Walk 256 Kemble circular- SWC Expeditionary Group

Walk 256 Kemble circular- SWC Expeditionary Group

14-Aug-16 • peter.boon on Flickr

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Kemble Circular walk

The source of the Thames, an overgrown canal, quiet tracks, a pretty village, and the Thames path

Hiking Weather

10 Day Forecast for Kemble

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Cloudy overnight with some rain or drizzle. Becoming dry Sunday.

This Evening and Tonight:

Overcast and misty conditions overnight with some outbreaks of rain and drizzle. Most of the rain will be light and become more patchy towards the end of the night. Minimum Temperature 3C.


Initially overcast, and locally misty, with patchy light rain and drizzle. Dry conditions, with sunny spells, will extend southeastwards across all areas during the afternoon. Maximum Temperature 11C.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:

Local frost then sunny spells and isolated light showers for Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday sunshine and showers, after overnight rain clears Tuesday and some showers may be locally heavy .

Day 6 to 15

Thursday looks to be cold across the UK, with a few wintry showers possible in the north. Later on Thursday and into Good Friday, southern parts of the UK will probably see outbreaks of rain whereas further north this could bring a risk of sleet or snow at times. For the rest of the Easter weekend, it's still too early to forecast in much detail, but it looks to be unsettled with a mix of sunny spells, showers, longer spells of rain and some snow, mainly in the north. The driest and brightest conditions will be in the northwest. Frost overnight but perhaps milder in the south at times. Further ahead, the weather may become more settled, with brief interludes of wintry showers, and rather cold, with frost at night.

Day 16 to 30

Colder than average conditions are likely to prevail overall through the middle part of April, with frost likely overnight. In the north the weather looks to be fairly settled although there will be a few wintry showers. Further south, there may be more in the way of wet and windy weather at times, and showers, perhaps wintry. Later in the month, it is possible that we could start to see some warmer weather, with less cold nights, and it may become drier generally.

Met Office : EE : 2018-03-24T13:26:23