Worms Head from Rhossili Down

29-Aug-16 • Andrew Murphy on Flickr

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Worms Head from Rhossili 2

29-Aug-16 • Andrew Murphy on Flickr

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Rhossili beach

29-Aug-16 • Andrew Murphy on Flickr

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Worms Head from summit of Rhossili down

29-Aug-16 • Andrew Murphy on Flickr

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Rhossili beach and Spaniards Rock

29-Aug-16 • Andrew Murphy on Flickr

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Rhossili - bottom of Down path 2

29-Aug-16 • Andrew Murphy on Flickr

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Worms Head from the bottom of cliff path

29-Aug-16 • Andrew Murphy on Flickr

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Rhossili via Llangennith Circular (Wales Coast Path) walk

A gentle walk, up to then along he downs overlooking a stunning beach, and back along the beach itself.

Hiking Weather

10 Day Forecast for Rhossili

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Cloudier and cooler today with spells of heavy rain.


Bright across Anglesey and north Wales at first, but cloud and showery rain soon spreading across the entire country. Rain will be heavy at times, with the odd rumble of thunder. It will feel cooler for many. Maximum Temperature 20C.


Showery rain will ease to leave a mainly dry night across Wales. Some clear spells are possible, but we are also likely to see some mist and hill fog. Minimum Temperature 12C.


Starting cloudy on Saturday, but becoming brighter with sunny spells and scattered showers, which could be heavy and locally thundery. Becoming very warm in the sunshine. Maximum Temperature 25C.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:

Very warm on Sunday with sunny spells and scattered thunderstorms. Staying very warm or hot on Monday and Tuesday, but generally dry with only the odd isolated shower or thunderstorm.

Day 6 to 15

Through the middle part of next week, there will be a good deal of dry, fine and sunny weather across the UK. Mist and low cloud will probably be less extensive across eastern coastal districts. There is also a risk of scattered thunderstorms across central and southern areas. It will stay very warm for most. For the rest of the period, there will be more fine and dry weather to come, with the best of the sunshine in the north and west. There is a continued threat of thundery showers, mainly across central and southern areas, and the far west could see cloud and rain at times. After a very warm start, temperatures are likely to fall but probably staying slightly above average.

Day 16 to 30

Confidence remains low through June, however there are signs that it may become more widely changeable across the UK. This will bring more frequent spells of rain or showers. However there are likely to be drier and more settled periods for most areas too, particularly from mid June onwards. Temperatures are likely to be near or slightly above average on the whole, with the potential for some warmer spells, more probable towards the end of the period.

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