Lenham to Charing walk

A tranquil walk along the North Downs


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  • Lenham to Bearstead. 31/5/19.
    amib, Jun-19

    This was a very pleasant 14.5 miler (likely 13.5 miles had this walker not had to detour!) in the North Downs area of Kent. The video is also longer than usual.

    Starting out from Lenham station, the walker is soon in familiar territory to reach the North Downs way. Here, there's the option to go on to Charing, or, in this case, to Hollingbourne or Bearstead. The journey to the latter is very decent indeed, even under cloudy skies. There's field boundaries, quiet lanes, woods and greenways. A number of the many stiles have been removed.

    Lunch is had next to the pub at Ringlestone, which is currently closed. An alternative, not shown on the OS map, is passed shortly afterwards in Wormshill.

    The section after, south of Saywell Farm, under the HV pylons, included an area of electric fences that meant a circuitous diversion. This had an impact on finding the entrance to the wood at Cooper's Farm, and, so, lost time.

    There's more tranquil woodland and Down land walking before reaching the North Downs Way again. Here, the decision can be made to finish at Hollingbourne, or, extend the walk by around 4 miles to Bearstead. This extension is highly recommended, preferably via the North Downs Way, though a Pilgrim's Way version is filmed here.

    The path across the final Barley field into Bearstead hadn't been reinstated, but it was possible to reach the station.

    A very good walk, particularly after the sun came out, with a nice variety of scenery. The notes, however, could do with an update after 4 years.