Covid-19 / Coronavirus and walking in the United Kingdom

Guide to Face Masks and Eye Protection

Takeaway: Use a graded facemask - look for P2 (FPP2), P3 (FFP3), N95, KF94

If you are in an poorly ventilated space for an extended period of time, neither a face mask, nor "2m" distancing will protect you [Source].

Consider graded face masks and eye protection (goggles) if you are in a poorly ventilated area for an extended period.

Do not bet your life - and the life of others around you - on an ungraded fashion face mask!

Having said that, there are still few large scale community (i.e. not hospital) trials to confirm the use of face masks in protecting against covid-19.

Surgical Masks

This is the minimum you should aim for, they are now easily available and affordable.

Dust Masks

This is the next step up, around £3 per mask

Advice for both types

Respirator Masks

This is the gold standard - they can filter out individual virus particles

Eye Protection

Where to buy masks

I've used the 3M valved mask, its more comfortable to wear than a disposable valved mask. Of course, being valved, it doesn't protect the (non mask wearing) people around you.

Where to buy goggles

Screwfix is good for safety goggles. Recommended even if you don't use them for covid-19. During lockdown, there was an increase in DIY / gardening / craft eye accidents.