Llanvihangel Crucorney Circular via Bryn Arw and The Skirrid walk

Two easily accessible ridge walks south east of the Black Mountains, quiet pastures with views and a Michelin-starred lunch pub

Download GPS Route

These GPS files are free for non-commercial use only. Do not upload them to other websites. If you wish to use them commercially, please Contact Us

GPX for most apps and devices, including Orux

GPX (Garmin & OS Maps) simplified (single track with no options)

KML for Maps.me

Using GPS data

The best bit is the 'you are here' symbol on the map, and being able to zoom in to the actual path junction you are at! Its a real gamechanger for hiking.

  1. Install a map app on to your Android or iPhone device.
  2. Download a map of the UK (doing so is built in to the app). The apps work while you are out walking as the maps are stored on your device, i.e. they don't use 'data', and you don't need a signal.
  3. Download our GPS data, which is a route shown on the map.
  4. Taking a powerbank with you is highly recommended!

Bugs Older Garmin's cannot import the "routes" we use in our GPX files - try Garmin Basecamp, and the OS Maps website cannot import GPS files with more than 1 route. The "simplified" GPX files (with just 1 route, no options) works for both.

Apps - OS maps

OS Maps

android iPhone PC

OS Maps Online - a website for planning routes, and an android/iPhone app with OS 1:25K and 1:50K mapping. If you buy a paper map, you can use it in the app for free.

Not easy to recommend as downloading maps is a drag

Anquet OMN

android iPhone PC

Anquet OMN comes with an annual subscription for OS 1:25K and OS 1:50K mapping for Great Britain.

Apps - OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap is a global free alternative to OS maps. It's more accurate in places, but doesn't have rights of way information. Brilliant for when you go on holiday!

Maps.me free

android iPhone

Maps.me is a free Android and iPhone app. It uses OpenStreetMap maps, which are also free.

Easy to use. Works with our KML files. Doesn't have contours.

[2024] Gone downhill recently under its new owners

Orux Maps free


Orux Maps is a cheap Android map app. Use it with OpenStreetMap mapping (free). How to do this.

Excellent, but over-complicated to use. About £3 on Google Play, or a free version on the Oruxmaps website.

Other Apps

android iPhone

Many others, including:

Other options

This Website (and many others)


Use a website, e.g. this one, for viewing OS or OpenStreetMap maps (free).

Requires data/wifi access, so cannot reliably be used out walking.

Bing / Google Maps - satellite view.

Dedicated GPS Devices

Walker's GPS Device

These are out of fashion now as phone apps are so easy to use. They cost a few hundred pounds, and are more rugged and waterproof than a phone, and once you've brought them, you are stuck with buying the mapping for them. Serious mountaineers only.

Prices Updated: Mar 18