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In a wood

Knockholt circular

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Misty scene

Knockholt circular

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Winding road with view

Knockholt Circular

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Big tree

Knockholt Circular

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A turkey is not just for Christmas

Hang on, maybe it is. Knockholt Circular

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Silhouette tree 3

Knockholt Circular

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Knockholt Circular walk

An enjoyable day out in the country within zone 6, thanks to those who campaigned for and legislated the Green Belt policy.


This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

Updated: Sat, 24-Aug-19

Date # Post
Sat, 27-Apr-19 15

Saturday walk - Knockholt Circular - first ever outing in bluebell time

Length: 18.5km (11.5 miles) T=3.7
Toughness: 5 out of 10

10.05 train from Charing Cross (10.08 Waterloo East, 10.14 London Bridge) to Knockholt, arriving 10.49.

If you miss the above train, get the 10.15 Charing Cross train (10.18 Waterloo East, 10.24 London Bridge) and change at Orpington (arrive 10.39, depart 10.43).

Knockholt is in zone 6, so you can use Oyster, contactless, etc: but don't forget to tap out and tap in at Knockholt - easy to do as it is a rural station with no ticket barriers.

For walk directions click here. For GPX click here. For map click here.

This walk has not had a Saturday outing since 2012, and as far as I can see has never been done in bluebell time despite being listed on the Where to find Flowers page as having "several attractive small bluebell woods". This is also fertile territory for other kinds of floral and spring delights, since this is essentially the chalk downland of the North Downs. Just after lunch it passes Downe House, home of Charles Darwin, which can be visited.

For lunch you have a choice of two pubs in Downe - the George & Dragon or the Queen's Head, both 4.8 miles into the walk. Somewhat mysteriously the walk directions do not mention a further choice 1.6 miles further on, which is the Blacksmith's Arms in Cudham, which is only very slightly off the route and seems to do food all afternoon.

If this walk has one weakness, it is that its tea stop, the self-service Arthur's Restaurant in Coolings Garden Centre, shuts at the cruelly early hour of 4.30pm. It is 1.6 miles from the end of the walk, so 5.1 miles from Downe or 3.5 miles from Cudham. Otherwise one is reliant on one of two "locals" pubs nearby (don't ask if they do Earl Grey...).

There is a report that a section across the golf course at the start and end of the walk is being prepared for housing development, with the path across the site fenced.

Trains back from Knockholt go at 13 and 43 past. Don't forget to tap in!
Hi Guys I did this walk back in January and yes the golf course has been sold for housing development. The lovely chest nut trees are gone. Fences everywhere but there is a path but rather restricted path. It was extremely muddy in winter due to the extensive digging etc. Still a very good walk for Boundary 6 with fair bit of hills to challenge you. Should have some good bluebell patches as I recall about 5 years when I did it in blue bell season. Did the Holmwood to Gomshall with Leith rhododenrous extension. Flowers still got a week to go before full bloom. Sorry Marcus I skip your Tring walk. Enjoy the Knockholt walk as I did.
P/S Walker saw 2 types of violet common dog violet and wood violet.
I belatedly realised that the best ticket for this walk would have been a six zone travelcard purchased with a Network Card £8.60 or so: a big discount on the £12.80 daily cap for zone 1 to 6 on Oyster. Oh well...

14 assembled on the platform for this walk and one late starter caught us at lunch, so 15 in all. Odd spots of rain early on and a teensy bit of brightness in the early afternoon apart, the weather was cool grey cloud. A bit disappointing. Only one inert butterfly seen and birdsong was very muted: a big contrast to last weekend.

The fenced bit across the now abandoned (yippee!) golf course was just a line of fence posts, which helpfully indicated the path. If there are indeed plans to build housing here, there is no sign of any progress being made. In truth more housing might cheer the rather nothing y area around the station up. Any chance that the development could include a cafe open to 7pm, do you think?

In Downe the George & Dragon had five frowning locals: the Queen’s Head was much more inviting and served nice food cheerfully. Its most famous regular (a former leader of UKIP) has not been seen for a while, apparently.

Thus far we had had some nice ish patches of bluebells and an encounter with three cheerful goats, plus two dogs who had a trick of throwing their toy over the fence for passers by to throw back. But as the walk poster I worried that we might not get any big hitting bluebell woods. But mid afternoon we came upon a stunner just by Let’s Green. Two walkers did a short cut at this point.

For the rest of us well, OK, mainly for me the big anxiety after this was whether we would get to tea in time, but we did, arriving at 4pm and managing to penetrate the vast and extravagantly well stocked labyrinth that is Coolings Garden Centre to find its lovely self service tea room. Nice cakes, big pots of tea. Then down to the station to get whatever train we got. Perhaps they could also add a pub to that housing development so the walking day does not have to end so abruptly.
Thank you for the ticket advice, will be useful for future walks.
Sun, 06-May-18 9

Sunday Walk: Knockholt Circular:

SWC Walk 7, 20km 12.3 miles
Difficulty 5/10 (some say 6 or 7)
A pretty, rural walk teetering on the edge of zone 6. It has hilly bits and some good views. In spring, parts of this walk are good for wild flowers and there are bluebell woods. Shortly after lunch, you pass Down House, once home to Charles Darwin and now open to visitors.
Trains: Get the 9:55 Tonbridge train from Victoria ( Brixton 10:02, Herne Hill, 10:04, West Dulwixch 10:06) arriving Knockholt at 10:45.
Trains return at xx:47 and xx:17.
Get a return to Knockholt. It is within London Zone 6, so a 1-6 travelcard would do.
Lunch: The Queens Head, Downe (01689)852145 or the George and Dragon (01689) 889030 across the road.
Admission to Down House £11:80.
Tea: Arthur's at Coolings Garden Centre is almost on the route. It closes about 4.
A diversion to the Cock Inn (see text) is another possibility.
The station is about 45 mins from Coolings and 30 mins from the Cock Inn.
Walk Directions here.
Ok thanks Mr M Tiger for your message. Just wondering since there's no booking system etc I may change my mind and do the Knockhold Circular. Are you doing this walk too?
Pleas let me know as soon as you can, sorry this is SO late
Yes, and as often as you like!

Our walk's don't have leaders, so the walk poster doesn't necessarily do the walk. As we don't do prior reservations, its pot luck how many turn up.

Saturday's walks has 14, 16, 30 (a holiday) & 10

My extensive network of spies has notified me there were 9 (+ 1 woofer) on this walk. Some, apparently, were refugees from the hot and sunny conditions expected on the Deal Dover walk.
Sun, 07-May-17 8

Sunday Walk: Knockholt. Who's there? Knockholt Circular!

Knockholt Circular: SWC Walk 7
20km 12.2 miles
Difficulty: 5/10
A pretty, rural walk, teetering on the edge of zone 6. Hilly bits, good views and, in spring, wild flowers and bluebell woods. Shortly after lunch, you pass Down House, once home to Charles Darwin. It is open to visitors (Admission £11:80).
Trains: Get the 10:06 Sevenoaks train from Charing Cross (10:13 London Bridge, 10:23 Lewisham, 10:29 Hither Green) arriving Knockholt at 11:00.
You can also get the 10:25 Hastings train and change onto the above at Orpington (platform 5) but the connection is a bit tight (arr 10:50, dep 10:54).
Trains return at xx:28 and xx:58. You can save 12 minutes by changing to a faster train at Orpington (platform 2). It is within London Zone 6, so a zones 1-6 travelcard would do. Otherwise, get a return to Knockholt.
Lunch: The Queens Head, Downe (01689)852145 or the George and Dragon (01689) 889030 across the road.
Tea: Arthur's at Coolings Garden Centre is almost on the route but closes early (4:15 on the dot).
A diversion to the Cock Inn in Halstead (see text) is another possibility.
To get to the station, allow 45 mins from Coolings and 30 mins from the Cock Inn.
Walk Directions here
8 attended. Cloudy most of the day, sunny late afternoon.
8 cloudy most of the day sunny late afternoon
Wed, 22-Feb-17 20

Wednesday Walk - Knockholt Circular

Length: 19.6 km (12.2 mi)
Ascent/Descent: 390m
Net Walking Time: 4 ½ - 5 hours
Toughness: 5 out of 10
Take the 10.06 Sevenoaks train from Charing Cross (W’loo East 10.09, LBG 10.14, Hither Green 10.24, …, Orpington 10.43), arrives Knockholt 10.49. [If you miss the 10.06, take the 10.15 Hastings train to Orpington and you have 3 minutes there to change trains…] Knockholt is within London Transport Zone 6, so a one-day off-peak Travelcard is an option.
Return trains are on xx.12 and xx.42.
Despite its starting point being within London Travelcard Zone 6, this is a completely rural walk, passing through a succession of lovely open fields, and through a number of woods. After lunch there is the opportunity to visit Down House, the home of Charles Darwin, the naturalist.

This walk has not been posted for 2 ½ years, and not been walk-checked for 6 years, we’ll take the opportunity…
Lunch is either at the The Queens Head (food to 16.00) or at The George & Dragon (food all day), both in Downe (8.1 km/5.0 mi).
For tea, it’s either Arthur's Coffee Shop & Restaurant in Rushmore Hill (2.9 km from the end, open to 16.45),
or The Rose and Crown in Halstead (2.5 km from the end, 500m off route and under new management, now with more emphasis on Real Ales apparently).
For walk directions, map, height profile, some photos, a video and gpx/kml files click here.t=swc.7
Next Week: Book 2 Walk 12 ab Guildford Circular with Hog's Back Start
20 on this walk including one late starter and one who parked somewhere and was with us at lunch and for a while after. There was a brief flicker of sun as we got off the train, but alas, it was not to be. Instead we had drizzle with increasing showers, the latter after lunch. On the plus side it was mild and really nothing like as muddy as it ought to have been.

Springlike signs were there for the sharp eyed and eared. I was almost certainly the only person to be excited by seeing dog's mercury shoots in the woods but a large flock of bleating and very pregnant ewes being led to the lambing shed promised happier times to come. Larks also sang along with song thrushes and one blackbird.

The George and Dragon in Downe was surprised to get a dozen of us for lunch "All I served yesterday was one cheese sandwich" the landlady was heard to say. But the kitchen still produced tasty food with decent despatch and at rock bottom prices. Some also tried the Queen's Head, though if its most famous local (one N Farage Esq) was there, I do not know.

In the afternoon I got left behind and so took a short cut to tea. Five or six others penetrated the many zones of Cooling's Nursery to join me in its very nice cafe. Later some tried both the Cock Inn and the Rose and Crown in Halstead. Both are locals pubs, though not unfriendly. The R&C is a 1970s time warp but had good beer, the cognoscenti tell me. A nun at the next table seemed to be enjoying it too. The four of us who sampled its wares walked in the dark across the golf course to get the 18.43 train, the extraordinary glow of London on the horizon producing an effect a little like pale moonlight.
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