Otford to Eynsford walk

2 climbs, the River Darent, two castles, and a Roman villa


This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

Date Option Post # Weather
Wed, 03-Jan-24 New Year in the Darent valley - Otford to Eynsford 24 bright and mild
Wed, 30-Nov-22 Wednesday Walk Otford to Eynsford - River Darent, two castles and a Roman villa 16 overcast and dreary in the morning with the sun coming out mid afternoon
Wed, 24-Nov-21 Wednesday Walk Otford to Eynsford - the River Darent, three villages, a ruined palace, two castles and a Roman villa 21 overcast and cloudy all day
Sat, 26-Sep-20 Saturday Walk Otford to Eynsford - The River Darent, Two Castles, a Visitor's Centre, a Roman Villa and a scale model of the Solar System 10 sunshine at start but turning autumnal with showers and chilly
Thu, 12-Dec-19 Evening Walk: Full Cold Moon Special: Eynsford to Otford 2 a bright full cold moon
Sun, 24-Nov-19 Historic places in the Darent valley 8
Sat, 26-May-18 Saturday walk - Otford to Eynsford - a gentle walk down an idyllic valley 26 hot sun
Wed, 06-Dec-17 Wednesday Walk: Otford to Eynsford - River Darent, Two Castles and a Roman Villa 7
Sat, 17-Dec-16 Saturday 1st Walk - A short walk in the Shoreham Valley 22 misty all day
Wed, 21-Oct-15 Midweek Day Walk - Otford to Eynsford. 3 heavy
Sat, 17-Jan-15 Otford to Eynsford 27
Sat, 11-Oct-14 Otford to Eynsford 25
Sat, 01-Feb-14 Otford to Eynsford 20
Sun, 21-Oct-12 Otford to Eynsford
Mon, 02-Jan-12 Otford to Eynsford
Sat, 04-Jun-11 Otford to Eynsford
Sun, 25-Apr-10 Otford to Eynsford
Sat, 16-Jan-10 Otford to Eynsford
Sat, 06-Jun-09 Otford to Eynsford
Sat, 25-Oct-08 Otford to Eynsford
Sat, 01-Dec-07 Otford to Eynsford
Sun, 08-Jul-07 ? Otford to Eynsford
Sat, 09-Jun-07 Otford to Eynsford
Sat, 31-Mar-07 Otford to Eynsford
Sun, 17-Dec-06 Otford to Eynsford

Length: 8.8 miles (14.1 km) 5/10

Postponed from the last train strike week - this walk in the Darent valley should suit a lateish start despite the short day. It's short but sweet with three villages, two hills, several possible pubs and historic buildings.

Travel: 1031 from Charing Cross (Waterloo East 1034, London Bridge 1040) gets to Otford at 1109 which should fit well with lunch in Shoreham. You could get the 1016 from Blackfriars (slow but stops at lots of places in south London and Bromley South 1053) and catch us up. Returns from Eynsford are at 05 and 35 – change at Bromley South for faster trains into central London. Buy a return to Otford.

Lunch: plenty of choice in Shoreham – the options are described in detail on the main walk page.

Tea: we might get to the Lullingstone Café in the Country Park Visitor Centre (01322-865995; open to 3pm weekdays in winter) in time for a tea stop. Otherwise, at least two of the pubs in Eynsford should be open - the Plough (tel 01322 862 281) and the Castle Hotel (tel 01322 863 162). The Five Bells (tel 01322 863 135) might be open – conflicting info on the internet when I looked.

Shortening the walk: You could start the walk in Shoreham, missing out the potentially muddiest section. If you want to do that and try to meet the group, I suggest either getting the 1146 from Blackfriars or 1155 from Victoria to Ashford. If the latter, change on to the above train from Blackfriars at Bromley South at 1223.

You can cut 1.2km off the end of the walk by following the short cut at [*] in the Walk Directions.

For walk directions, map and GPX click here


  • 02-Jan-24

    With a Freedom Pass (and railcard) can buy a return Swanley-Otford for £3.80 return.

  • 02-Jan-24

    Will be joining walk

  • 02-Jan-24

    Planning to join you. It's been a while! I have done this walk a few times. Weather forecast looks OK


  • 03-Jan-24

    There were 17 of us on the posted train, 4 more were waiting for us at Otford station. Another intercepted us having parked at Shoreham and 2 were lurking in the Crown at lunchtime after starting earlier, so that makes a stupendous 24 on a mostly bright and mild winter's day. Apparently there was a lunchtime squall but I must have been picnicking in the church porch at the time.

    It has to be said the morning was pretty squelchy underfoot. The afternoon route was mostly firm going though, including Beechen Wood. Several people took advantage of a "senior citizens' 2-course lunch offer" at the King's Arms, others picnicked at various locations in Shoreham. The pub lunchers were left to their puddings as the rest of us made our way to the Lullingstone Cafe by more than one route, reaching it comfortably in time for most to have a tea stop with delicious coffee and walnut cake provided by my co-Wednesday poster.

    Some of us took the short-cut route to get the 1535 train, meeting some of the pubgoers on the platform who gave a very positive report of their dining experience. Others took a longer route to Eynsford and at least one finished earlier. It was nice to catch up with so many after the Christmas break, even if I didn't cross paths with everyone.

Book 1, Walk 23 - Otford to Eynsford

Length: 14.1 km (8.8 miles)
Toughness: 5 plus out of 10 One steep ascent before lunch, then several ups and downs to keep you awake
London Victoria: 10-25 hrs Southeastern service to Ramsgate Bromley South: 10-42 hrs
Arrive Otford: 11-01 hrs

Thameslink services from Sevenoaks to Welwyn Garden City via London Blackfriars
Eynsford: 05 & 35 mins past the hour Change at Bromley South for return to Victoria
Rail ticket: buy a day return to Otford
This is a delightful little walk which packs a punch much greater than its distance suggests, being full of variety with interesting sights.
Setting out from Otford station you walk down through the town before crossing a number of fields and through a farm before you have a steep - but short - climb up to woodland above Shoreham. You then drop down to this village for lunch at one of its pubs (at last count three are open and one is permanently closed ). The popular Kings Arms pub in the heart of the village has now reopened after a major fire earlier in the year. Picnickers usually find a spot on the banks of the River Darent.
After lunch you have the first of two pleasant walks today bedside the river before you head for a wood which comes out on to a golf course. Up, over, down, up again then down through the golf course and you arrive at Lullingstone Park Visitor Centre. Another pleasant leg beside the river takes you to Lullingstone Castle. From here the route is along an access road to Lullingstone Roman Villa then on under a famous viaduct and into Eynsford. For tea option in this village please refer to the directions.
This walk seldom disappoints.
Walk Directions are here: L=1.23
  • 30-Nov-22

    13 of us on the posted train, plus 3 later arrivals on a different train, makes 16 for today's outing in Kent. As for the weather, it was overcast and dreary in the morning with the sun coming out mid afternoon , which was nice. No rain today. The temperature was between 8 and 10 degrees C all day, which was fine - and comfortable - for a late autumn walk.

    We were blessed with some fabulous (very) late leaf colour - the beech tress working overtime just for us.

    Paths were beginning to become muddy, and slippery in places, but were manageable today.

    Four of us had lunch at the Crown pub in Shoreham, which was fine - and very busy. One of the sandwichers joined us for a coffee. Most of the other picnickers had their lunches down by the river Darent in lower Shoreham.

    The afternoon was enjoyable, and colourful, and delightful when the sun came out. A few of us took the shortcut just before Eynsford in order to return to London for evening engagements. We met up with seven of the sandwich brigade on Eynsford station for our journey back to London on the 16-05 hrs service.

    Another enjoyable Wednesday walk.

Book 1, Walk 23 - Otford to Eynsford

Length: 14.1 km (8.8 miles) Options to lengthen and shorten
Toughness: 5 out of 10 two steady uphill sections to keep you awake
London Victoria: 10-25 hrs Southeastern service to Ramsgate Bromley South: 10-42 hrs
Arrive Otford: 11-01 hrs
Eynsford: 05 & 35 mins past the hour Thameslink service to London Blackfriars Change at Bromley South for Southeastern service back to Victoria
Rail ticket: buy a day return to Otford
This lovely short walk packs a punch beyond its length and is full of interesting sights and features - water et al. These are outlined in the Walk Directions below which I ask you to read, please.
I suggest we stop for luncheon in the village of Shoreham where, post Covid, I believe at least three of its four pubs have survived to tell the tale - and possibly serve us lunch today. A SWC stalwart is the King's Arms.
After lunch, so long as the River Darent has not flooded our onward journey, we walk through a series of woods and along quiet roads to Lullingstone Park, where we cross its golf course and head up the Park before dropping down to its Visitor Centre. We then enjoy a leg beside the River Darent which takes us to Lullingstone Castle. A section of road walking then takes us to Lullingstone Roman Villa. From here if you wish you can leave the main route and head up to Eagle Heights to enjoy the views from above. Otherwise, you continue along the quiet road to go under Eynsford Viaduct and on into Eynsford village itself. The railway station is a bit of a hike from the village centre, but an alternative route is included in the Directions which avoids the trudge along the main road.
If perchance it has been muddy and your boots are in need of a clean, as you enter Eynsford you come to a ford beside the main bridge which in the past I have often used as a darn good, impromptu boot wash.
Walk Directions are here: L=1.23
  • 24-Nov-21

    21 of us assembled outside Otford Railway station in its car park, including one mid-week first timer: I hope he enjoyed his day with us. Last week we enjoyed lovely sunshine all day. Today, it was overcast and cloudy all day , with not even a glimpse of the sun. But although chilly (9 degrees C) there was no breeze and the temperature was fine for a late autumn walk, if one kept on the move. Today's walk can be very muddy in winter but today there was little mud to bother us or slow us down.

    Leaf colour should be over by now but there was still plenty of colour to enjoy in the woods, which added to our enjoyment of this lovely short walk with plenty of variety.

    On reaching Shoreham some 10 of us stopped at the first pub, the King's Arms and managed to find tables inside the pub and outside in its heated covered area. The pub was more than busy when we arrived (local pensioners attracted by the excellent value pensioners special menu) but the pub's staff managed very well - and meals when served were very good. 3 others went to the Crown and on their return to us at the King's Arms they reported their lunches were fine.

    My two luncheon colleagues and I were the last to set out on the afternoon leg of the walk - and we did not see any of the other eighteen walkers again. I just hope they all enjoyed their afternoon as much as we did. On reaching Eynsford, after washing our boots in the ford, we went in search of post-walk refreshments. Alas, we were five minutes late for the Riverside Tea Room (which had closed at tea time ! ) and we had passed by the Plough pub before realising it was the only pub open at 4-15 pm in Eynsford. No matter - we headed for the railway station and we did not have long to wait before our Thameslink train arrived to take us back to London. I changed trains at Bromley South and managed to buy a cup of tea at its on-platform coffee shop before continuing my journey to Victoria.

    'Twas not a bad way to spend a Wednesday in late November.

Book 1, Walk 23 - Otford to Eynsford

Length: 14.1 km (8.8 miles) Options to go long
Toughness: 5 out of 10 Two ascents, one descent - otherwise mostly flat and easy going
Car drivers: park at Otford station.
For those of you comfortable using public transport in these Covid times, your suggested train is:
London Victoria: 10-25 hrs Southeastern service to Canterbury West Bromley South: 10-42 hrs
Arrive Otford: 10-59 hrs

Eynsford to Otford (for car drivers): 11 and 41 mins past the hour. Southeastern service to Sevenoaks
Eynsford to London Blackfriars: 05 and 35 mins past the hour. Thameslink service to Blackfriars Change at Bromley South for return to Victoria
Rail ticket: buy a day return to Otford
See our Covid Rules on This Week's Walk Page
We will assemble in the car park just outside the railway station and promptly separate into groups of six. Please exchange contact details with those in your group of six during the day. Groups will be asked to set off from the car park a few minutes apart, and not converge during the day. Everyone on the walk is responsible for complying with the Covid Rules, so please do so.
Today's short walk packs a lot into its 8.8 miles and is far from uninteresting. Add in the lovely Kentish countryside and spells beside the River Darent, and you have a little gem of a walk.
Leaving Otford you walk through the town before heading over fields and over farmland to Filston Farm. On the way you can detour slightly to follow the scale model of the Solar System. On reaching Filston Farm please do not go through its entrance, per the original route, but instead, before the overhead hopper, bear left then head up the gravel track to the side of the farm's surfaced drive. Then its along Filston Lane before you have your first climb of the day - up into Meenfield Wood. Then its along a ridge path and steeply downhill to the village of Shoreham, passing on the way the Shoreham Cross, a memorial to Shoreham's men who fell in WW1, a 100 ft long cross cut into the chalk slopes below Meenfield Wood.
I suggest you stop in Shoreham for lunch. Either picnic beside the River Darent, or if you are prepared to go through the Covid procedures, you have a choice of four pubs, two cafes (open today) and a vineyard for wine buffs. Wednesday walkers recently found the King's Arms safe and very well organised for Covid security - and they served good value meals.
After lunch in Shoreham you have a stretch beside the River Darent before heading inland through a wood and over a golf course, then up into Lullingstone Park before dropping down to its Visitor's Centre. Now it's back beisde the River Darent on a lovely stretch before you come to Lullingstone Castle. Road walking follows to Lullingstone Roman Villa where you have the option of climbing up to Eagle Heights, for some more stunning views. On then into Eynsford for tea, and a walk to the railway station for your journey home.
Walk Directions are here: L=1.23
  • 26-Sep-20

    10 of us assembled in the car park outside Otford station, and promptly separated into groups of 5, 4 and 1 (me - book checking). Many thanks to everyone today for complying with our Covid rules and exchanging details for contact tracing, and sending them to me for safe keeping. If only Wednesday walkers were half as co-operative.

    Our groups set off in sunshine, but by midday my weather report reads sunshine at start but turning autumnal with showers and chilly . Fortunately I had stowed a fleece in my backpack which I needed when sitting outdoors for my lunch at the Kings Arms. Shoreham was busy, with walkers, cyclists and families out for the day - and good to see them enjoying the great outdoors even in Covid times. Pubs and cafes were doing good business on Shoreham - but I wonder for how much longer. In the afternoon I did not spot our two groups again but I did stop to chat with two separate young couples armed with TO Book 1 and following our walk. When I mentioned to one couple that they could download more up-to-date directions from our website, they replied they preferred carrying the TO Book and following it. This is not the first time I have heard this, so perhaps it is a shame the new owners of the Time Out guides have no intention of reprinting updated versions of the TO Books, 2011 editions.

    The countryside looked lovely and lush - lots of flowers in meadows and red berries in bushes. I must learn to identify them !

    On reaching Eynsford I skipped tea and headed for the railway station. The 16-05 hrs train home for me - I suspect our two groups might have been on the service before, unless they stopped for refreshments in Eynsford. I hope they enjoyed their day - I certainly did.

Full Cold Moon Special: Eynsford to Otford via Shoreham t=1.23
Train: 18:16 from London Blackfriars, arriving 19:17; return trains from Otford are at 21:56; 21:59 and 22:27 (and Shoreham 21:02; 21:15; 21:32 and 21:45)
Distance: 6 miles/10 km or 3 miles/5km (if opting outing in Shoreham)
Looking to take your mind off events of the day.....Tonight is a full moon and December is the month of the moon traditionally called the Cold Moon (which needs no explanation).... Although we have numerous walks between and around Eynsford, Shoreham and Otford -- this is not one of them.....To keep things short and sweet, I would propose starting off on the reverse of Book 1: walk 23 -- but staying on the Darent Valley Path to Shoreham for a dinner or a drink and then onto Otford. It is possible to shorten the route by catching a train at Shoreham...

Apologies for the late posting....but forecast was looking poor...but has been improving....
You can see a map of the area here. Note: the highlighted route is the longer original....our route will follow the Darent Valley Path (diamond marked route)….

  • 13-Dec-19

    Was not expecting much as I set off from South London in the rather heavy rain....but was pleasantly surprised to be greeted on the Eynsford platform by one friendly face and a full cold moon emerging from the clouds....So, 2 set off under a bright full cold moon (it was rather mild - notwithstanding the name of the moon) with a few atmospheric clouds swirling about...The route was simple and pleasant and we arrived in Shoreham in the nick of time to indulge in their Thursday night special (2 courses and a glass of wine for 10.95)…After our meal we carried on in the atmospheric moonlight to Otford arriving in time to check the exit poll while awaiting the 22:18....

Chris L
Chris L
Sunday walk: Otford to Eynsford
Length: 14.1km (8.8 miles) Toughness: 5/10

10:25Ashford International train from Victoria (Bromley South 10:42) arriving at Otford at 11:00.

Return trains from Eynsford to Blackfriars, calling at numerous stations in south-east London are at xx:11 and xx:41 (journey time 53 mins). Change at Bromley South for a fast train to Victoria (total journey time 40 minutes).

This walk takes in several historic sites on a route in the Darent valley that runs through fields and woods and alongside the River Darent. From Otford it passes the unique Otford Solar System before traversing potentially muddy fields and climbing through woods before descending to lunch in Shoreham. An alternative start is suggested if recent weather conditions mean that the main route is likely to be exceptionally muddy. A further climb after lunch takes the route through Lullingstone Park before descending past Lullingstone Castle and Lullingstone Roman Villa to Eynsford, with an optional detour to the Eagle Heights Birds of Prey Centre.

At lunchtime you can choose between four pubs in Shoreham, including the King’s Arms (01969 523100), and the Two Brewers (01959 522800.

You will need to download the walk directions.

  • Anonymous

    Aprox 8 of us walked today...rain held off...mud not too bad...gd lunch at Ye old George Inn at Shoreham..most had roasts..we took shortcut by the Romans Villa to hop on the train...lovely day...

  • Anonymous


Length: 14.1km (8.8 miles) - with possible extension: see ** below
Toughness: 5 out of 10

10.25 train from Victoria to Otford, arriving 11.00

Note that there can be quite long ticket queues at Victoria on sunny bank holiday Saturdays, so some may prefer to get the 10.10 from Charing Cross (10.13 Waterloo East, 10.19 London Bridge) arriving Otford at 10.48: if so, please wait for the Victoria walkers and don't fraternise with the Frant to Tunbridge Wells crowd...)

Buy a day return to Otford.

For walk directions click here. For GPX click here.

In the early days of the SWC, when we followed the old book one rota, this was a firm favourite as a late spring walk, despite its short length, but it has not had an outing at this time of year for eight years. With gentle Kentish scenery, a lovely village with several pubs for lunch and a pleasant finish along a river into Eysnford, this is a walk to linger over rather than rush through.

At one point in the afternoon and then a bit later around Lullingstone there are also extensive displays of oxeye daisies, which hopefully will be looking good by now. Lullingstone makes a possible tea stop - its cafe looks utilitarian but has nice cakes: you might also be in time to visit Lullingstone Castle (a stately home: don't expect battlements and moats) or Lullingstone Roman Villa (English Heritage) a bit further on. The Riverside Tea Room in Eynsford, by contrast, closes cruelly early at 4pm (it should be illegal for tea rooms to close this early!), though there is a nearby pub or two and a nice stream to dangle your feet in.

For lunch in Shoreham the usual SWC choice seems to be the Kings Arms, which serves basic cuisine, but I continually urge (in vain!) the charms of the Two Brewers, which is a very nice pub, though sometimes booked up. Not mentioned in the walk directions (though passed by the route) there is also a very nice garden tea room as part of the quirky Battle of Britain Museum in the village.

** LONGER OPTION If you want a longer walk from Eynsford you can continue up the waymarked Darent Valley Way for one mile to Farningham (a lovely village with a fine riverside pub, though near the M25 too) and there pick up the directions in sections 7 and 8 of the Farningham Road to Eynsford walk, taking you to Farningham Road station. All told this will add about 5.5km (3.4 miles) to the walk.

Trains back from Eynsford are at 32 and 57 past to Blackfriars and St Pancras, with the 57 offering a change at Bromley South to a Victoria train, saving 15 minutes of journey time.

Trains back from Farningham Road are at 12 past. It is just one stop from Farningham Road to Swanley, which is on the route to Otford, so your Otford return should be accepted. T=1.23

  • Anonymous

    The pub on the road to the station has a very nice garden.

  • 26-May-18

    26 on this walk, including two who joined us at lunch time. Glorious hot sun and wonderful flowers. In particular lots of cow parsley lining every path still and acres of white oxeye daisies around Lullingstone. It was lovely to do this walk in high spring once again, as we used to do in the early days of the SWC.

    Most lunched at the King’s Arms but some of us opted for the Battle of Britain Museum tea room. Very 1970s soup and sandwiches here but a lovely garden setting. Nearing Lullingstone we decided to revive the old relaxed walk tradition of having a sit down on the hillside. Then to tea at the Lullingstone tea rooms.

    On the way to Eynsford we were taken on a diversion up onto Eagle Heights, which gave us fine views of the viaduct and valley. Most stopped at the riverside pub in Eynsford for a drink and then got the train home, but eight of us carried on to a Farningham. Two left here planning to do a longer loop to Farningham Road station but the rest of us had a drink by the river while mayflies danced overhead (and even landed on our shirts).

    It was so nice that we decided to eat at the nearby Pied Bull. We then had a lovely (though increasingly fast paced) walk to catch the 9.12pm train as the light faded.

  • Great walk in great weather with great company, the mayflies at the end were a treat. Finally sorted out my pics... (all tagged) https://www.flickr.com/photos/47046427@N03/albums/72157697183457214

Book 1, Walk 23 - Otford to Eynsford

Length: 14.1 km (8.8 miles)
Toughness: 5 out of 10

London Victoria: 10-22 hrs Canterbury West service. Bromley South 10-39 hrs
Arrive Otford: 10-56 hrs

Eynsford to London Victoria: 13 and 43 mins past the hour, changing at Bromley South.

Rail ticket: buy a day return to Otford

This short walk punches above its weight and contains lots of variety: it should make for an enjoyable outing as winter approaches.
For lunch in Shoreham you have a choice of four pubs, but I usually stick to The King's Arms. which is walker friendly.
After lunch you walk beside the River Darent before you walk through woods, then up and over a golf course and then down to the Darent again. You now pass Lullingstone Castle and Lullingstone Roman Villa as you head towards Eynsford and its castle. For tea stops in Eynsford please refer to the walk directions.
Walk Directions here: L=1.23

  • 08-Dec-17

    7 W+mild_cloudy. The Kings Arms had all tables reserved, set out for Christmas lunches. This may be because they offer a two course pensioners lunch on a Wednesday for £5.50. However, we were made welcome at The Old George Inn with two fires burning and few other diners. They have their pensioners lunch on a Thursday. We finished in good time to enjoy the Riverside tearoom in Eynsford. A relaxed day out with good company.

Otford to Eynsford - Book 1 Walk 23
8.8 miles/14.1 km

This replaces the Knockholt to Otford walk originally posted, but you can still do this walk on 27 December. If you cannot wait that long to enjoy the charms of Knockholt station, I plan to do the original morning route from Knockholt to catch anyone unaware of the change of plan. All routes lead to Shoreham for lunch.

Trains: Take the 10:22 Canterbury West train from London Victoria, arriving at Otford at 10:56. Return trains from Eynsford to London Blackfriars at xx13/xx43. A return to Otford covers both stations.

Lunch: Shoreham has several pubs - the route takes you past the Kings Arms, the George Inn and The Crown are slightly off route.

Mid-afternoon refreshments are available at the Lullingstone Visitor Centre. Once in Eynsford, the route passes The Plough Inn and the Riverside Tea Room (open til 5pm), before heading up the main road to the station past the Malt Shovel.

Click here to download the walk directions (pdf)
  • Anonymous

    I am interested in picking a walk to lead out on 30th December 2016. Has anyone grabbed this slot yet? jfk

  • 13-Dec-16

    To JFK: yes you can post a walk on the 30th. Write a post and send it to saturdaywalkers xxAtxxx yahoo.com and I will put it on the site for you [Walker]

  • Anonymous

    I may be on the train arriving Otford 11.07, due to the Southern strike.

  • 21-Dec-16

    Got lost in the morning because I mistakenly thought I new the whole route by heart! Thankfully I had downloaded the walk onto my phone. 22 misty all day . Merry Christmas everyone. Thank you to the walk posters, you bring a lot of pleasure to a lot of people throughout the whole year.

Mike A
Mike A

Otford to Eynsford

The River Darent, two castles and a Roman villa

Book 1 Walk 23

Length : 14 km or 9 miles

Toughness : 5 out of 10

Getting there : Catch the 10:22 am train from London Victoria to Otford

Meeting point : Otford Station at 10:56 am

Tickets : Buy a cheap day return to Otford

Brief Description

A short but quite hilly walk within easy reach of London.
You may find full details of the walk here and a Kindle download here

Suggested Lunch stops

The Kings Arms Shoreham t : 01959 523100
Ye Olde George Inne Shoreham t : 01959 522017

Suggested Tea stop

The Plough Eynsford t: 01322 862281


OS Explorer : 147 and 162

Return train times

Trains return from Eynsford at 13 minutes and 43 minutes past the hour to London Victoria and you will need to change at Bromley South.

  • 19-Oct-15

    The return trains constitute the Thameslink service to Bedford, calling at Elephant and Castle, Blackfriars, Farringdon and Kings Cross/St Pancras, so you don't need to change at Bromley South if any of these stations suit you better than Victoria.

    Another popular pub in Shoreham is the Crown (01959 522903) at the northern end of the village.

  • Anonymous

    3 heavy rain but warm

    1 dog

    Two walkers got the designated train and somehow missed an earlier walker. However we all caught up later and walked into the lunch spot together. Heavy rain did not detract from enjoyment of the walk, lovely autumnal tree colours, hills etc.

    One walker then took a short cut and two + dog carried on on route getting to Eynsford very early. Said dog stank out train carriage on journey back having rolled in something pungent !! lovely day despite the wet.