Wakes Colne to Bures walk

The Colne Valley, thatched cottages, brooks, farms, woods and undulating hills


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  • Wakes Colne to Bures. 27/5/22
    amib, May-22

    A rare sortie into Essex this week, with a return to an 11 mile walk last undertaken in 2009. This one being from the Railway Museum station of Chappel and Wakes Colne to Bures.

    It was a decent day of fair weather, with slight W/NW breeze, so some interference on commentary.

    It's, basically, a walk along the Colne Valley, utilising the Colne Valley Path at times, with sections through woods, byways, golf courses, fishing lakes, brooks and field edges.

    Lunch can be had at St Andrew's churchyard, Colne Engaine, or the highly recommended (by others!) pub opposite.

    Thereafter, the walking is on higher ground, for the most part, and is mainly agricultural fields until near Bures. Here, in a lower woodland section, the path seems to have been slightly diverted to avoid the worst of the previous unkempt vegetation.

    An excellent walk, in the right conditions, though, by default, it could be wet underfoot otherwise. Highly recommended.

  • Wakes Colne To Bures.
    Javier Vagabond, Jun-17

    TOCW1 Walk 46: Wakes Colne To Bures. 04.06.2017

    ♫ Stay - June Sun

  • Wakes Colne to Bures.6/7/09.
    amib, Feb-11

    Just over 11 miles of walking in Essex;the walk starts at a station cum railway museum at Chappel and Wakes Colne. Lunch can be had at Colne Engaine before the return leg to Bures.

    (Mobile phone quality).