Rock Inn, Hoath Corner

19-Jun-09 • Sean O'Neill

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River Eden near Penshurst

02-Jun-13 • Sean O'Neill

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Old farm buildings at Wat Stock (trompe-l'oeil)

20-Jun-09 • Sean O'Neill

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Entrance to Penshurst Place

05-Jul-09 • Sean O'Neill

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Fleur-de-lis, Leigh

30-May-10 • Sean O'Neill

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Institute Cottage, Leigh

30-May-10 • Sean O'Neill

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Restored water pump, Leigh

30-May-10 • Sean O'Neill

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Leigh and Penshurst walk

The Eden valley, Penshurst Place and a rural pub for lunch.

Hiking Weather

10 Day Forecast for NR-LIH


Overnight showers and feeling colder. Sunshine for Thursday.

This Evening and Tonight:

Dry, clear and colder conditions spreading to all parts through the evening, once early rain clears London and Kent. Becoming cloudier and breezier around midnight, with occasionally heavy and perhaps wintry showers arriving. Minimum Temperature 1C.


Feeling colder on Thursday with occasionally heavy and possibly wintry showers soon clearing to sunshine. Frost developing quickly overnight. Winds easing. Maximum Temperature 5C.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday:

Dry, cold and bright start to Friday with rain and sleet reaching far west and spreading east overnight. Cold and cloudy Saturday, turning drier. Sunday brighter but possible sleet later.

Day 6 to 15

Cold weather will predominate throughout and Monday will start with a widespread frost. Most places will probably be dry and bright during the day but rain showers are likely in the southeast at first. It will be windy in northwest Scotland, with blustery showers and further snow on hills. The showers may well spread further south and east on Tuesday. These are likely to bring hill snow to many areas, and perhaps some snow at low levels for a time. The timing of this is quite uncertain though. Unsettled and generally cold weather will continue, bringing rain, sleet and sometimes snow. Snow is possible anywhere but more likely over northern and eastern areas and over high ground. Overnight frosts remain likely.

Day 16 to 30

Cold and sometimes very cold weather will still be in place for the extended outlook. It will be changeable though, especially at first, with spells of strong winds and rain, turning to snow at times. Overnight frosts will be common and widespread. Snow will mainly affect higher ground in the north, but there will be a higher risk than usual of snow at lower levels, even in the south. The details of any disruptive snow remains uncertain. With easterly winds predominating, the driest and brightest weather is likely in the northwest. Short milder and wetter interludes are possible too, most likely in the south, but with these comes an increased risk of snow and ice further north.

Met Office : SE : 2019-01-16T13:41:00