Mitcham Junction to Colliers Wood walk

Nature Reserves and the Wandle Trail through south London.

  1. Choose the map scale.

    The higher the scale, the greater the detail, but the more pages to print.

    The advanced option uses less paper, but is harder to print successfully. If you try it, check that the route at the end of each page continues on the next one without a gap.

    In your browser's Print Preview dialogue, it may help to try:

    • Margins : none/minimum
    • Scaling : fit to page
  2. Print the maps in groups of 10

  3. Wait for the map tiles to load.

  4. Print this group of maps

    Only the maps get printed (not these instructions). 1 map per A4 page.

    On Windows, you can "Print to PDF", then use the PDF on a Kindle or tablet.

    Please let us know if you have any problems

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