Shelford to Cambridge walk

Granchester, the River Cam and the Cambridge colleges.


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    Hiking In London, Mar-18

    Shelford to Cambridge walk

    Granchester, the River Cam and the Cambridge colleges.

    This walk starts with a City Centre tour of the University Colleges before we head out to Grantchester on a walk besides the River Cam.

    Some of the colleges are open to the public although most charge an entrance fee – although often with free admission to evensong (a Church Service).

    We will book to visit King’s College University.


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  • Great Shelford to Cambridge. 26/5/12.
    amib, Jun-12

    This book 1 walk of around 12.7 miles (though I suspect a bit more when the Cambridge 'tour' is added) is unusual in the sense that it requires 'permission' to do; well, at least the more scenic version does. So, as permission was granted today, and the weather fantastic, I took the opportunity to do the walk.

    The walk is possible without 'permission', but this entails a fair bit of road walking early on, and there's enough of that later in the walk anyway, so it's a much better walk if the permission is sought. Soon after leaving Shelford station, the walker passes the village church and is then crossing the private university fields and alongside The River Cam.

    This leads out to Hauxton Church, with a further bit of road walking prior to crossing fields into Haslingfield for lunch.

    Thereafter, the walk follows a quiet 'B' road before passing 'The Travelling Telescope' and crossing more fields into Grantchester. Here, the walk becomes busier, and more touristy as it passes through the orchard of a very famous tea stop and then follows the banks of The Cam into the city. Then, particularly on a sunny day like today, there's more throngs in the city itself prior to returning to the station for the journey home.

    The best part of this walk, in my opinion, is the morning section as urban walking and crowds are not my cup-of-tea. Otherwise, if done on a week day, out of term, the section from Grantchester could also be nice. Either ways, getting the permission to cross the private track is definitely worthwhile!