Sevenoaks circular

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Pagan effigy.

Sevenoaks circular

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Sevenoaks circular

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Ightam Mote

Sevenoaks circular

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Sevenoaks circular

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Sevenoaks circular

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Fungal Fylingdales

Sevenoaks circular

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Sevenoaks Circular walk

Out via the National Trust's Knole Park, House, and Igtham Mote. Back by the Greensand Way along the escarpment of the Kent Downs.


This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

Date # Post
Sun, 17-Dec-17

Sunday walk: Sevenoaks Circular

Sevenoaks Circular SWC Walk 21
9.6 miles 15.4 km.
Difficulty 4/10
An old favourite taking in the Greensand Way, the Kent Downs, Knole Park with its deer, and Ightham Mote.
Trains: Get the 10.10 Ramsgate train from Charing Cross arriving 10:46
There are frequent trains back from Sevenoaks, the fastest being from platform 1.
Directions here
Lunch: A really-wheely early stop is the Bucks Head in Godden Green 01732 761330. Otherwise, later on, you have a choice between the Padwell 01732 761532 (phoning advised) or the National Trust Restaurant at Ightham Mote (open till 15:30).
Tea: Numerous tea places (eg Caffe Nero on the High Street) and pubs (eg the Black Boy) in Sevenoaks.
The (recently refurbished) Brewhouse tea-room at Knole House closes at 4 in winter.The (recently recommended) Malabar Coffee House, 81 the High Street 01732 743 055 is open till 6.
Sun, 01-Jan-17 6

New Year's Day Walk - South

Extra Walk 21 – Sevenoaks Circular
Length: 15.4km (9.6 miles) Toughness: 3/10

10:12 Ramsgate train from Victoria (Bromley South 10:30, Orpington 10:37) arriving at Sevenoaks at 10:46. [NB the usual service from Charing Cross to Sevenoaks is not operating today due to engineering works]

You have three options for the return journey: a fast service (33 mins) to Victoria at xx:18 and xx:48; a slower service (56 mins) to Victoria at xx:27 and xx:57, stopping at several additional stations; and a slow Thameslink service (64 mins) to Blackfriars at xx:00 and xx:30, calling at numerous stations in south-east London.

This is a repeat of the walk that was done last New Year’s Day and has four points to recommend it: the short train journey allows a latish start after your midnight celebrations; a National Trust café is available if the lunch pubs are very busy; it avoids strike-hit Southern rail services; and it’s a delightful walk that is deservedly popular at any time of the year.

The walk starts and finishes through Knole Park (NT) and follows leafy tracks and fields to Ightham Mote (NT) before retuning along the Greensand Way with fine views out to the south. If lunching at The Padwell, there’s a nice alternative route afterwards along a ridge, rejoining the main route close to Ightham Mote. The directions for this variant are no longer included in the main walk directions, but copies will be available for anyone intending to lunch at The Padwell.

On the outward leg of the walk we’ll probably stop briefly to toast the New Year with a traditional glass of bubbly.

The recommended lunch pubs are the The Padwell (01732 761532) or the more upmarket The Snail (01732 810233), both at Stone Street about 4 miles into the walk. Since both involve a detour and are likely to be very busy, it’s essential to phone them when setting out from Sevenoaks in case they’re fully booked. In that eventuality you can resort to the large self-service café at Ightham Mote, about 5 miles into the walk.

At teatime you’ll find that the renovated and expanded Brewhouse Café at Knole has finally reopened and has a unique display of eighteenth century servants portraits. It closes at 4:00pm, after which you’ll need to go to one of the cafés in the centre of Sevenoaks

You will need to download the Walk Directions.
Note the usual Charing Cross train is not running on Sunday morning but there are fast trains from Victoria and also trains from Blackfriars
Thanks to C & L for the Prosecco and pringles which 6 walkers enjoyed in Knowle Park. mixed. A mild day, the morning was mainly dry, then drizzle after lunch and heavier rain from about 15.30. We booked the Padwell where very nice home made food was served in enormous portions. A good day out in nice company, despite the damp afternoon.
2 SE London walkers were surprised to be the only ones on this walk, and even more surprised to see the previous note of six other walkers. Turns out we caught a train that arrived a few minutes earlier but failed to realise this (it seemed unlikely that two people would make the same mistake). Lunched at Ightham Mote and returned to Sevenoaks in time to catch the 14:57 and miss the worst of the rain.
Wed, 10-Aug-16 12

Midweek Day Walk - Sevenoaks circular

Sevenoaks Circular

Out via the National Trust's Knole Park, House, and Igtham Mote. Back by the Greensand Way along the escarpment of the Kent Downs.

Book 3* Walk 21 *online only

Length : 15½ km or 9½ miles

Toughness : 4 out of 10

Getting there : Catch the 10:33 am Tunbridge Wells train from London Cannon Street to alight at Sevenoaks.
Calling stations

  1. London Bridge (departs 10:37)
  2. New Cross (departs 10:43)
  3. Orpington (departs 10:56)

Meeting point : Sevenoaks Station at 11:05

Tickets : Buy a cheap day return to Sevenoaks

Brief Description

This is a fairly leasurely stroll not so far from London with great views from the escarpment during the afternoon section.
You may find full details of the walk here

Suggested Lunch stops

The Padwell Arms Stone Street Sevenoaks Kent TN15 0LQ t: 01732 761532
The Snail Stone St Rd, Seal, Sevenoaks TN15 0LT t: 01732 810233
Ightham Mote Mote Rd, Ivy Hatch, Sevenoaks TN15 0NT t: 01732 810378

The Snail is a more upmarket "foodie" establishment and Ightham Mote is a typical NT restaurant

Suggested Tea stops

It may be worth checking out how construction of the new NT restaurant at Knole park is progressing, but Walkers have found ...

The Malabar Coffee Bar open until 5:00 pm and just behind Lloyds bank at 81 High Street, Sevenoaks TN13 1LE t: 01732 74305

... to have a friendly service, excellent teas and yummy cakes.


OS Explorer : 147

Return train times

Frequent trains return from Sevenoaks to London.
Intend going
The new tea room at Knole is now open 10 5 after refurb and an extension and the bookshop inside Knole house (on the right past the entrance) does coffee. Various pubs including the Wetherspoons will also do non alcoholic drinks.
12 on this walk which has established itself as an autumn or winter favourite but also makes a fine summer outing particularly the superb post lunch stretch along undulating woodland paths with expansive views. The weather was fine and sunny with some cloud.
Four of us tried lunch at the Padwell Arms and the food was excellent with the vegan friendly vegetable curry particularly appreciated. The service was slow and a bit disorganised on a day when there were not many customers. A busy weekend visit may be frustrating! The pub interior is is a bit of a throwback with lots of knick knacks and a style perhaps best described as 1970s shabby chic?
Most people ate at Ightham Mote and we all met up again at the new NT cafe at Knole Park which has the usual range of delicious cakes and snacks. Also a new balcony seating area is near completion opening later this month and this is bound to prove very popular.
We all set off on the final leg to the station where we caught different trains depending on the destination station. An excellent day out with a good Wednesday turnout. Finally thanks to "Arthur" for the post; sorry you could not make it and get well soon.
Mon, 28-Mar-16 1

Easter Monday - Your choice of walks

Since none of the usual walk posters have put up an Easter Monday walk, I thought it might be nice to open the slot to suggestions. These were the ones received

SWC Walk 21 - Sevenoaks Circular
Length: 15.4km (9.6 miles)
"Near London, cheap rail fare, nice walk. No engineering works. No mud."
Lunch at Nat Trust or not useless pub: early start will get ahead of the crush
Train: Cannon Street 10.03 (London Bridge 10.06, New Cross 10.12, Orpington 10.25), arriving Sevenoaks 10.35
Fast trains also depart frequently from Charing Cross
Frequent return trains from Sevenoaks
For walk directions click here.

Book 1 walk 2 - Wanborough to Godalming
Length: 12km, (7.5 miles)
9:45 train from Waterloo (9.52 Clapham Junction), changing at Guildford (arrive 10.23, depart 10.30), arriving at Wanborough at 10:36.

Buy a day return to Wanborough. On the return leg you should technically buy a single from Godalming to Guildford.

For walk directions click here.
"This walk incorporates fields, forests, and some lovely buildings along the way. It goes past the Watts Gallery, which is an interesting place to stop, and is open this Bank Monday. For those interested in Victorian paintings, especially the Pre-Raphaelites (of which I am a fan), this is an interesting little diversion in the middle of a lovely walk near the North Downs."
The lunch pub, the Withies Inn, appears to be open on Easter Monday: the Watts Gallery cafe is also open, so it is a backup.
Trains back from Godalming at are twice an hour, at xx:25 and xx:53 with no changes.

Wanborough Godalming.

At Point 2 in the directions, the path is often so muddy as to be impassable. However, there is a parallel footpath which is drier and which rejoins the route. It is about 200m further along Flexford Rd, just after the stream.
Not sure about the "no mud" description. There are some muddy stretches.
Roll call at Sevenoaks of one.No probs getting there is the car from Hastings. The reasons for delays and cancellations at the station included tunnel problems, line fires and trees. Take your pick. Someone was just pressing buttons I think. The sun shone and the puddles glistened. Much muddier than expected. NT cafe at Igtham Mote coped with SWC party of one. Knole House closed due to weather but park was open. Cafe is shut for refurbishment ready for the summer season. Good walk and company!
Wanborough to godalming. 1. Not surprising though as the trains were all messed up and the howling rain and wind during the night. Pretty muddy throughout and I was marching through a small stream at one point. The weather was mostly sunny with two short and light rain showers, but the wind was obnoxious all day. Thanks to the first commenter with the tip about the alternative footpath option. I had to use it, so I really appreciate it. The walk was otherwise lovely, especially the watts gallery and chapel, what a treat! I brought a sandwich so did not stop in at the pub but it was open. However, because godalming apparently doesn't have anything other than a Costa or Nero (not true btw, it had lovely cafes), I chose to have an early tea and cake at the watts gallery which was fantastic. Best Victoria sponge cake I have ever had
Wanborough to Godalming I was at Waterloo, but couldn't find you as trains were cancelled! (despite accosting several suspects). So effectively the roll call was 2, but I ended up going home and taking a walk up the river Lea to Broxbourne instead.

Fri, 01-Jan-16 20

New Year's Day Walk - A Gentle Walk on the Greensand Ridge

Sevenoaks Circular

Length: 15.4km (9.6 miles)
Toughness: 4 out of 10 t=swc.21 L=swc.21

10.07 Ramsgate train from London Victoria, arriving 10.45
10.07 Hastings train from Blackfriars, arriving at Sevenoaks at 10.49.

For walk directions, maps, gps files etc... click on the SWC walk 21 webpage.

This is an easy, pleasant walk a short train journey south of London. For many walkers it will need no introduction. It offers a nice mix of woodland and fields, fine views in the afternoon, and two National Trust properties.

As pubs are usually extremely busy on New year's Day, the self-service restaurant at Ightham Mote is the recommended lunch stop - it is open today but expect a queue - and there is also picnic area outside. Otherwise, the Padwell Arms pub is nearby. However, you'd need to ring them ahead of New Year's Day and see if you can book a table, if you want to eat at the pub.

For tea, Knole House has a kiosk (and a very small tea shop inside the main entrance) but the recommendation today is to continue into Sevenoaks, which has various tea/coffee shops and pubs to choose from.

Trains back from Sevenoaks station are very frequent with several services an hour.
Great choice for southerners!
20 or so walkers, some of whom diverted from the Henley walk due to trains being cancelled at Paddington. Thanks to Sean and Richard for bringing the bottles of champagne which were enjoyed in Knowle Park and to those who brought the snacks to go with them. There were nice views, no shortage of mud and the weather was dry and still (minor drizzle at one point for a short time). Being New Year's Day, there were the inevitable queues for food at Ightam Mote but plenty of free tables outside for those that ate there.

Apologies, that should have read thanks to Sean and Richard and Oona for bringing the bottles of champagne
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