Merstham to Tattenham Corner walk

Viewpoints on the North Downs to start, a pub lunch in Mogador, and a London panorama from the Epsom Downs to finish.


This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

Date Option Post # Weather
Fri, 31-May-24 Oaks Day walk
Sat, 26-Aug-23 Merstham to Tattenham Corner or Tadworth - AGAIN!!! 13 showery
Sat, 10-Jun-23 Merstham to Tattenham Corner 9 reet hot but with a cooling breeze
Fri, 02-Jun-23 Oaks Day walk - cancelled
Sat, 08-Oct-22 Saturday Walk - Merstham to Tattenham Corner 7 sunny clear skies with some afternoon clouds
Mon, 29-Aug-22 Merstham to Tattenham Corner 7 cloudy at first then sunny later
Tue, 28-Dec-21 Merstham to Tattenham Corner - an easy but scenic walk to work off that nut roast 20 The sun came out in the afternoon
Wed, 19-May-21 Wednesday walk Merstham to Epsom - The North Downs Way, Gatton Park, Reigate Hill, Banstead Heath and Epsom Downs - on the Coal Tax Post Walk 12 mostly sunny with a light breeze and pleasantly warm
Sat, 07-Dec-19 Saturday walk - Merstham to Tattenham Corner 14 mild dry day
Sun, 11-Nov-18 c Sunday Walk – Banstead Heath and the Langley Wood Remembrance Trail 10 dry and partly sunny
Sat, 03-Feb-18 Saturday walk - Merstham to Tattenham Corner - grand views and a racecourse 19 Another soggy Saturday
Sun, 21-May-17 A day (nearly) at the races
Sun, 07-Aug-16 Sunday Walk 2 – the North Downs ridge 8 hot and humid
Sat, 16-Jan-16 a Saturday First Walk - Epsom Downs 26 strong low sun and a cold clear day
Sun, 16-Nov-14 ? Merstham to Tattenham Corner, with alt. route and shorter ending
Sun, 16-Nov-14 Merstham to Tattenham Corner 12
Sat, 25-Jan-14 Merstham to Tattenham Corner 14
Sun, 07-Jul-13 ? Tattenham Corner to Merstham 0
Sun, 30-Dec-12 b Tattenham Corner (short circular walk, omitting Mogador)
Sun, 08-Apr-12 a Tattenham Corner (circular walk)
Wed, 18-Jan-12 Merstham to Tattenham Corner
Sun, 24-Jul-11 Merstham to Tattenham Corner
Sat, 11-Dec-10 b Tattenham Corner (short circular walk, omitting Mogador)
Sun, 28-Nov-10 c Merstham to Tadworth
Fri, 01-Jan-10 ? Merstham to Tattenham Corner, with shorter ending
Fri, 05-Jun-09 ? Merstham to Tattenham Corner
Sat, 22-Nov-08 Merstham to Tattenham Corner
Fri, 06-Jun-08 ? Merstham to Tattenham Corner
Sun, 04-May-08 Merstham to Tattenham Corner
Thu, 27-Dec-07 ? Merstham to Tattenham Corner
Wed, 17-Oct-07 Merstham to Tattenham Corner
Sat, 24-Feb-07 Merstham to Tattenham Corner
Wed, 01-Nov-06 Merstham to Tattenham Corner
Fri, 31-May-24 : Oaks Day walk ?
SWC Walk 4 - Merstham to Epsom Downs
Length: 17.25km (10.7 miles)
Catch the 10:08 train from London Victoria, arrives Merstham 10:42.
It is advised to try and set off after lunch at 14:00 or soon after so as to allow adequate time to reach Epsom Downs Racecourse before The Oaks at 16:30.
The racecourse is in a public area - thus there is no charge to watch the race. (Ref. Walk notes "The public footpaths across Epsom Downs Racecourse are kept open on some race days, but since 2016 they have been closed during major events and for several hours before and after.) " -

Length: 17.3 km (10.7 miles), with shorter option of 11.8 km (7.3 miles) to Tadworth. T=swc.4
10.00 train from London Bridge (10.16 from East Croydon) to Merstham, arriving 10.29
Best ticket: Merstham is annoyingly one stop outside zone 6. You can use Oyster (and contactless) but you get charged full fare with no railcard discounts. Best buy a one stop extension from Coulsdon South.
At the end of the walk, Tattenham Corner and Tadworth are in zone six
For walk directions click here, for GPX click here, for a map of the route click here.
Acting in loco stargazerensis, I have been asked to post a walk to coincide with [a certain social event] this evening, which, combined with the RMT strike, somewhat constrains my choices. So apologies for a repeat post for this walk which last had an outing in June.
It is not a second best option, however, as in its early stages it climbs to a beautiful downland escarpment with wonderful views - possibly the best North Downs view of all - which should also still have some good wildflowers and few remaining butterflies. The less scenic part after lunch crosses green fields and woods to Epsom Racecourse, which out of season looks like some great ruin of a former civilisation.
Lunch is available after 5 miles or so at the Sportsman in Mogador or there are further options a bit later in Walton. Quite early in the walk there is also a charming tea kiosk on Reigate Hill, worth a stop for a coffee. At the end of the walk you will probably be rushing to get the last train, but there is a pub and a tea kiosk if you have time for refreshments.
A shorter option, if you are in even more of a rush, ends at Tadworth (7.3 miles)
Trains back from Tattenham Corner are at 01 and 31 past the hour and from Tadworth at 05 and 35 past. Due to strike action, the last train is at 18.01 from Tattenham Corner, 18.05 from Tadworth.
All these trains stop at Coulsdon Town - *** except the last one ***: ie the last one to Coulsdon Town is 17.31 from Tattenham Corner and 17.35 from Tadworth

** Return train information is correct as of 22/8/23: I advise you to double check on the day **
  • 23-Aug-23

    Just wondering how the train strike will affect this walk and especially anyone going to Coulsdon afterwards and their journey home in the evening. I have no southwest trains to get home but if people can travel to Kingston then the 65 bus would take them to Richmond for the tube or Overground. Or a bus to Croydon could link to Canada Water and onward north and east if tubes and overground are running.

  • 23-Aug-23

    Hi Marion,

    If you're worried about being in time for the last train from Tadworth/ Tattenham Corner you could do the walk in reverse and finish at Merstham. That way, if you miss the last train at Merstham, TFL bus 405 is a 20 minute journey to Coulsdon and Oyster cards are valid.

    For travel from Coulsdon, I think the best information is at as it takes into account all forms of transport that are running on the day.

  • 23-Aug-23

    The rail strike will affect this walk in the way specified in the walk post, which gives the last trains from Tattenham Corner and Tadworth.

    As for getting back later from Coulsdon, that is beyond my remit as a walk poster, but various ideas have been discussed and will I am sure be shared among other participants at the event.

  • 26-Aug-23

    12 gathered on Merstham station and one joined us a little way into the walk, making 13 (lucky for some) on this walk, plus a well-behaved dog. The weather was showery . Not that much rain in total, I suppose, but some impressive clouds.

    What to say? A nice walk up onto the Reigate and Colley Hill, with its magnificent view. The pub in Mogador was empty, though filled up later, so perhaps we were just early. Five or six of us ate. Others had sandwiches outside in the sun - I was a bit jealous, though Iater it rained (probably the heaviest of the day) and I was less jealous.

    After lunch, flowery fields - except it was late August and most of the flowers were over. As a note to future walk posters it would be a lovely walk in July or early August.

    After some inadvertent (but minor) deviations from the walk route, we got to Epsom Downs, where the view over London was enlivened by incredibly gloomy cloud, though we were in sun. Some of us had tea at the kiosk, one or two went to the pub. We were 25 minutes early for the 5pm train, but it was at the platform, so we sat on it chatting.

Sat, 10-Jun-23 : Merstham to Tattenham Corner 9
Length: 17.3 km (10.7 miles), with options of 11.8 km (7.3 miles) to Tadworth, or 18.3 km (11.3 miles) to Epsom T=SWC.4
10.00 Thameslink train from London Bridge (you can also get this train at 9.45 from St Pancras, 9.37 Finsbury Park or 10.17 from East Croydon) to Merstham, arriving 10.32
Best ticket: Merstham is annoyingly one stop outside zone 6. You can use Oyster (and contactless) but you get charged full fare with no railcard discounts. Best buy a one stop extension from Coulsdon South. At the end of the walk, Tattenham Corner, Tadworth and Epsom Downs stations are in zone six, but Epsom is now designated zone nine: this means you can use Oyster (and contactless) or a zone 1-9 travelcard, but LT free travel passes are not valid (you would have to pay for a one stop ticket to Ewell East or West: and this station DOES have barriers...).
For walk directions click here, for GPX click here, for a map of the route click here.
This walk often gets trotted out in winter, but deserves a June outing. In its early stages it climbs to a beautiful downland escarpment with wonderful views (and perhaps some nice flowers and butterflies). The less scenic part after lunch crosses green fields - my records say these are good for buttercups, which are now at their best - and also goes past a World War I centenary wood, which this year seems to be over-run with ox-eye daisies. Finally you get to Epsom Racecourse, which out of season (ie most of the year) looks like some great ruin of a former civilisation.
Lunch is available after 5 miles or so at the Sportsman in Mogador (or Mogadishu as the spellchecker insists on calling it) or there are further options a bit later in Walton. Quite early in the walk there is also a charming tea kiosk on Reigate Hill, worth a stop for a coffee. At the end, as well as sundry pubs (see the walk home page), there is a nicely situated tea kiosk by the racecourse.
Options include to extend the walk at the end down to Epsom (11.3 miles) or Epsom Downs station (10.8 miles), or to shorten the walk by finishing at Tadworth (7.3 miles)
Trains back from Tattenham Corner are at 15 and 45 past the hour and from Tadworth at 19 and 49 past. From Epsom there are six trains an hour, going variously to Waterloo, Victoria and London Bridge, while from Epsom Downs station there are trains at 08 and 38 to Victoria, taking an hour.
  • 11-Jun-23

    I'd forgotten how pleasant this walk was ... through Gatton Park and up to the Downs escarpment with its magnificent views to the south. The first day it truly felt like summer with plenty of wooded areas and hedge lined paths providing an interlude from the direct sun. A cooling breeze oop top helped keep the heat bearable The morning's cloudless sky was later replaced with a few white fluffy clouds tempering the heat a little more.

    Well done to Walker for selecting this walk and oh, the metrics, 7 gathered at the station and were joined by a SB walker (they were doing a walk later on from the same station) and a latecomer meant 9 and the weather? reet hot but with a cooling breeze

Fri, 02-Jun-23 : Oaks Day walk - cancelled ?
SWC Walk - Merstham to Epsom Downs
Length: 17.25km (10.7 miles)
Toughness 4/10
Catch the 10:08 train from London Victoria, arrives Merstham 10:41.
After lunch it is advised to try and set off at 14:00 or soon after so as to allow adequate time to reach Epsom Downs Racecourse before The Oaks at 16:30. The racecourse is in a public area, so you may watch the Oaks for free.
(Ref. Walk notes "The public footpaths across Epsom Downs Racecourse are kept open on some race days, but since 2016 they have been closed during major events (and for several hours before and after."))
Friday 19th May update: Unfortunately a new RMT day strike has been added for Friday 2nd June. National Rail advise to check the journey closer to the date of travel.
Regrettably this walk is cancelled due to rail strike action. Thameslink write:

Epsom Derby Friday 2 & Saturday 3 June. There will be NO train service at Tattenham Corner, Epsom Downs or Epsom on either day. These stations will be closed.
Industrial action will affect travel to the Epsom Derby Festival

Really unfortunate for those who are attending the days races; for us it is after all just a walk with the added bonus of catching the Oaks.

Length: 10.7 miles, 17km. 4 out of 10.
Note that today is open to trains being cancelled & you should check before travel, but these are confirmed in the Journey Planner. Also, I'm away for the weekend, so may not be able to make any updates. I'm also aware that it was posted in August, but needs must... Also apologies to Sean for any clash with Sunday.
Trains: Get the 1000 Thameslink Three Bridges train from London Bridge, (East Croydon 1016) arriving 1029. Return trains from Tattenham Corner are xx01 & xx31, with the last train at 18.01.
Lunch: "The suggested lunch pub (after 8 km from Merstham) is The Sportsman (01737-224950) in Mogador. On the edge of Banstead Heath, it has a large beer garden and serves a good selection of freshly-cooked food, including burgers and pizzas."
Tea: Probably not a day to hang around, but you could grab a takeaway at the Downs Lunch Box kiosk (open daily), or relax in the large Tattenham Corner Beefeater (you can just have drinks in the bar), with its fine views over the racecourse. There are a few more places in the parade of shops beyond the station, such as the Silver Spoon Diner open to 5pm.
  • 08-Oct-22

    7 .5 - 7 met at the station with one met us for lunch (hence the 0.5).

    2 completed the official walk with the others heading to Tadworth after stopping at The Bell pub for a drink.

    sunny clear skies with some afternoon clouds

Mon, 29-Aug-22 : Merstham to Tattenham Corner 7
Walk 3 - 4 Merstham to Tattenham Corner (Main Walk)
Main Walk: 17¼ km (10.7 miles)
Toughness: 4 out of 10
Or London Victoria Reigate service at 10:09 arriving at Merstham at 10:44 (Clapham Junction 10:16, East Croydon 10:27). Please wait a few minutes at Merstham for the London Bridge train to arrive.
Return trains from Tattenham Corner are at xx.09 and xx.39.
Towards the end of the walk, you could choose to return from Tattenham Corner, shortcut to Tadworth or extend a bit to Epsom or Epsom Downs, in which case you'd need to check the train times for those options.

Lunch options:
Mogador, The Sportsman (01737-246655)
35 mins later at Walton on the Hill. The Blue Ball (01737-819003) Village Café (01737-814171)
If not stopping for tea at the Village Cafe (see above), there are a variety of other places to stop.
You'll need to bring your own directions, which you can find on this walk's webpage.
Transport: Oyster PAYG is the most convenient option for this walk but if you choose to buy a Zones 1-6 Travelcard or have a Freedom Pass you will need an extension ticket if you travel out to Merstham or return from Epsom L=swc.4
  • 29-Aug-22

    2 of us at Merstham, will start walking, may see you at lunchtime in the pub.

  • 29-Aug-22

    Trains from London Bridge are delayed


  • 29-Aug-22

    Is anyone else in London Bridge station waiting to see if the 11 am train ( bye 11.12) will be stopping in Mertsham ?

  • 29-Aug-22

    Are you on a train Gabriella? We're not far from Merstham station, can wait if you're coming.

  • 29-Aug-22

    There's horse racing at Epsom Downs today (1st race 2.05, last 5.35). The public footpaths across the course are closed on Derby Day but might be kept open today between the races. Any feedback would be appreciated.

  • 30-Aug-22

    7 walkers cloudy at first then sunny later

    Yes, the footpaths across the course were open between races (with marshals present on the gates). Our resident racing expert said this is the usual practice, possibly excepting Derby Day.

Length: 17.3km (10.2 miles), with longer Epsom finish of 18.3km (11.3 miles) and shorter Tadworth one of 11.8km (7.3 miles)
10.00 Thameslink train** from London Bridge (9.38 Finsbury Park, 9.45 St Pancras International, 10.16 East Croydon), arriving Merstham 10.28

** Some train cancellations on Thameslink due to Covid-induced staff shortages are possible: if the 10.00 is not running, get the 10.30. If both are cancelled, we could meet by the ticket office at London Bridge at 10.15 and pick another place to walk...

Best ticket: Tattenham Corner and Tadworth are in zone six: Merstham and Epsom one stop outside it (and on completely different lines from each other). Oyster pay-as-you-go can be used at all four stations. It is a bank holiday today, so you get full discount on Network Cards (ie no £13 minimum).

For walk directions* click here (* click on the section headings for a brief summary of the route - quite useful with a map), for GPX click here, for a map of the route click here.
At the time of writing, the future is uncertain....but assuming we are permitted to do it, this is a delightful and easy excursion along the North Downs escarpment and then inland up to Epsom Racecourse, including the magnificent view from Colley Hill, perhaps the best North Downs panorama of all.
Lunch pubs, if such things are still allowed, are available after 5 miles in Mogador (which sounds like a location in Lord of the Rings...) or 35 minutes later in Walton-on-the-Hill (which sounds like a folksy 1970s US sitcom): the latter also has a cafe, which may or may not be open. Not mentioned in the walk directions, as far as I can see, there is a rather superior tea kiosk next to the car park on Reigate Hill, about 2 miles into the walk, that has some nice food options (and outside tables) - if it is open today. Colley Hill is a stunning place for a picnic.
You can end the walk either in Tadworth (after 7.3 miles) Tattenham Corner (after 10.2 miles) or Epsom (11.3 miles): see below for train details. See the walk home page for the various tea/drinks options of these endings. There is sometimes a tea van (or is it a kiosk?) by the Epsom Racecourse at the Tattenham Corner end.
Trains back from Tattenham Corner are at 14 and 44 past, but seem to require a change in Purley today due to engineering works. Tadworth is served by the same train at 18 and 48 past.
Trains back from Epsom are at 19 and 49 past to Waterloo or 24 and 53 past to London Bridge. T=swc.4
  • 20-Dec-21

    If The Sportsman is covid closed, The Blue Ball in Walton on the Hill (and on the route) may be open. Under new management these days after a long closure.

  • 27-Dec-21

    In the unlucky scenario where both 10.00 and 10.30 trains to Merstham fall victim to the pingdemic, one option would be to do the walk in reverse - trains are scheduled from London Bridge tomorrow to both Epsom and Tattenham Corner.

    I'm planning to meet the group at Merstham rather than go into London Bridge so I will keep an eye on the walk comments for any updates.

  • 28-Dec-21

    The train was not cancelled and 20 gathered at the start of this walk. We set off at a brisk pace, leaving behind some newbies who had gone to the loo (sorry about that)

    It was a bit rainy to start, but soon stopped. The M25 made its pleasing Niagara Falls sound. The tea kiosk on Reigate Hill was swiftly passed (though I later heard that two behind us stopped there for food). Everyone ignored the fine view from Colley Hill and hurried on to Mogador (take two, three times a day….)

    A table for eight was secured in the cosy pub, while five sat at outside tables to have sandwiches. I hesitated between these two worlds, but in the end the lure of my Waitrose tuna and sweetcorn on granary proved irresistible. Halfway though lunch I noticed there was a tea kiosk, cunningly hid behind a tree, so I got a cup of tea from there. The newbies caught us up and had sandwiches.

    I went into the pub to find eight dining there at a socially distanced table. The food looked very nice. Alarmingly all the talk was of Tadworth endings. I pleaded. I wept. I cajoled. Finally another proposed reversing the circular walk route to Tattenham Corner and this plan was adopted by us all.

    This route proved very pretty - nicer, dare I say it?, than the main walk route. It did, however, bypass Walton, which is why we never picked up the two sandwichers who had stopped in the pub there to await us (sorry again: my bad, as the young say).

    The sun came out in the afternoon , which was an unexpected treat. Not clear blue skies, but shafts of glorious gold. Quite a lift to the spirit.

    At Tattenham Corner most went straight to the train even though it was only 3.15 and still sort-of sunny. Two of us carried on (via the tea hut in my case) to see the view from Epsom Downs and then walk down the pleasant lane to Epsom town. On the station, awaiting the 16.24 to London Bridge, we saw (but did not speak to) the three newbies, so at least five of us completed that route.

SWC Walk 4 - Merstham to Epsom (or Tattenham Corner)

Length: 18.25 km (11.3 miles) or 17 km (10.6 miles) to Tattenham Corner Shorter options available
Toughness: 4 out of 10
London Victoria: 10-09 hrs Southern service to Reigate CJ 10-16 hrs, EC 10-28 hrs
Arrive Merstham: 10-44 hrs

Epsom to Victoria: 01, 23, 31 and 53 mins past the hour
Epsom to London Waterloo: 19 and 49 mins past the hour
Tattenham Corner to London Bridge: 09 and 39 mins past the hour
Rail ticket Merstham and Epsom are both one stop beyond the travelcard zone. Depending on the travelcard you possess, your best option is probably a single to Merstham from the boundary of Zone 6, and a single from Epsom to Ewell East / West (the boundary of Zone 6). If returning from Tattenham corner, this station is within Boundary Zone 6.
Covid-19 Compliance: please note the current guidance on this website and observe social distancing. You should all come prepared to exchange contact details for track and trace purpose. You can either pre-register for this walk (not essential ) by e-mailing me at or, if you prefer, please write your name, e-mail address and contact 'phone number on a small piece of paper for handing to me on the train or when we assemble at walk start. Thank you.
This enjoyable walk not far from London takes you through Gatton Park, landscaped by Capability Brown, and now a boarding school, and on to Reigate Hill to enjoy some lovely views. Its cafe should be open for elevenses, where service hopefully is more efficient than that at Leith Hill Tower. You walk along the ridge of this Hill which continues as Colley Hill before dropping down to Banstead Heath, where you can take lunch at the Sportsman pub, Mogador. I am told the cuisine on offer by the new landlord is more basic than that offered by his long-term predecessor, but it is probably worth a try - with dining back indoors, too !
Shortly before Mogador you pass the first of many coal tax posts on this walk. I leave it to you to work out what they were all about and why they are to be found on this walk.
From the Sportsman you head over Banstead Heath and beside a golf course, then through woodland to Walton-on-the-Hill, where alternative lunch options, pubs and restaurants can be found (but please note - the Blue Ball pub did not survive Covid lockdown). From Walton-on-the-Hill you head towards Epsom, first along a long bridleway, then up onto Walton Downs then onto Epsom Downs and its famous racecourse. You cross over the expansive racecourse and head for Chalk Lane which goes downhill to the outskirts of the town. On through Rosebery Park and you are in the centre of Epsom, with its shops and refreshment options. The railway station is close to the town centre.
Whilst up on the Downs you might like to take the diversion to Langley Vale Centenary Wood, a newly planted wood created by the Woodland Trust to commemorate World War One.
Walk Directions are here: L=swc.4
  • 18-May-21 lists an Oyster off peak fare of £1.45 available from Coulsdon South to Merstham, which is about £1 less than the alternative paper ticket from Boundary Zone 6.

    I *think* that to access the lower fare you'd need a standard oyster card (ie not 60+ or freedom card) which TFL have linked to your Railcard and obviously you'd need to touch in at Coulsdon South.

  • 20-May-21

    9 of us assembled outside Merstham railway station, later to be joined by a local SWC walker on top of Reigate Hill, then 2 others at lunchtime at the Sportsman's pub, making a total of 12 .

    The weather forecast was predicting rain in the afternoon, but once again we were lucky - it was mostly sunny with a light breeze and pleasantly warm , all day.

    The countryside was green and lush with some good displays of late bluebells, lesser celandines, cowslips and cow parsley in the morning -and some wonderful carpets of buttercups covering horse paddocks in the afternoon. Arriving at the cafe on top of Reigate Hill, we stopped for elevenses whilst enjoying the panoramic, clear views from this viewing point. Onwards then over Colley Hill towards the musical accompaniment from the M25. On into Mogador where 4 of us dined at the Sportsman and the picnickers stopped for drinks. As it was warm enough to sit outdoors we released our indoors table (the pub looked fully booked indoors) and sat under a parasol in the pub's garden. Our food when it eventually arrived was very good, as was the Harvey's beer, and a very pleasant time was had by all. By the time we left the pub our picnickers were some twenty minutes ahead of us on the afternoon leg of today's walk. Of the 4 diners, 3 said goodbye to me at Walton-on-the-Hill as they were heading for Tadworth railway station. I met-up with the picnickers at the end of the long bridleway below Walton Downs and together we ascended the Downs and up onto the Racecourse. If it was going to rain today, it would have been now, on the most exposed part of today's walk, but the weather Gods remained kind to is. On top of the Downs 4 headed for Tattenham Corner railway station, leaving 4 of us to take the route down into Epsom town. Luckily for me no-one had a camera to hand to snap me being assisted/ yanked / forced over a fence at the end of the racecourse. Then down Chalk Lane, but we could not resist stopping at the Amato Grumpy Mole pub for refreshments and snacks, taken in the pub's lovely garden. It was a struggle forcing ourselves to leave this most comfortable spot, but leave we had to - so on through Rosebery Park into the centre of Epsom. We only had to wait three minutes before a fast Southern train took us back to London : I hope our fellow walkers travelling home from Tadworth and Tattenham Corner railway stations experienced similar excellent service.

    A most enjoyable day out not far from London.

  • 20-May-21

    I forgot to mention we were honoured and privileged to have the walk author with us on this walk. Hence we wandered off piste less often than usual.........

Length: 17.3km (10.7 miles) - shorter option of 11.8km (7.3 miles) T=3.4
Toughness: 5 out of 10

Catch the 10.00 train from London Bridge (10.16 East Croydon) to Merstham, arriving 10.28.

Merstham is just outside zone 6, but you can use Oyster (and contactless?). If you have a pass covering zones 1-6, you need to buy a single extension from boundary zone six to Merstham. Tattenham Corner, your return station, is in zone 6.

For walk directions click here. For GPX click here. For a map of the route click here.

This walk, which has not had a Saturday outing for a nearly two years, has a very grand beginning, climbing up to Reigate and Colley Hills, one of the finest stretches of the North Downs escarpment, with wonderful views. It is a slight pity the transport planners of the 1970s and 1980s routed the M25 just behind the escarpment, but the noise of the motorway, which anyway is muted by a south west wind, is less intrusive in winter than in summer, and the views make up for it.

You soon go away from the escarpment (and the M25) onto heathland, where you come to Mogador, and the Sportsman pub, 5 miles into the walk . It is a popular place for lunch, so ringing ahead for a table would not be a terrible idea. If it is full, the Blue Ball in Walton on the Heath 35 minutes further on may be able help you. There is also a cafe in Walton and a refreshment kiosk on Reigate Hill.

A possible shorter ending to Tadworth station from Walton-on-the-Heath cuts the walk to 7.3 miles.

Towards the end of the walk you come to the famous Epsom Racecourse. A new ending here takes you pass the Rubbing House pub right by the finish line and to a viewpoint on Epsom Downs.

Trains back from Tattenham Corner are at 09 and 39 past the hour.

You can also do a longer (11.3 mile) ending down to Epsom station: this is another station just outside zone 6 which nevertheless takes Oyster: trains are frequent to both Victoria and Waterloo but will be reduced a bit to the latter due to the SWR strike.
  • Anonymous

    Hi. Where is the cafe in Walton,please, as I have't noticed it before? I know the pub you mention, and The Rat, of course. Thank you.

  • 01-Dec-19

    It is mentioned in the walk directions. See “Tea” on the introduction page.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Walker. Appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    14 walkers, if I remember correctly on a mild dry day . A very pleasant walk, with fantastic views around Colley Hill. Fist Class food and service at The Sportsman, including Christmas crackers!

Extra Walk 4c – Tattenham Corner Circular
Length: 14¼ km (8.9 miles). Toughness: 3/10.

09:54 Caterham & Tattenham Corner train from London Bridge, calling at most stations in south London on its leisurely progress to East Croydon (10:26). The train divides a bit later at Purley and it's usually the rear section which continues to Tattenham Corner (TfL Zone 6), arriving at 11:09. Use Oyster PAYG or contactless.

For a slightly quicker journey you could take the 10:05 Reigate train from Victoria and change onto the above train at Purley (arr 10:28, dep 10:45).

Trains back from Tattenham Corner to London Bridge are at xx:20 & xx:50. You can change at East Croydon (on the xx:20) or Purley (xx:50) for a faster service to Victoria.

This is Remembrance Sunday and in this centennial year it seems particularly appropriate to do something to mark the end of the 1914-18 War. The Woodland Trust have been planting four new Centenary Woods and this walk goes through the largest of them at Langley Vale. A new self-guided trail will be open during November and I suggest that you download the trail guide from this Langley Vale Wood page and go off piste when you reach the wood in §8, towards the end of the walk.

To give sufficient time to explore the Centenary Wood I've chosen the Circular Walk option. This was redesigned earlier this year, so it will confuse others if you march off with an older printout or GPS track. The suggested lunch pub is still The Sportsman at Mogador, with a later option available at the Blue Ball at Walton-on-the-Hill (which you could reach sooner by cutting across Banstead Heath if you wish). If you want an inside table at either of these pubs it's advisable to call ahead. There don't appear to be any refreshment opportunities at Langley Vale, but there are usually kiosks on Epsom Downs and there's a large Beefeater pub overlooking the racecourse.

You'll need to bring the walk directions from the Merstham to Tattenham Corner walk page. You can save a few sheets of paper by clicking on Option c (or the word Circular on the Walk Options heading line) to hide the directions you won't need. T=swc.4.c
  • 08-Nov-18

    Will meet at Tattenham Corner station if that is ok, am bringing a friend,

    thanks, Samantha

  • 12-Nov-18

    A downpour just before the start seemed to clear the air and 10 walkers enjoyed a dry and partly sunny day. As is usual these days the group split up in the afternoon, with some of the sandwichers setting off for the afternoon leg half an hour before the pub-lunchers. At least four of us explored the new Remembrance Trail in Langley Vale; something of a work-in-progress with a few broad grassy paths laid out but other sections a bit rough and ready. There were some interesting memorials and information panels and when it's finished I'll incorporate part of it into the walk route. We crossed Epsom Downs just in time to enjoy a colourful sunset and catch the 16:20 train.

Merstham to Tattenham Corner
Length: 16km (10 miles)
Toughness 5 out of 10

9.57 train from London Bridge (10.03 New Cross Gate, 10.11 Norwood Junction, 10.16 East Croydon, 10.29 Coulsdon South) to Merstham, arriving 10.35.

Tattenham Corner, the return station, is in zone 6: Merstham is one stop outside zone 6 but Oyster can be used at Merstham even so - don't forget to tap out. The National Rail website seems to suggest that you will be charged £5.80 single to Merstham with Oyster versus £6.65 on an ordinary ticket with a Network Card. Can this be right? The TFL website (see here) also says that the fare counts towards your daily or weekly cap. If not using Oyster, you could buy a day return to Merstham and then a single from Tattenham Corner to Purley on the way back. For more discussion on this see the Transport section in the walk directions.

For walk directions click here. For GPS click here.

This walk boasts stunning downland views in its early section, and I remember doing it at New Year once and the paths not being disastrously muddy. But after last week's debacle, I am going to make no promises on that score. It is February. There will be mud. Maybe the ground was frozen that New Year.

The stunning views come at a certain price, because some insensitive Department of Transport planner back in the late 1970s decided that this was a good place for the M25 to slice down across the North Downs. So it IS noisy for the first third of the walk but the views DO make up for it. After that the walk turns north across partly wooded heathland and at its end you find yourself on the Epsom Downs Racecourse, which is quite a sight.

At some point in the morning I remember there being a tea kiosk of some kind, with a fine view. A bit later there was an even finer view and someone produced a bottle of champagne, but I guess that was a special treat for New Year... The specified lunch pub is the Sportsman in Mogador, but a bit buried in the description of refreshment options in the walk document is that there is a later pub, the Blue Bell in Walton, a little over two thirds of the walk into the walk. It looks to have a nice menu (including vegan options...) but whether it does food all afternoon or not, its website declines to say. If it does, it could make a late lunch stop.

At the end there is the Tattenham Corner pub, but I recall another even nicer pub at the other end of the long straight of the racecourse - the Rubbing House. There is also a Derby Arms here somewhere. In general if you feel the walk is finishing too early, exploring this end of the racecourse is interesting. Beyond it there is a fine view over London from Epsom Downs.

Trains back from Tattenham Corner are at 18 and 48 past. Don't forget to tap in if using Oyster. T=3.4

Incidentally from the far end of the racecourse it is not far to walk down to Epsom Downs station, from where trains leave at 35 past the hour - a slow stopping train to Victoria, but it may go past your local station.
  • Anonymous

    Know this walk quite well. Cafe with outdoor seating and loos after one hour at beauty spot. Very good food in The Sportman pub at Mogador. Pub nearest to Tattenham Corner station is bland and best avoided. As advised by Walker, trot to the pubs near the racecourse entrance. Civilised.

  • 29-Jan-18

    The Oyster fares to Merstham were set by Southern and are bizarre. They're reasonable value from local Southern stations on the direct route from Victoria or London Bridge, but ridiculously expensive otherwise: eg. £2.70 off-peak from East Croydon but £6.80 from West Croydon! Anyway, check it out from your local station: is a good site for this.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone going for this walk this Saturday? Looks interesting!

  • Anonymous

    Yes. Going. This one should be a hit. Should be largely firm under foot.

  • 01-Feb-18

    This is a not too demanding walk easily accessible from London, so I would expect a fairly good turnout. The weather could be a factor, but Saturday walkers tend to be a hardy lot and come regardless.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you to Sean for the link to the site.

  • 03-Feb-18

    Sigh. Another soggy Saturday . The third (?) in a row, an unheard of run of bad luck for the SWC walks, especially when for the third (?) week running it followed a week of several sunny days.

    True, it was reasonably light rain, but it certainly was not “patchy” (the forecast being wrong on this point for a second week running). But hey. Heigh-ho. Ho-hum. It was what it was.

    19 turned out anyway and we had a pleasant day. One advantage of the rain was that it seem to drown out (geddit?) nearly all the motorway noise. The only time I was really aware of the M25 was when we crossed over it (on a bridge).

    Nice views from the Downs, despite the mist. A nice lunch at the cosy Sportsman even though someone’s soup had to be sent back TWICE before it attained a proper temperature. Thanks as usual to our master negotiator for getting us ten places in this deservedly popular establishment. Nine had actually put their hands up at Merstham station when asked who wanted a pub lunch, but at least 13 eventually squeezed in. Pay attention at the back, eh?

    After lunch there was some squidgyness. Not the ground, which was fairly firm, though not mud-free, but people sloping off to do shorter endings. But the bulk of the group persisted to Epsom Racecourse, where a rain-soaked vigil was held for Emily Davison (the Suffragette who threw herself under the King’s horse at the 1913) and some had tea and cakes from the nearby kiosk. Most then went straight to the station but four of us went to see the view from Epsom Downs (alas invisible in the murk), two of whom went to the station of that name, and two to The Rubbing House (a pub right on the finish line of the racecourse). The sign on the door said “Smart Casual Dress”. We walked in with muddy boots and trousers. But they served us.

Sun, 21-May-17 : A day (nearly) at the races ?
SWC Download walk 4 Merstham to Tattenham Corner

Distance 16km (9.9m); toughness 4/10.

Trains:10.34 London Bridge (East Croydon 10.50) arriving Merstham 11.05

Return from Tattenham Corner at xx:14 and 44 mins past the hour. Your bestb ticket is a day return to Merstham but see the walks page for full details before making your choice.

The Main Walk starts along the North Downs Way and soon reaches Gatton Park, which was landscaped by Lancelot “Capability” Brown. A choice of routes through this attractive parkland ends with a steady climb through woods to a popular viewpoint at Reigate Hill and the chance for a mid-morning snack.
The fine views continue as you progress along the North Downs ridge, where Reigate Fort is a reminder that these hills were once seen as a defensive line protecting the capital. At the end of this section the open expanse of Colley Hill would make a good picnic spot. A little further on you cross the motorway to the suggested lunchtime pub in the isolated village of Mogador.
In the afternoon there are many possible routes aross Banstead Heath (part of Banstead Commons) to Walton-on-the-Hill, then a further choice of routes for the final section. At the end of the walk you get a panoramic view of the London skyline as you cross the famous Epsom Downs Racecourse.
See the walks page here for full details about the walk and scroll down for maps and full walk instructions. Click on the main walk M to get the walk details for that option.t=swc.4
  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    n = 14

    w = largely sunny

    The group off the scheduled train met another four or so relaxing on Reigate Hill and enjoying the view, who had taken an earlier train. Good and varied fare for the three who dined in the garden of the extremely busy Sportman pub, where the bar staff were over-worked. Many also stopped at the characterful, The Rat, later. Dogs abounded, the belles of the ball being two rusty-coloured Siberian Huskies, closely followed by a pair of friendly Rough Collies. A delightful day with great scenery and fine company.

    Suggested amendment to walk instructions early on (a few ladies said they had gone astray at this point in the past).

    2/Gatton to Reigate Hill

    Then change to:

    200 metres along the tarmac road you come to a junction, with the modern chapel of the Royal Alexandra and Albert School (a state boarding school)on your right. Turn right and continue past a car park...

    Thanks to Pete B for scheduling the walk.

Extra Walk 4 – Merstham to Tattenham Corner
Length: Up to 17 km (10.6 miles), with shorter options. Toughness: 4 or 5/10

10:25 Horsham train from Victoria (Clapham Jct 10:36, Selhurst 10:47, East Croydon 10:52), arriving Merstham at 11:06.

Trains return from Tattenham Corner at 29 & 59 minutes past the hour. They give up at Tulse Hill because of engineering work at London Bridge but you can change at East Croydon for Victoria.

Tickets: You can use Oyster at both stations but Merstham is outside Zone 6. The cheapest option is probably a day return to Merstham plus a one-zone single from Tattenham Corner to Purley on the return journey.

A shortish walk along the North Downs ridge to Mogador, then across Banstead Heath to Epsom Downs racecourse. The Sportsman is likely to be busy at lunchtime but it's got a big garden so you should be able to get a pub lunch if you want it.

You'll need to print the directions from the Extra Walk 4 page. Clicking 'Main' on the Walk Options heading will hide the directions which only apply to the Circular Walks. T=swc.4
  • 05-Aug-16

    Now I might do the walk on Sunday. But I can't Guarantee I will. Another thing. I can't seem to Download the directions the walk neither.

  • 05-Aug-16

    Marc: you don't download a separate file with these directions. Just go to the walk page and print it directly from your web browser.

  • 08-Aug-16

    8 on this hastily-arranged walk, plus three more who found their own way to the lunch pub and promptly disappeared again. The shady stretches were welcome on a hot and humid day. The Sportsman was as busy as expected and one walker's lunch arrived long after the rest, but otherwise they coped pretty well. At Epsom Downs we all succumbed to the lure of a Mr Whippy van selling chemicals-on-a-stick. My decision to stride off for the 16:29 train was grudgingly followed by the others but as we then discovered that the next train had been cancelled it turned out well.

Sat, 16-Jan-16 : Saturday First Walk - Epsom Downs 26
SWC Walk 4 - Tattenham Corner Circular
9 miles/14.5km

This is a version of the Merstham to Tattenham Corner walk - option a: Circular Walk from Tattenham Corner in the online instructions.

Trains: Take the 10:20 London Bridge to Tattenham Corner train (10:37 East Croydon), arriving at 11:10. Tattenham Corner station is in Zone 6. Return trains at xx19, xx49.

Lunch: The Sportsman, Mogador (01737 246655), excellent home-cooked food.

Tea: The large Tattenham Corner Beefeater has views over the racecourse and is close to the station. The Silver Spoon Diner in the parade of shops just past the station is open til 5pm. For an earlier stop, the Grey Dove Village Cafe in Walton-on-the-Hill overlooks Mere Pond and has home-made cakes.

Click here for full walk details and online directions

  • Anonymous

    26 plus two who got a later train and caught us at the lunch pub

    strong low sun and a cold clear day

    The frost under foot made for firm footing when we were not on tarmac paths so overall there was very little mud. Lovely views of the race track and hills and woods all emphasised by the low sun. We all got enchanted by the ice on the Mere Pond ( and the dog that went in and broke the ice )

    Lunch at The Sportsman in Mogador was excellent with a large varied selection at reasonable prices and the limited staff coped with us and another large group very well.

    We didn't get round to seeing the plaque for Emily Davison at Tattenham Corner so I will keep an eye for it next time

    Tea and desert at Tattenham Corner ( the real reason I missed the Emily Davison plaque ) was a nice finish 200 metres from the train home.

    Though it was graded a 1 out of 10 I still felt tired b the time that I got to the train

    A King

  • Anonymous

    First walk with the group, many thanks for the welcome. Looking forward to the next walk. BTW who arranges the walks? Paul

  • 17-Jan-16

    My first walk with the group, many thanks for the welcome. Looking forward to the next! Paul (harry)