Saturday Walkers Club

Fryent Country Park Walk

Rolling fields and small woods

Start Preston Road underground station
Finish Kingsbury underground station


Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Travel Preston Road is on the Metropolitan line and Kingsbury is on the Jubilee line. Both are in Travelcard Zone 4.
Walk Notes

Capital Ring signage all the way up to Barn Hill, leave Cap Ring route ~ 1km after Barn Hill. Once across the A4140 and having emerged ftrom the wood, there are various paths that you may follow. Just ensure that overall you maintain a northerly direction.


J.J. Moon's, 553 Kingsbury Road, NW9 9EL T: 020 8204 9675. Food served until 22:00.


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By Car

Start: Preston Road Directions

Finish: Kingsbury Directions


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National Rail: 03457 48 49 50 • Travelline SE (bus times): 0871 200 2233 (12p/min) • TFL (London) : 0343 222 1234



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Walk Directions  

The directions for this walk are also in a PDF (link above) which you can download on to a Kindle, tablet, or smartphone.

  1. Coming out of Preston Road station, turn left to then cross the main road (Preston Road) via pelican lights, and continue along Preston Road for a further 25 metres, to then turn right (marked by the Capital Ring signpost) along Uxendon Crescent. In 270 metres at a T-junction, turn right to go under a railway bridge (after 40m) to then fork left and in a further 30 metres turn left up Uxendon Hill (road).
  2. [!]After 250 metres where the road starts curving to the right, turn left (marked by a Capital Ring signpost) down a car wide grass footpath (between houses). After 60 metres, turn right (following a CR post), to continue along a path through a lightly wooded area. After 150 metres you emerge from the lightly wooded area into the western most corner of Fryent Country Park, to continue ahead, (marked by CR signage) along the edge of the fenced in park, with the Jubilee underground railway beyond. In 100 metres, (with a footbridge over the tube line to your left), turn right (marked by a footpath signpost) to follow a clearly defined path up towards Barn Hill. In 220 metres the path enters a wood. In a further 300 metres you reach the top of Barn Hill with a pond directly ahead of you, to follow the path round to the right of the pond (anti-clockwise), and in 80 metres you reach a footpath signpost and a trig. point with a view of Wembley ahead.
  3. Having taken in the view of Wembley stadium, continue round the pond to 40 metres before the path you came in on, and turn right to follow a Capital Ring sign, down a footpath, your direction 10 degrees. After 60 metres go over a cross paths, and continue downhill through a wooded area. In 180 metres you emerge from the wood and turn right along its edge, your initial direction east. In 200 metres immediately before a car park with the main road 80 metres beyond, turn right, your direction 160 degrees, onto a footpath along the left hand side of the wood.  After 50 metres you pass by a 4 way footpath signpost on your left hand side, to continue in the same direction, signposted Eledestrete. Where the path forks, keep to the left path, along the left edge of the wood, with the road further beyond. In 250 metres veer / turn left to come out of the wood to the busy A4140 road and turn right along the grass verge for 150 metres towards a traffic island (with the roundabout a further 120 metres further on). Cross over the main road with care via the traffic island, and turn right along the embankment, with the road down to your right. After 100 metres immediately before a block of flats, turn left into a wood to follow the paths through the wood in a north-easterly and northerly direction.
  4. In 300 metres you emerge from the wood, into the open to head in a northerly direction (subsequently with a 7 storey redbrick building visible in the distance which you will eventually pass by).
  5. In 1km exit Fryent Country Park through a gap to then go past a brick utility building on your left, to then go to the left of a wooden fieldgate to go along a broad grass track between garden fences to reach Valley Drive after 50 metres, to turn right and curve left to continue along Valley Drive, your direction 330 degrees, to reach Kingsbury Road and turn left.
  6. The pub is 80 metres beyond Kingsbury underground on your left.
Walk Map