Oxford Circular walk

The Rivers Isis and Cherwell, Wolvercote Common, the Oxford Canal, a tour of the old town and historic Colleges, Oxford Castle and Mound


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  • Oxford Hike & City Tourism England | 🇬🇧 UK Walk
    Hiking In London, Apr-20

    Oxford City Guide is a comprehensive guide to Oxford, England for both tourists

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  • Oxford Circular.
    Javier Vagabond, Dec-16

    TOCW1 Walk 13: Oxford Circular. (17.12.2016)

    ♫ Magpie Lane - The Oxford Ramble

    ♫ Magpie Lane - Oxford City

  • Oxford Circular. 11/3/13.
    amib, Mar-13

    This semi-urban 9.4 mile walk around Oxford was probably the coldest walk this walker has done for many years! The north easterly wind was relentless and bitter...almost preventing filming.

    Leaving the modern station, the walker is soon alongside the River Isis (Thames) following The Thames Path/Shakespeare's Way through a number of water meadows. This is followed past Godstow Nunnery and all the way to two possible lunch time hostelries at Wolvercote, though this walker chose to continue on across Port Meadow, in a mini blizzard, to recharge at the village church.

    Thereafter, the walk takes on a more urban feel as the walker continues on alongside The Oxford Canal and the railway line, past a community of house boats and so into the town. Crossing over a footbridge by Wolfson College, the walk then follows the eastern bank of the River Cherwell, which was extremely muddy today and almost impassable in places due to flooding.

    Another footbridge is crossed to enter University Parks, passing Pitt Rivers Museum, before starting a tour of the main colleges and famous buildings. This ultimately leads back to the station via a tea stop, as required.