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Richmond Park, London

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The City from Richmond Park

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The City from Richmond Park

09-Oct-19 • Saturdaywalker on Flickr

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Richmond Circular walk


This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

Updated: Tue, 20-Apr-21

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Tue, 08-Oct-19 8

Evening Walk: A Richmond Park Ramble

A Richmond Park Round t=swc.188

Distance: approximately 4.5 miles/7.5 km

Difficulty: 2 out of 10

Meet: 18:00 at the exit to Richmond Station

Return: Various trains and tubes back to London until late......

Given the limited daylight, I thought it best to start the walk with an exploration of historic Richmond Park, hopefully, spotting some deer (it is rutting season)...and finish along the River Thames back to Richmond for refreshies at one of the many riverside hostelries…..This means doing an abbreviated version of SWC 188 in reverse as follows:

Leaving Richmond Station head towards and up Richmond Hill and enter the park via Richmond Gate; carry along enjoying the view at the Mound; shortly past Pembroke Lodge turn left to follow the Capital Ring up to Pen the ponds turn right (leaving the GPX route) to follow the footpath with the ponds on your left, eventually downhill to Ham Bottom where you turn right and pick back up the GPX route to exit the park and continue back to Richmond along the River Thames (it should be on your left)…..

I will add...if we do see any deer, please keep a safe distance....

More information about the suggested route can be found here. Please bring a print out of the map or download of the GPX for guidance....

Unfortunately cant make the walk..but suggest take short walk #7 start which avoids the often narrow pavement along the high street to the river.

"Coming out of Richmond station, turn left for 50 metres to cross over the main road (The Quadrant) via a zebra crossing. Turn right for 12 metres to then turn left along an alleyway. In 40 metres at a T junction with Parkshot turn left. After 70 metres you reach the corner of Little Green, which you cross in a diagonal direction along a tarmac path, your direction west. After 100 metres cross over a road, to continue in the same direction diagonally across Richmond Green. Half way across the Green where the path forks, take the right hand fork towards the far corner of the Green. At the far corner of the Green, turn half right to go down Old Palace Lane. After 300 metres at a T junction with the Thames Path, turn left along the bank of the Thames, following the Thames Path. "
Hoping to attend which hostelry?
Cracking good fun...a mini safari on the doorstep of Central London! Six familiar faces gathered more or less at the appointed time and wanting to maximize the daylight in the park set off directly towards Richmond Hill where we were soon caught by a 7th....We enjoyed the iconic view down to the river in the setting sun before eventually entering the park and heading towards Pembroke Lodge where we were greeted by our first group of deer of the evening....we turned left more deeply into the park following the Capital Ring and soon encountered a large number of deer of all sizes, including a few stags with rather handsome looking racks...there was quite a chorus of bellowing and related noises (which, in the near darkness, was somewhat eerie) as we approached Pen Ponds where we were treated to a 3/4 moon sparkling in the water...We then turned right to head ultimately back towards the river....Although nearly dark, the moon did provide quite a bit of light and the paths were generally clear, except a short distance along one that was a bit narrow and muddy going down the escarpment....We eventually joined the river and continued back into Richmond where one suggested the White Cross on the riverbank for post walk food and drink...In the pub, we met one more regular who had started late and had done a modified version of the route up to Pembroke Lodge and back....I think everyone had a meal (and all seemed satisfied); then decided we were enjoying ourselves so much, we all had another drink and caught various forms of transport just before 10pm...So, to conclude, 8 in total under clear skies with some moonlight...
ps: would suggest doing about 2 weeks earlier to have more light to admire the magnificent beasts of Richmond Park....
Mon, 06-May-19 14

Bank Holiday Afternoon Walk – A stroll through Richmond Park

Bank Holiday Afternoon Walk
Extra Walk 188 – Richmond Circular
Length: 13.7 km (8.5 miles). Toughness: 2/10

12:58 Reading train from Clapham Jct, arriving Richmond at 13:06. There are no direct trains from Waterloo to Richmond because of engineering works on these lines, but you can take a connecting service to Clapham Jct on the Surbiton line (eg. the 12:39 to Guildford), or from Victoria (eg. the 12:41 to Epsom). Alternatively, travel direct to Richmond by Overground or District line tube: check travel times on the TfL website to arrive by 13:00 and meet upstairs in the foyer. Richmond is in TfL Zone 4.

There are fast trains back to Clapham Jct at xx:15 & xx:47, stopping ones at xx:04, xx:22, xx:34 & xx:52, plus frequent tubes and Overground trains.

Short half-day walks on Bank Holiday Mondays seem to be popular so here's a chance to join the crowds in Richmond Park. The walk starts with a section alongside the Thames and then loops through the park “exploring its varied and less visited landscapes”. Judging by its GPS route it does indeed carefully skirt the park's most popular features, but I recommend going off-piste to enjoy the Kurume azaleas in the Isabella Plantation, which should be at their most colourful.

As this is a short afternoon walk I suggest just having a tea stop at Pembroke Lodge, towards the end of the park circuit. If you want lunch, bring your own or take an earlier train and buy provisions from one of the places around Richmond station. There will also be kiosks scattered around the park for ad hoc refreshments en route, and pubs on the way down Richmond Hill to the station for something stronger.

Remember that as always there's no walk leader, so in order to follow the author's route you'll need to bring the directions from the Richmond Circular walk page. T=swc.188
Can meet others for the walk at Richmond Station 1pm
Hello ! I plan to join the walkers group tomorrow May 6th for the Bank Holiday Afternoon Walk – A stroll through Richmond Park. Someone else is going ? If yes, let´s join at the Richmont station at 1pm. See you ; )
My name is Cecile
Hello. I would also like to join this walk where shall we meet at Richmond Station?

Many thanks,

As it says in the first para, meet upstairs in the foyer. It won't be difficult to identify a group of fellow walkers but wave a copy of the walk directions about if you like.

Aim to get there by 1pm but please wait for the Reading bound train to arrive at 6 minutes past, as some people will be on that.
PS. If you haven't tried one of these SWC group walks before, a short urban walk like this is a good way to start. New faces are always welcome. Please bear in mind, though, that this isn't a "led" walk like you'd get from the Ramblers. If you want to wander off after a while and do your own thing, that's fine. The FAQ page will give you an idea of what to expect.
On a cool cloudy windy but dry sort of day up to 14 walkers made their way around Richmond Park, including a group of newcomers. Some of the regulars flitted in and out but a hard core of 10 or 11 decided that studying the directions was unnecessary when someone with a map (le chef malgré lui) gave a passable impression of knowing where he was going.

We took considerable liberties with the author's directions, but with the bonus of being able to admire three of the Great Trees of London (a stone pine off Richmond Green, the Richmond Riverside Plane and the Richmond Royal Oak in the park). In addition there were a couple of handkerchief trees in the Isabella Plantation in their brief flowering phase, and although the Kurume azaleas weren't quite fully out the variety of colours was still stunning.

Possibly unintentionally the group concurred with the tentative suggestion of an extra stretch alongside Beverley Brook, which had to be followed by a yomp across a tussocky hillside to get back on track at Pen Ponds. A belated and somewhat pricy tea in the admittedly fine surroundings of Pembroke Lodge revived us for the final leg down Richmond Hill, in time for the 17:45 back to CJ and points onward. I hope we see the newcomers again!
Great company, beautiful flowers and delicious cakes = perfect day.
Thank you to Sean for posting this walk.
Sun, 08-Oct-17 12

The SWC Annual Rutting Walk!!

SWC Walk 188 - Richmond Circular

Length 12km (7.5m); toughness 1/10

Trains: Meet in the concourse of Richmond Tube/Rail station (Zone 4) at 10.45am to start walking at 11am.

Yes, its that time of year again - the SWC rut -- or more accurately the opportunity to watch the red and fallow deer stags in Richmond Park compete for hinds. Watch the roaring, barking and clashing of antlers as they fight off rivals and try to attract as many females as possible.

Safety notice: Deer are wild animals and their space must be respected. Always keep a minimum of 50 metres away and use a long lens if taking photographs. See here for more important information.

Full walk instructions and further information about the walk can be found here


10 of us gathered at Richmond station, others materialised at various points and joined us if only briefly, so say about 12 in total on a day of sunny intervals. We were a bit disappointed by the lack of rutting although we did see a few deer later in the walk after the Pen Ponds and a latecomer saw more stag action. Those who had a late lunch at Pembroke Lodge seemed very satisfied. An interesting walk, good value for 3 and a bit hours.
Sun, 09-Oct-16 9

Red deer in Richmond Park

SWC 188 Richmond Circular
Distance 12km (7.5m); toughness 1/10.
Travel to Richmond (Zone 4) by tube or train and meet in the forecourt of Richmond station at 11am to start walking by 11.10am
This short walk is usually posted in winter but I thought I would give it an October outing so you have the chance to view the autumn rut of Richmond Park’s resident population of red and fallow deer.
Important note: red deer stags in particular can be aggressive in the autumn rut so you must keep your distance: 50m at least. See here for further advice and information.
The park should be looking splendid as the leaves start to change colour. You will also have plenty of time to explore Richmond and enjoy its pubs and cafes.

Walk directions and information on lunch and refreshments can be found here
Did anyone do this walk?
9 walkers in total on a sunny day. 5 set off at the appointed time from Richmond and were joined by two more at the entrance to Richmond Park, where most headed straight to Pembroke Lodge for an early lunch. Two continued with their packed lunches to Isabella Plantation where they were joined by two more late starters. Lots of Red stags and Fallow bucks were prowling around but obstinately refused to engage in rutting behaviour. Both groups met up at the exit from the park to descend into Richmond where some partook of refreshment.
Thanks Anon, perhaps we can make this an annual SWC rutting walk but maybe the 3rd week in October.
9 sunny
Sun, 14-Jun-15

Sunday First Walk - Richmond Park + cricket match

Extra Walk 188 – Richmond Circular
Length: 12km (7.5 miles) Toughness: 1/10

10.25 Windsor & Eton Riverside train from Waterloo (Vauxhall 10:29, Clapham Junction 10:35) arriving at Richmond at 10:44.
Or take a District Line tube train to arrive at Richmond at the same time. Richmond is in Zone 4. There are frequent return trains to Waterloo.

The idea of combining a shortish walk with a visit to a limited overs county cricket match proved fairly popular last year, so we’re repeating the formula today. Starting out along the banks of the Thames, the route soon climbs to explore the varied and less visited landscapes of Richmond Park, before returning to Richmond via the suggested lunchtime stop, Pembroke Lodge.

The Twenty20 cricket match between Middlesex and Gloucestershire will take place at Old Deer Park, Richmond, starting at 2:30pm. Spectating is free. To reach the cricket ground, do not follow signs to Old Deer Park (Public Park), but go past Richmond Station and walk for 150 metres to Richmond roundabout. Take the second walk exit from the roundabout across the dual carriage way and turn into Kew Road following the signs for Kew Gardens. Stay on this pavement for half a mile, and the entrance to the cricket ground is on the left.

Those not interested in the cricket could combine the walk with a visit to Kew Gardens, or could extend the walk by following the Thames Path upstream to Kingston.

The suggested lunch stop, Pembroke Lodge, is in Richmond Park towards the end of the walk. Allow 45 minutes to reach Old Deer Park from there.

You can find the walk directions and further information here.
Is anyone interested in this idea? If so I'll think about a suitable walk.
Sounds like a good idea
I'd be interested in a walk ending with the cricket. J
You can also walk along the Thames in the other direction to Kew Bridge. I would recommend The Express which is across the bridge next to Kew Bridge Station, for tea or a great range of beers.
Is spectating really free?
I think the walker who advised Chris about this event must have been a Middlesex member, as hoi polloi have to stump up £20 for ground entry (£10 for over 65s). Maybe a local can suggest vantage points in Old Deer Park where you can follow the action for free?
As a Surrey man I often watch the crews row by and think, why aren't I at the Oval listening to the sound of willow on leather...?
Sun, 11-Jan-15 12 Richmond Circular
Sun, 17-Nov-13 10 Richmond Circular