Colour in the woods

Witley to Haslemere

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Chiddingfold window 3


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Scruffy pig

Nearest thing to a donkey we saw at Lockwood Donkey Sanctuary, (which wasn't open). Is the group looking for a mascot? Witney to Haslemere

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Witney to Haslemere

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Sheep by tree

Witney to Haslemere

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bank with trees

Witney to Haslemere

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Witley to Haslemere

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Witley to Haslemere walk


This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

Updated: Sun, 27-Sep-20

Date # Post
Sun, 16-Jun-19 9

Witley to Haslemere with an opportunity to visit the Lockwood Equine Centre

A request for the Witley to Haslemere Walk with an opportunity to visit the recently re-opened RSPCA Lockwood Equine Centre

Length 9 miles (14 km)
Toughness 3 out of 10

Getting there

Catch the 10:00 Petersfield train from London Waterloo (10:09 Clapham Junction) arriving at Witley 11:00

Getting back

There are two trains per hour back from Haslemere station on Sundays and these are at 17 and 42 minutes past the hour

Plan your journey here.


Buy a cheap day return to Haslemere


One of our walkers has requested this delightful walk to coincide with the recent re-opening and Open Day of the Lockwood Equine Centre. The Centre is reached shortly after the start of the walk and looks to be well worth a visit.

Full details of this event may be found here

and the RSPCA site may be found here

Lunch is at Chiddingfold where there's plenty of pleasant locations for those with a packed lunch. Alternatively the Crown Inn t:01428 682 255 offers Guest Ales and a Table d’hote Menu.
Haslemere has numerous tea options with Darnley's being a firm favourite - allow 10-15 minutes to get to the station from the town centre.

More details about this walk may be found on the link below
I plan to visit the centre!!
Seven off the train but one caught a later one and essentially did the walk solo before meeting up for tea. We met another walker in the afternoon who had got off at Haslemere, whether by accident or design I'm not sure so I think we can claim 9 for the day.

A gentle June walk in the Surrey countryside so inevitably we were met with muddy woodland footpaths some with huge puddles and some slippery ascents. I thought we may have time warped into November! Overall it was rainy in the morning cloudy and breezy in the afternoon sort of day.

The seven dropped into the Equine Centre for a look around with two having tea and cakes after just a mile into the walk. (Really the SWC disciplinary commitee must take some action against this blatant contravention of SWC mores! (;>) )
The centre is a lot grander than i remember from the Lady Lockwood days when it seemed to be just a donkey sanctuary.

We all had sandwiches for lunch and decided not to have drinks at the Crown Inn which was packed with Fathers Day diners. We pressed on and I for one was glad of the open countryside sections which allowed you to clean your boots in the knee high grass where we spotted clusters of common orchids. We lost 3 walkers who who stopped to commune with goats (I think) but we all met up in Haslemere for tea and cakes to catch various trains home from 4.17 onwards. Great company on a rather gloomy day weatherwise. Summer must get better than this!!
Sun, 11-Feb-18 10

Sunday Walk: Witley to Haslemere

Witley to Haslemere Book 1 Walk 44
14.2km 8.8miles
Difficulty 2/10
A walk to the medieval village of Chiddingfold, then through Frillinghurst Wood and several National Trust estates to Haslemere. Don't wear your best shoes, may be muddy in places.
Trains Get the 10:00 Portsmouth Harbour train from Waterloo (Clapham Junction 10:09), arriving Witley 10:59.
Trains return from Haslemere at xx:17 and xx:42. Get a return to Haslemere.
Lunch is at the 600 year old Crown Inn in Chiddingfold. Best to phone (01428 682 255). There's another pub nearby, the Swan (01428 684 688).
There's also a tea-shop, Treacle’s, nearby on The Green.
Tea: Choose between Darnley's in Haslemere High St or Hemingway's across the road. There's pubs too.
Directions here.
I think we may have been 10 in total but it's hard to be sure as the train was cancelled at Guildford. 8 of us got the next train to Haslemere, then one back to Witley. At least 2 other walkers were on the platform at Guildford and we didn't see them again hopefully they managed to get to Witley or do another walk. The weather was mostly sunny even warm at times and a 5 min sleet shower as we were finishing. The morning was quite good underfoot. There were some very mucky stretches but also some firm ground, more muddy in the afternoon. Nonetheless a really nice walk with a good mix of open countryside and woodlands.
Sat, 11-Nov-17 14

Saturday walk - Witley to Haslemere - Deep in the Surrey woods

Witley to Haslemere (Book 1, walk 44)
Length: 14.2km (8.8 miles)
Toughness: 3 out of 10

10.15 train from Waterloo (10.22 Clapham Junction) to Witley, arriving 11.09

Buy a day return to Haslemere.

For walk directions click here. For GPX file click here.

Think of deep woods, dingly dells, shady by-ways: this leafy walk on the Surrey-Sussex borderlands will hopefully be a riot of autumn colours after all the cold nights we have been having.

The Crown Inn in the pretty village of Chiddingfold is the traditional coaching inn lunch stop, but nearby alternatives are available (see walk directions). And you should have no trouble getting to Haslemere high street in time to take your pick of the various tea options - Darnley's being the traditional favourite.

Trains back are at 02, 15, 32 and 39 past, the 02 and 32 being the fastest (49-51 mins), but the other two not that much slower (58-61 mins). T=1.44
14 on this walk including one late starter. It rained at the start but then was just grey. The dull light made it hard to photograph the autumn colours (see Facebook) but otherwise they were pretty well perfect oak and beech gold and brown, Norway maple and field maple bright yellow: only hazel was still quite green, but green with a yellowy tinge.

This was the first walk I have been on this autumn that was quite muddy. One walker had an awkward fall as a result and complained of knee pain after, but soldiered on to the end. The Crown was awash with a wedding party but they soon left for church and we were then the only diners. Good food and attentive service. I was pleased to have a veggie curry with big portions for once.

More fine leaf colour in the afternoon this was the best bit of the walk, I think. Seven of us had tea in Darnley’s but three others crossed the road to say the cakes were better over there. Quite a few of us got the 5.02 train and we were back in London by six. Too early! But that is winter for you.
Sat, 21-Oct-17

Saturday Walk - Witley to Haslemere

Book 1 Walk 44 - Witley to Haslemere
8.8 miles / 14.2 km

A great autumn walk through woodlands and various National Trust estates, with a lunch stop at a 12th century pub in Chiddingfold.

Trains: Take the 10:15 Haslemere train from London Waterloo, arriving at Witley at 11:09.
Return trains from Haslemere at xx02/xx15/xx32/xx39 til mid evening.
You will need a return to Haslemere.

Lunch: The Crown Inn (01428 682 255) at Chiddingfold is about 6km into the walk. Alternatives are the Swan pub and Treacle's Tea Shop (cash only).

Haslemere has plenty of places for refreshments. Some tea suggestions are Darnleys or Hemingways in the High Street, for beer continue to the Swan Inn (Wetherspoons) or the White Horse Hotel.

Click here for full details and walk directions

Sun, 23-Oct-16 15

Sunday Walk 2 Trees and donkeys in Surrey

Witley to Haslemere Book 1 Walk 44
14.2km, 8.8 miles
Difficulty 2/10

A walk to the medieval village of Chiddingfold, then through Frillinghurst Wood and several National Trust estates to Haslemere. Should be good for autumn colour.
Trains: Get the 10:00 Portsmouth Harbour train from Waterloo (Clapham Junction 10:09), arriving Witley 10:59.
Trains return from Haslemere at xx:17 and xx:42. Get a return to Haslemere.
The Lockwood Centre for Horses and Donkeys, just over 1 km into the walk, is open today. If you want to visit, you have a chance to practise the ancient art of dawdling on the way from the station – the train arrives Witley 10:59, the sanctuary opens 11:30. Those in more of a hurry might still glimpse the occasional moke through the hedge.
Lunch: is at the 600 year old Crown Inn in Chiddingfold. Best to phone (01428 682 255). There's another pub nearby, the Swan Inn (01428 684 688). There's also a tea-shop, Treacle’s.
Tea: Two tea shops, Darnleys and Hemingway's, face each other across Haslemere High St. There's pubs there too.
Walk Directions: in Book 1 or here.
Forgot to count but must have been 15 off the train. Weather was fine sunny and dry. A few hints of autumn colour but not full on yet. Most raced ahead but 4 dawdled and visited the donkey sanctuary. Dawdling that first kilometer was made easy by a bountiful harvest of chestnuts. It was literally raining chestnuts. Scary! Bags, pockets, probably even a few cheeks were stuffed. In Chiddingfold, the Crown did not seem particularly eager for our company. Most went to the tea room. A few of us went to the Swan which was much improved from what I remember. It's been taken over by a Hampshire brewery, Uphams, and the beer is quite er good. And the landlord seems to know a thing or two about wine. It’s been modernified and gastro ised but not in a bad way. Those that ate there were pleased. I think I may have had a smile on my face when I left. Unfortunately no photographers captured that moment. And so to Haslemere where more ale was quaffed in another Swan. Then home.
Sat, 29-Aug-15 20

Saturday First Walk Book 1 Walk 44: Witley to Haslemere

Saturday First Walk Book 1 44 Witley to Haslemere
14.2km (8.8 miles)
2 out of 10
Explorer 133 or Landranger 186
Take the 10.15am from London Waterloo ( Clapham Junction 10.22 ) to Witley arriving 11.09 .
There are four trains an hour back from Haslemere.
Journey time 50-60 minutes. Buy a day return to Haslemere.

This is an easy but interesting walk from Witley (where walking sticks used to be made - hence the local copses of ash and sweet chestnut), passing Lockwood Donkey Sanctuary, unlikley to be open, and Combe Court manor house and its fifteenth century farmhouse, through the churchyard of St Mary's Church to the medieval village of Chiddingfold, with the Crown Inn as the suggested lunch stop. After lunch the walk is through Frillinghurst Wood and various National Trust estates, coming out into Haslemere High Street near tearooms.

Chiddingfold's main splendour is the suggested lunchtime stop the twelfth century Crown Inn (tel 01428 682 255) some 6km into the walk. Serving lunch midday to 2.30pm. In the late fourteenth century, the publican was convicted of selling ale 'contrary to the assize' (courts tested ale by pouring some on to a wooden bench, then sitting on it - if it had a sticky quality, it was pronounced good). In 1552, Edward VI stayed at this inn, while his 4,000-strong retinue camped on the green.
The Swan pub and the Old Bakery also both serve food at lunchtime.

The suggested tea place is Darnleys tearoom (tel 01428 643 048) on Haslemere High Street, which closes at 5.00 pm. Opposite is Hemingway's which has had good reports from walkers.

Alternatives are the Swan Hotel (a Wetherspoons) or the White Horse Hotel (food: midday-3.00pm and 6.00pm-9.30pm Monday to Friday; midday-9.30pm Saturday; midday-9.00 pm Sunday), both in the High Street. The station is a ten minute walk from the town centre.

There is a bar at the Inn on the Hill opposite the station (though it can be walker unfriendly) and Metro Café (tel 01428 651 535) is just before the station open till 5.00pm Saturdays
Some bits could be a bit muddy after the weeks rains but that is probably true for all the walks this weekend
I plan to go.
This Haslemere walk doesn't have the notorious muddy stretch after lunch.
A group of about 20 walkers, with 7 opting for an alternative route west(Witley Thursley Devils Punchbowl Haslemere). Sunshine and clouds for most of the day then warm and wet from about 15.30.
Sunshine and clouds for most of the day then warm and wet from about 15.30.
Sat, 10-Jan-15 12 Witley to Haslemere
Sun, 03-Aug-14 11 Witley to Haslemere
Sat, 21-Dec-13 11 Witley to Haslemere
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