Snodland to Sole Street walk

The North Downs, hilly with views after lunch, and tranquil Luddesdown for tea.


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  • Guildford Castle, On the Pilgrims Way along the North Downs | Day Saturday | 🇬🇧 Hiking UK | England
    Hiking In London, Sep-21

    Historic Guildford, The North Downs Way and St Martha-on-the-Hill Church, picturesque Shere. Next event:

    This walk explores the lovely ridges and valleys leading eastwards from Guildford - the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It starts with a short steep climb out of Guildford which leads straight to the dramatic viewpoint of Pewley Down. Then it joins the North Downs Way to climb to the hilltop church of St Martha-on-the-Hill. From there the route passes through follows the Pilgrim's Way along the foot of the Downs to lunch in the pretty village of Shere. Climbing up onto the downland again and following first a wooded section and then a more open one, it finally descends to the valley again, where you have a choice of two village tearooms and a riverside pub to refresh you at the end of your walk.

    Main walk: 17.2 km (10.7 miles)

    Toughness: 5 out of 10

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  • Sole Street Circular. 24/1/20.
    amib, Feb-20

    This is another update of a walk done 8 years ago, but using a different start to create an 8.5 mile circular. Thus, the first part of the walk, on the Weald Way, to lunch in the hamlet of Harvel, is new terrain.Thereafter, the paths have been previously trod.

    The interesting aspect of this walk, on a grey, drab day, is how farmers have had to adapt over those 8 years. What was previously strong sheep territory has now been replaced by a massive vineyard, possibly overtaking 'Denbies' in size. How this will affect native flora and fauna remains to be seen...

    A very nice walk, despite the abundant mud, with plenty of woodland stretches to add variety. It's a shame that the pylons spoil the views!

    A better version than the original Snodland start, in this walker's opinion.

  • Snodland to Sole Street. 23/12/12.
    amib, Jan-13

    Having survived the Mayan apocalypse, for the last walk of 2012, this short 8 miler in Kent was chosen.

    Shortly after leaving Snodland station, the walker is soon passing the reservoirs that have resulted from Man's previous industrial activities; some of these pits have now also become modern housing estates.

    Soon, there's a steady ascent onto the North Downs, with some fine views back over Snodland. This is followed by some delightful woodland walking, with some steeper ascents, prior to lunch on the village green at Harvel, though a pub alternative also exists.

    After lunch, it's more quiet lanes, meadows and woods before the countryside opens up just beyond Brimstone Wood. Shortly after, the walker reaches Luddesdown, which thankfully, was saved from the clutches of the M.O.D!

    As dusk approaches, it's on past Henley Street and and on through fields to the station at Sole Street, where a surprise awaited this walker, though not filmed; the 16.17 train to London was delayed by 20 minutes by the steam train 'Tornado' having to take on water at Stelling! As this suddenly emerged from the night, it was a splendid sight to behold...such a shame that South Eastern didn't advise the reason for the delay initially, so it could be recorded!

    An otherwise very pleasant, shorter walk in the Book 2 series!