Covid-19 / Coronavirus and walking in the United Kingdom

Covid-19 rules for walking and hiking

Last Updated: 27-Nov-20

England: Lockdown to Wed. Walk with your bubble, or you plus 1 person. "You can ... exercise outdoors ... locally wherever possible, but you can travel ... if necessary."

England: From Thur. Back to the rule of 6 for all 3 Tiers. No travel to/from tier 3 for walkers

Wales: No travel restrictions within Wales. No travel to/from Wales for walkers. 4 friends or 1 bubble. Max organised group size is 30.

Official guidance : EnglandNorthern IrelandScotlandWales

Covid-19 Laws

Maximum number of people who may walk together outdoors. For England and Scotland, you need to know which tier you live in

Individuals Organised groups
England (to Wed) Walk "locally wherever possible, but you can travel ... if necessary."
Your bubble, or you + 1
(under 5's, disabled with carers exempt)
Max 2 people
England (from Thur) Rule of 6. No travel to Tier 3 areas for walkers Not clear if their are rules for groups
Northern Ireland 15 15
Scotland 6 from 2 households
No travel in/out of zone 3 or 4 local authority areas (+ 5 miles) for walking.
30 but only with extra measures No travel in/out of zone 3 or 4 local authority areas for walking.
Wales 4 or 1 bubble
no travel to/from England

The "extra measures" for groups include a written "event delivery plan" (England), a formal contact tracing system (England, Scotland), and a covid-19 compliance officer (Scotland).

England : So, can I travel to go for a walk?

Good question. For the Welsh, during their lockdown, it was a definite no.

In England, it's. The official wording is.

"you can and should still travel ... to spend time or exercise outdoors - this should be done locally wherever possible, but you can travel to do so if necessary (for example, to access an open space)"

Interpretation: If you look it it negatively, in France you weren't allowed to exercise more than 3km from your house. That is not what the rules are here. It seems 'Boris' trusts us to be responsible members of society and do the right thing for each other. That's just not going to work. Many people will ignore what's best for everyone, and put themself first.

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Advice for everyone

Advice for organised walking groups

Mountaineering Scotland (recommended), has detailed advice and a sample group event risk assessment.

The Ramblers (eventually) and the LDWA (thank you) have formal plans. Apart from formal track and trace, they are mainly just things to consider (which must be written down as a 'risk assessment').

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