker's home town in North Herts. Setting out from the station, it was through very familiar terrain prior to reaching the 'countryside' at the old Priory Park. Then, on through the village of Charlton, Bessemer's birthplace, and along field boundaries and green lanes to the elevated village of Great Offley. This version of the walk goes under the busy A505. After lunch, the walker decided to opt for the shorter version of this walk and, so, is more farm tracks and field margins over to Little Offley, and New Welbury, with its Yeshiva. Then, over to Pirton, with its double Motte and Bailey, prior to crossing more fields to reach the delightful nature reserve at Oughtonhead. From there, it's on to the old town centre, often featured in television ads and 'Humans'/'Doc Martin', before the finale in front of St Mary's church. A decent enough walk, albeit this walker might be a little 'neutral' about such familiar terrain.

    Hiking In London, Sep-16

    Hitchin Circular walk Grassy lanes and woods across the most north easterly Chilterns ridge to Pegsdon Hills and Knocking Hoe. A motte-and-double bailey and an abandoned medieval village, alder and willow woodland, Oughton (chalk river), Hitchin’s old town with Tudor and Georgian buildings Event: http://www.senderismoenlondres.co.uk/events.html See more: https://www.walkingclub.org.uk/walk/hitchin-circular/index.html Sponsor the club If you arrived to this page is because you are interested in our Club and what we are doing. Probably we share the same values, we love nature and the freedom of walking through the country side. Even more, you might want to collaborate with us to help us improve and replace our hiking equipment. If so, please proceed with a donation subscription, you choose the amount and you can cancel at any time. Feel proud to be part of this big community!! In return, in the case you have a company, we can include your logo on our website, videos...etc Let's growth together!! https://www.patreon.com/hikinginlondon ¡SUBSCRIBE! Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/senderismoenlondres Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hikinginlondon/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hikinginlondon/ © Club Hiking in London. Ltd 2020 (CASC) in collaboration with Saturday Walkers Club. swcwalks swcwalk234 #HikingUK #HikinginLondon #Hitchin