Covid-19 / Coronavirus and walking in the United Kingdom

Rules and advice for walkers

Lockdown. No travel for walkers. You can walk locally (i.e. no travel) with your bubble, or you plus 1.

Slight relaxation in NI, Wales and Scotland. Routes out of lockdown published in England and Scotland.

Updated: 25-Feb-21


National Lockdown

  • Lockdown : Your bubble, or you plus 1
  • From 08-Mar, you can spent time outdoors, e.g. have a picnic, not just exercise
  • From 26-Mar, back to the "rule of 6". Not yet clear how far you can travel to go for a walk when this happens
  • Lockdown : Not Allowed
  • From 17-May : Allowed
  • Local, meaning "your village or town, or part of a city", i.e. no travel for walkers, even in tier 1.
  • No overnight stays for walkers. No travel to Wales, Scotland or abroad for walkers.

Northern Ireland

In lockdown

  • Up to 6 people from 2 bubbles
  • not allowed
  • Locally, "avoid all unnecessary travel". For walking, a maximum of 10 miles from home


National Lockdown - Tier 4 (except islands)

  • Your bubble, or you plus 1
  • From 15-Mar : 4 people from 2 households
  • From 5-Apr : 6 people from 2 households
  • From 26-Apr : to be confirmed
  • Not allowed.
  • From 26-Apr : to be confirmed
  • Zone 1, 2 : Avoid tiers 3, 4. You can travel through them to get to a walk but not stop.
  • Zone 3, 4 (Individuals) : Locally, meaning "your local authority + 5 miles"
  • Zone 3, 4 (Groups) : Locally, meaning "your local authority"
  • No travel to/from Scotland for walkers


All of Wales is in Tier 4. Stricter lockdown than England

  • 4 people from 2 households
  • Not Allowed
  • Locally, meaning "no travel", and in general, "no driving"
  • No travel to/from Wales for walkers

Common Rules

Special measures for groups

The "extra measures" for groups vary between nations, but include

What's New

[08-Feb] No change for over a month - All parts of the UK (except some islands) are in lockdown.

Lockdown is unlikely to be relaxed before Easter after mass vaccination [1}

Its time "Boris" stopped trying to be liked, and started trying to be Prime Minister. We have a medieval problem, and it needs a medieval solution, a strict quarantine with draconian enforcement, with borders, schools, public transport closed. Australia, New Zealand, China, Vietnam and Taiwan have beaten covid, its time we did.

[1] Unofficial, leaked to the papers

Advice for everyone

Advice for organised walking groups

Mountaineering Scotland (recommended), has detailed advice and a sample group event risk assessment.

The Ramblers (eventually) and the LDWA (thank you) have formal plans. Apart from formal track and trace, they are mainly just things to consider (which must be written down as a 'risk assessment').

Our club's policy

My policy

Travel & Accommodation

All currently closed to walkers