Elterwater circular walk

07-Aug-18 • WolvoLee on Flickr

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Ambleside circular walk via Grasmere

06-Aug-18 • WolvoLee on Flickr

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Ambleside circular walk via Grasmere

06-Aug-18 • WolvoLee on Flickr

swcwalks swcwalk199 grasmere cumbria

Ambleside circular walk via Grasmere

06-Aug-18 • WolvoLee on Flickr

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Ambleside to Great Langdale walk

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Ambleside to Great Langdale walk

07-Aug-18 • WolvoLee on Flickr

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Ambleside circular walk via Wansfell

08-Aug-18 • WolvoLee on Flickr

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Walks from Ambleside walk

Low to mid level walks from Ambleside in the Lake District

Hiking Weather

10 Day Forecast for Ambleside


Bright for a time, but patchy rain arriving. Rather windy.


Any low cloud will soon clear to leave some sunshine briefly. However, it will be windy and outbreaks of increasingly light and patchy rain will move eastwards across the region from late morning. Sunny periods will return towards the evening. Maximum Temperature 12C.


Many areas will have a dry night with clear spells, and it will remain breezy. However, a scattering of showers are likely to develop, chiefly in the north and west. Minimum Temperature 6C.


There will be a lot of dry weather around on Monday with some bright or sunny spells. However, some showers are also likely, especially across Cumbria and in the west. Maximum Temperature 11C.

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday:

Dry start Tuesday, then wind and rain spreading east later, clearing overnight. Wednesday and Thursday look rather cloudy, but mild, with drizzle on hills, and some bright spells in south.

Day 6 to 15

Many places will stay dry with sunny spells on Thursday and Friday. The far west and northwest is likely to be cloudier and breezier, with some rain and drizzle. Temperatures will widely be above the seasonal average, but sometimes they will be tempered in the north and west by the wind. Towards the end of February and beginning of March, there will probably be a good deal of dry and bright weather across the south and east, but morning fog is likely here. It will be more changeable in the northwest, with the risk of gales, although some drier interludes are possible here. Temperatures are most likely to be mild overall, but overnight frosts will be likely, with a small chance of a colder spell developing in the east later.

Day 16 to 30

For the start of March we are likely to continue to see Atlantic frontal systems mainly affecting northern and western parts, but these will occasionally move further east across the rest of the UK as more active features, with strong winds and rain at times. However, many southern and eastern parts of the UK should remain predominantly settled throughout. Any snow looks most likely to be confined to higher ground in the north, although there remains a small chance of snow to low-levels elsewhere, should a continental easterly airflow develop. Temperatures are likely to remain mild overall, although some night frosts are likley in quieter periods.

Met Office : NW : 2019-02-17T00:33:09

Issued: 0600 on 2019-02-17 for Lake District


Patchy low cloud and hill fog at first but mainly dry and bright start. Cloudy by the afternoon with some heavy, showery rain, but drier in the evening with clear spells developing.

Summary Patchy low cloud on south and southwest slopes at first in the morning but soon lifting and clearing, then dry and bright with sunny spells. Cloudier by the afternoon with occasionally heavy, showery rain, falling as snow on the highest summits, but mostly clearing towards dusk with clear spells and isolated showers in the evening.
Chance of Cloud free tops 50% with occasional broken cloud around 700m in the morning. Chance reducing to 10% by the afternoon with broken cloud down to 600m, but 450m in showers. Chance improving from dusk with cloud breaks developing.
Ground conditions Date: Saturday 16 February. Location: Helvellyn summit at 13:30. The thaw across the Lake District fells continues with the freezing level above the summits again today. Between 750m and 850m only patches of soft snow remain which are found in sheltered spots and hollows and are easily avoidable. Above 850m, the frequency and depth of such snow patches increases with altitude although large areas of the fells up to, and including, summit level are now free from snow. The majority of the remaining snow lies on E and N facing slopes and in sheltered gullies. Striding Edge is now clear of winter conditions apart from a 5m section of snow at the top of the headwall. In the soft snow conditions experienced today this was passable with care without an ice axe and crampons. Swirral Edge still has a significant amount of snow cover, much of which has been compacted by walkers feet and would have been tricky today without the correct equipment. Please note a small drop in summit temperatures will quickly freeze the remaining snow pack hard giving very serious and icy conditions on which an ice axe and crampons will be essential - even if for only a very short section of your day. The summit plateau is now clear of snow, however there are still significant cornices above the east face of Helvellyn. During thaw conditions these are very unstable so please give them a wide berth and advise others with less experience to do likewise. Despite the spring like conditions in the valleys, the summit windchill remains well below zero, so full winter clothing (waterproofs, plenty of warm layers, hat & gloves), footwear and equipment (map, compass & a headtorch) are essential for anyone venturing out onto the fells. Climbers - There are currently no winter climbing conditions in the Lake District. Temperature: plus 2.2 deg C. Maximum wind speed 46.9mph. Wind chill: minus 6.7 deg C. Average wind speed: 33.7mph.
Visibility Mainly good, but hazy beneath cloud into the afternoon and poor at times in rain.
Storm Force Winds: Low Likelihood
Gales: Medium Likelihood
Severe Chill Effect: Low Likelihood
Poor Visibility: Low Likelihood
Heavy Persistent Rain: Low Likelihood
060708 091011 121314 151617 181920 212223
Weather Fog Cloudy Heavy Rain Fog Cloudy Dull
Rain <05% <05% 70% 30% 10% <05%
Temp (tops) 5 3 3 3 2 2
Wind (tops) 55 46 40 39 41 40
Freezing Level 1400m 1700m 1500m 1200m 1100m 1200m
Day 1

Mainly cloudy with rain at times and some heavy rain likely with snow on the summits, though a drier and brighter spell in the afternoon, with perhaps some sunshine, especially over eastern fells.

Ice 900m
Visibility Good beneath the cloud but occasionally poor in rain
Wind Southwesterly 35 gusts 50mph, but westerly 25 gusts 35mph later
Temp Plus 3 Celsius (at high level)
Day 2

Mainly dry in daylight hours, but cloudy with some hill fog onto western slopes and occasionally heavy rain and summit snow in the evening. Gale force southwesterly winds over the summits. Freezing level just above the tops.

Day 3

Mostly cloudy with rain at times, but drier and brighter through the afternoon. Southwesterly winds gradually easing. Freezing level above summits

Day 4

Mostly cloudy with occasional rain or drizzle but becoming drier and brighter through the afternoon. Strong southwesterly winds but still mild.

Data: Met Office