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SWC Walk 10 - Little Kimble to Saunderton

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Autumn in the woods 2

Little Kimble to Saunderton

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2 horses

Little Kimble to Saunderton

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Bluebells in Bradenham Beeches

SWC Walk 10 - Little Kimble to Saunderton

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Saunderton, from Bradenham Beeches

SWC Walk 10 - Little Kimble to Saunderton

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Trees, view

Little Kimble to Saunderton

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Tree in path

Little Kimble to Saunderton

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Little Kimble to Saunderton walk

Easy Chilterns walk with lunch at a favourite inn of the poet Rupert Brooke


This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

Date # Post
Sat, 21-Oct-17 14

Saturday Walk A Chilterns Combo (Saunderton to Wendover)

SWC 10 (in reverse)/Book 1 Walk 52: Through the turning beech woods and over the rolling Chiltern Hills from Saunderton to Wendover T=swc.10

Train: Take the 9:13 AM Aylesbury train from London Marylebone to Saunderton, arriving at 9:55. Late risers who prefer a shorter walk can take the 10:43 AM Banbury train from London Marylebone to Princes Risborough, arriving at 11:27 and just do Book 1 Walk 52 in its entirety. If all goes smoothly you should rendez-vous with the Saunderton starters at the Plough – probably arriving about 20 minutes before the earlier starters. Return trains from Wendover are at 23 and 53 minutes past the hour until 22:23. Buy a day return to Aylesbury.

Distance: 14ish miles or 22.5ish km for those more metrically minded and 8.4 miles/13.5 km for the later/shorter route.

Difficulty: 7 out of 10 (6 out of 10 for the shorter option)

As something a bit different in the Chilterns, I thought this combination of two trusted favorites would make an enjoyable extended foray through the Chiltern hills and woods. We will set off doing SWC 10 in reverse from Saunderton to Lower Cadsden for lunch. After lunch, we will swap over to the instructions for Book 1 Walk 52 to complete our journey from Lower Cadsden to Wendover. Both morning and afternoon routes pass through beech woods which should hopefully be tinting nicely. The walk also includes a couple of nice panoramic views from which to survey the surrounding autumnal countryside. More information and the instructions can be found here and here. Don't forget both sets of instructions and it will also be useful to print the map for the morning section!

Lunch will be at the Plough in Lower Cadsden (01844 343 302), a popular pub. If numbers are very large, some could also have an early lunch at the Pink & Lily in Parslows Hillock. Recommended tea places in Wendover include Rumsey's Chocolaterie open until 18:00 (on the High Street about 5 minutes from the station) and the Shoulder of Mutton Pub (next to the station).

Enjoy the walk!
This walk sounds very interesting and I am keen to do the full 14 miles. I know the weather is light rain but rather windy. Any takers?

At least three of us will be doing the longer (main) option, whatever the weather....(though let's hope it is not too horrid...)
Great and see yo all at Marylebone train station for 09.15 train. Looking forward for some autumn colours and fungi spotting too.

The weather looks better in The Chilterns. Two of us intend to do the late start short cut. Anyone else interested?
Hoping to do the shorter option
Karen thanks very much the walk it was a lovely walk and we escape the 'so called storm Brian'. Sorry I had to dash off in the end and caught the 16.53 train with 2 minute to spare.

Thanks for the company guys.

So after all the hoo ha about Storm Brian it was a perfectly nice day, mostly only a bit breezy, with stronger gusts just once or twice, good amounts of sun, especially in the morning, one shower near the start “nothing out of the ordinary for October” as the BBC forecast finally said the night before, after a week of much more apocalyptic warnings that probably put off a lot of walkers for this and other walks today.

Still, 8 turned out for the longer Saunderton start and 6 for the shorter Princes Risborough one, so 14 in all. Two faster walkers on the Saunderton start soon whizzed off and were lost to history. The rest of us met up with the Princes Risborough group in the Plough Inn and walked together with them in the afternoon.

The longer, combo walk worked very well. Doing the walk directions backwards occasionally led to some minor detours beechwoods are in any case rather confusing but we managed well enough, aided by map, gps and fuzzy memories from doing the walk before in the normal direction. It was quite a long morning (for the record we got to the pub at 1.30pm). The Plough is now smart and efficient under Chinese ownership an omen for the future, perhaps. For those who do not yet know, David Cameron (remember him?) took Chinese President Xi there for a pint. It thus has become a place of pilgrimage for the Chinese (I kid you not), was bought by the a Chinese company, and a complete copy of the place has now been erected in China. The food was very nice and the service cheerful. Perhaps a world dominated by China won’t be so bad after all....

In the afternoon we passed Cameron’s former country estate: some walkers stepped off the path here to be photographed beyond the signs saying that if you step off the path you are breaking the terrorism act or somesuch. Let’s hope they don’t put the pictures on social media or they might be getting a visit from Special Branch.

The beechwoods on this walk were still green at path level but lots of treetops (particularly ash) were bare when seen from above. Enough bits and pieces of other autumn colour to make it interesting. Coombe Hill was cold and windy as it always is. The cakes in Rumseys were as chocolatey as ever and the Shoulder of Mutton was cosy and christmasy. Conoisseurs went to both.

We talked of many things Brexit, how best to learn Italian, whether it is OK to vote on Strictly when you did not get home in time to watch all the performances... We got a train home at whatever time we did. It was dark anyway. news/2016/dec/06/chinese firm pub david cameron xi jinping pint plough cadsden
The two fast walkers arrived at the Plough same time as the late risers and had lunch together, then sped off again before the slow party from the early group arrived at the pub.
mostly sunny and breezy with Storm Brian
failing to make an appearance
Wed, 19-Apr-17 13

Wednesday Walk - Something New: an early start (with later option), Chiltern Hills and Woods with a very nice pub

SWC Walk 10 Little Kimble to Saunderton
Length: 17.3 km (10.8 mi)
Ascent/Descent: 400/385m; Net Walking Time: 4 ½ hours
Toughness: 4/10
Take the 09.15 Aylesbury train from Marylebone, arrives Little Kimble 10.04. [Full Price £21.20, with SRC etc. £14.00]. For a later start (but with a much longer journey): 10.13 Aylesbury train, change at Aylesbury onto the 11.29 Marylebone service (via Princes Risborough), arrives 11.37.
Return trains from Saunderton are on 15.50 (48 mins), 15.53 (76 mins), 16.50 (49 mins), 17.26 (44 mins), 18.26 (42 mins) etc. Buy a Little Kimble return.
This is a little gem of a walk, showing all the characteristics of the Chiltern range of hills. In particular, there are lots of fine beech woods on the walk, which show display vibrant autumn colours in late October or early November. But more importantly this time of year: several of the woods, particularly in the later part of the walk, also have bluebells. The walk is not all wooded, however, and has some good open stretches and a number of fine views. Though the terrain is gently undulating most of the time, gradients are in general not taxing.
Note: there are many paths in the woods, more than on the OS maps, so taking a compass is recommended.

Lunch: The Pink & Lily, Parslow's Hillock (7.8 km/4.8 mi), a favourite inn of the poet Rupert Brooke. This pub has gone through a welcome transition to a walker-friendly, yet nicely refurbished bright pub with an interesting good quality menu and long weekday lunch hours (last food orders 14.45). For the late starters, The Plough at Cadsden is an early option.
Tea: The Golden Cross, which usually has a fine selection of cakes and serves proper tea.

For summary, map, height profile, some photos, walk directions and gpx/kml files click here.T=swc.10

Next Week: Tuesday SWC 8 Billingshurst to Amberley & Wednesday Book 1 Walk 9 Shiplake to Henley
getting the later starting train in accordance with swc midweek walks tradition ! anyone else?
8 walkers off the early train in brilliant sunshine, which stayed with us all day. 1 more was met at the lunch pub, she had driven to Saunderton but arrived too late to catch the scheduled train due to the rush hour traffic, so made her way to the pub by foot and bus to pick up the walk there. 1 of us was 'on call' and unfortunately got that 'call' some time between ordering lunch and getting it. He had to call a taxi to get to work.
As for the walk: a nicely undulating route through very quiet countryside, with a fair mix of varied woods, with the sun breaking through the tops, very pretty indeed.
We arrived at the pub bang on 12 o'clock, so were the first to order food, but it still took an age to arrive. So much so that the 4 who took the later train arrived before we had left. They were helped by their own ingenuity in getting off the Aylesbury train at Monks Risborough and improvising an alternative start for the walk (rather than travelling all the way to Aylesbury and then back to Little Kimble).
The afternoon route had some very pretty valleys and more woods to offer, incl. 1 that was dominated by blue carpets in every direction (not quite at their best yet), before the final prolonged descent to Saunderton. 3 paid a visit to the Golden Cross's sunny back garden for tea & cake and/or beer. The rest went for the 15.50 train. 13
Sun, 23-Oct-16

Sunday walk 1 Autumn in the Chilterns

Little Kimble to Saunderton SWC walk 10
17 km 10.6 miles
Difficulty 5/10
This chilterns walk is good for autumn colour, particularly in Monkton Wood. Lets hope there is some. Starts off flat, ends hilly.
Train: Get the 10:13 Aylesbury train from Marylebone, arriving Little Kimble at 11:08.
Trains return from Saunderton direct at xx:50, platform 2.
If missed you can take the xx:54 from platform 1 and change at Princes Risborough for the next London train.
Get a return to Little Kimble.
Lunch: The Pink and Lily 01494 489 857 (a pub once favoured by Rupert Brooke).
An earlier option would be the Plough 01844 343 302 (where David Cameron left his daughter).
Tea: The Golden Cross pub is handy for the station.
Walk Directions: here
There are one or two navigational challenges en route. The notes recommend using a compass but here’s a couple of Mr Tiger's Tips to see you through.
In the woods shortly after lunch (Monkton Wood), keep to the track at the right hand edge – this track is not obvious on entering the wood but is plain sailing once you're on it.
Later in the walk, 450 metres after point [12] "by the corner of wire mesh fencing, 20 metres to your right" your route is onward down the escarpment to a wooden gate. Use the path slightly to your left to get down.
Sat, 13-Feb-16 4

Third walk

SWC Walk 10 - Little Kimble to Saunderton
Length: 16.6 km (9.9 miles). Toughness: 3/10

Take the 9:13 train from London Marylebone to Little Kimble, arriving 10:10. Buy a day return to Little Kimble. Return trains from Saunderton: xx:50 until 21:50, 23:00. T=swc.10

Intend going.
4 of us on this walk (2 catching up later on) drizzle all day. Great lunch at the Pink & Lily, ending with drinks at the Golden Cross. The walk directions held up well vs. last time walked / checked in 2009.

The good news is that the Black Lion re opened quite a while back summer 2011 I had assumed that it had gone for good as is so often the case. So a possible v. late lunch stop for this walk or an earlier lunch stop to be re inserted for CW2 walk 3.
Sun, 01-Nov-15 5

Sunday Second Walk - Chiltern beech woods

Extra Walk 10, Little Kimble to Saunderton
Length: 16km (9.9 miles) Toughness: 4/10

10:10 Banbury train from Marylebone, changing at Princes Risborough (arr 10:53, dep 11:00) arriving at Little Kimble at 11:07.

Return trains from Saunderton to Marylebone are at xx:59 (journey time 46 minutes).

Although there are no direct trains to Little Kimble on Sundays at present, the outward journey with a change takes only two minutes longer than normal.

This is a gentle Chilterns walk through some fine beech woods which should be displaying splendid autumn colours right now. There are also some good open stretches and a number of fine views>

Lunch is at one of the poet Rupert Brooke’s favourite inns, the Pink & Lily (01494 489857) at Parslows Hillock, which serves food all afternoon on Sundays.

You will need to download the Walk Directions.
This is a lovely but fairly complex walk. Check out the walk comments for some useful info.
5 on this walk. A brilliantly sunny day with fog at the end in fact, a bit of a fog sandwich. It had lifted by the time we reached Little Kimble but returned again when we descended to Saunderton. If you haven't realised yet, we are having a good autumn. The woods were wonderful. Ablaze with colour caught by the low sunlight. Even more dramatic than Box Hill the day before. I took over 300 photos a record (don't worry I wont bore you with ALL of them, maybe just the best 100) There were some tricky bits, not helped by the leaf fall obscuring paths. A stretch I've previously crossed without problem sent me round in a circle! And there were a few of those moments when you feel you can't possibly still be on the right path but it turns out you are. And there was occasional mud. The Pink and Lily was fine but I think we was all sandwich eaters. We sat outside. Later, much later, on leaving the woods for the descent (top of last page) we were hit by a wall of inpenetrable fog. The other 4 elected to follow the official hilly home stretch (or their compasses and GPSes) to Saunderton. I didn't see them again. Doo doo doo doo. Doo doo doo doo. Mr Safe here decided to descend to the road and follow the pavement. This resulted in Mr Safe (just)catching the 16:59 and the others not catching it.
Sun, 14-Sep-14 7 Little Kimble to Saunderton
Sat, 16-Nov-13 17 Little Kimble to Saunderton
Sun, 14-Jul-13 4 Little Kimble to Saunderton
Sun, 19-Aug-12 Little Kimble to Saunderton, via Lacey Green
Mon, 09-Apr-12 Little Kimble to Saunderton, via Lacey Green
Sun, 06-Nov-11 Little Kimble to Saunderton
Sat, 22-Oct-11 Little Kimble to Saunderton
Sat, 21-May-11 Little Kimble to Saunderton, via Lacey Green
Sun, 25-Apr-10 Little Kimble to Saunderton, via Lacey Green
Sat, 05-Dec-09 Little Kimble to Saunderton
Wed, 07-Oct-09 Little Kimble to Saunderton
Wed, 04-Mar-09 Little Kimble to Princes Risborough
Sun, 22-Feb-09 Little Kimble to Saunderton
Mon, 05-May-08 Little Kimble to Saunderton
Sat, 23-Feb-08 Little Kimble to Saunderton
Sun, 26-Aug-07 Little Kimble to Saunderton
Sun, 18-Feb-07 Little Kimble to Saunderton